Exploring Entropy

Posted: November 22, 2014 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time
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Entropy‘Entropy’ by Anthea Boesenberg and Peri Tobias at the Incinerator Art Space
Artists’ Statement: “Entropy is the universal tendency towards disorder. There is a relentless process of decay of all matter, despite human efforts to create order from disorder. We take raw materials and make cars, houses, smart phones. All that we build requires energy and yet everything eventually breaks down, decays, rusts. We harvest materials to reorder them into new forms, only to have them once more fall into decay.”
Both from a printmaking background, Anthea Boesenberg and Peri Tobias find a beauty in this slow cycle from dust to dust, of degeneration and rebirth.
untitled-Anthea-BoesenbergAnthea looks at how surfaces are marked by time, exploiting the effects of rust on paper and felt in a celebration of impermanence & imperfection
Peri-TobiasPeri is working on a doctorate researching the effects on plants of the fungal diseases known as rust. She is working with vast amounts of genetic sequence data taken from plants looking for the small variations in words that signify biological difference. Her images are conceptually based on the sequences and the biology, paying homage to the continual cycle of energy transfer and loss.
Cognate-1-Peri-Tobias‘Cognate 1′ by Peri Tobias
Ink on layered, waxed paper
680-minutes-by-Anthea-Boesenberg’680 minutes.’ by Anthea Boesenberg
rusted paper, tea, CD cases, safety pins, stitching, found paper
the effect of time is recorded in each of these CD  cases
680-minutes-detail-Anthea-Boesenbergdetails of rust
680-mintes-detail2-Anthea-Boesenbergand stitching680-minutes-detail3-Anthea-Boesenbergembracing the nature of the process of decay, discovering the magic in chaos
Anthea-and-PeriAnthea and Peri are two of those rare and brilliant artists who can build bridges between science and art
IncineratorThe Incinerator by Walter Burley Griffen
Incinerator-landscape open 10am-4pm Wednesday-Sunday
November 19th – December 7th
PS here’s a link to Anthea Boesenberg’s blog a Box of Birds

E-invite-EntropyPeri and Anthea are both brilliant artists who think & care deeply, looking forward to seeing their show on Saturday!

Smoking mirrors

Posted: November 17, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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smoking-mirror-by-Olga-Cironis-1990woke up from a dream of smoking mirrors …
this cracked mirror was made out of steel and mirrored convex glass by Olga Cironis back in 1990
it lives in the fireplace protecting the hearth of our home
& as a reminder of the way mirrors can distort and reveal our vulnerabilities & projections
The-Cyclists-Rest“The Cyclist’s Rest” a vintage embroidery by an unknown stitcher found in an op shop (aka thrift shop for those in the US) and given to me by a dear friend who knows I love cats, good stories and fine stitching
Is it art? or kitsch? & does the definition matter? it tells a good story quite beautifully
Earlier this week I was passionately defending the word Art with a capital ‘A’ as the way we humans exalt, transform & honour our lives. There is so much fear around the word Art, it is challenged regularly by the academics in the Craft vs Art debate, the boundaries of who can make it (many of the people who are making the most beautiful art these days prefer to call it by some other name) & then there is the whole luck of the draw of who “makes it” in the Art World which can be a bind as well. Recently a very famous commercial artist named Ken Done who made his name with bright colourful paintings of Sydney Harbour back in the ’80′s reportedly dreams of representing Australia in the Venice Biennale, well good on him for wanting to be taken seriously but it may not happen in this lifetime.
& then there is the whole phenomenon of how much art is shared on the internet in the ever growing infinite library, it can be incredibly inspiring, exciting & at times totally overwhelming and yet we just keep making the dreams that want to fall out of our hands and sometimes it may even be called Art!?
PS a bit later and talking of flowers again to make this post a little more palatable
magnolia-painted-red-by-the-sun Mo14Magnolia grandiflora flower painted red by the sun
magnolia-painted-red-by-the-sun-2-Mo-14I have never seen this happen before!
we had a very hot day here on Friday, perhaps the sun amplified the dew when the flower was still in bud
magnolia-painted-red-by-the-sun3-mo-14“earth laughs in flowers” hmmm… had better look up who said that…
it’s by
Ralph Waldo Emerson

room with a view

Posted: November 16, 2014 by Mo Crow in gardening, It's Crow Time

room-with-a-view6 years ago when we moved into this old inner city house, the back garden was the local cat toilet with no trees so we planted some favourites, in the foreground is a Banksia integrifolia, the next one with the big white flowers and dark green foliage is the Magnolia grandiflora “Little Gem” these are both about 4 metres (12 foot) H now. The Apricot  & Pink Brugmansias were planted from cuttings back then & are making a great canopy for the ex indoor plants to recover in. The purple Jacaranda lives two doors up and makes a great bit of borrowed landscape but as you can see all these plants still frame that back door of the place across the lane and therefore frames our bedroom window… still hoping that one day we will have a visual screen but I’m not holding my breath!!
jacaranda-and-brugmansiathe Apricot Brugmansia in contrast with the purple Jacaranda is stunning
brugmansiasthe perfume from the Brugmansias at dawn and dusk is intoxicating!

Magnolia grandiflora

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Magnolia-grandiflora Mo14Magnolia grandiflora just opening
Magnolia-grandiflora-2 Mo14the scent is magic
Magnolia-grandiflora-3 Mo14have a look at Lou Saxton’s magnificent Magnolia
Magnolia-grandiflora4Magnolia grandiflora 5-Mo14Magnolia grandiflora6-Mo14Magnolia-grandiflora7-Mo14magnolia-grandiflora8-Mo14(Photos of Magnolia grandiflora “Little Gem” by Mo November 14th-17th, 2014)

for the love of horses & dragons

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HorseCarolwebour friend Carol loved horses, we made a little book for Eric and Carol called “The Visitor”, this page was for her
DragonEricweband Eric is the Dragon of Dragonglass
I love Old Man Crow’s economy of line, he drew the doorways and the suggestion of a doorman
NB can’t remember what year this was… we were still living at 271 so it was probably around the turn of the century

ABE2014eInviteCrow Book 3 (the smoking man) is in this show along with lots of brilliantly bound books
if you are in town come along to the opening!
PS here’s a bunch of Gardenias picked by Old Man Crow on his way home from the pub
Gardeniaswish I could send the scent through the ether!