drawingtheriverwebYesterday my friend Bronwyn Berman gave a workshop in conjunction with her ‘River to River: Interwoven Landscapes’ exhibition  at Penrith Regional Gallery
the-riverShe gave us a quick introduction to a variety of techniques & ideas for representing water with charcoal then loaded us up with materials to make our preliminary sketches on the banks of the Nepean Riverprocess-1then back across the road to the studio to work up our sketches on big sheets of paper
process-2process-3process-4we all found such a different viewriver-crit-1river-crit-3river-crit2I wrestled with the materials most of the day then finally gave up all hope and made a few bold marks as you can see in the drawing behind Bronwyn, just goes to show you can teach an old crow new tricks!

the bare bones (white) talisman

Posted: October 17, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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the bared bones  detail Mo 14the bare bones (white) talisman detail Mo 14 scale app 3:1
raw linen string and waxed linen thread, vintage button, dead coral washed up on the beach at Ocean Isle back in August, shells, bone, wood, glass & pearl beads
true scale below
the bared bones (white) Mo-14this is a talisman for stripping back the excess down to the bare bones
bone-white-processI was hoping the wishbone would fit in but it was excess to requirements, am enjoying starting to write out what each of the talismans is invoking, naming the stones, bones, claws, feathers and colours and why they are good for calling in &/or protecting. Defining is giving me a deeper insight into the magic as I don’t really know what they are or what they do ’til they’re done. There’s no plan, each one takes me on a journey of “just going”with the materials as Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth has named the creative process.

Annette-Messager-Chance 2011‘Chance’ 2011 by Anette Messager
Black net, wire
(photo taken by Old Man Crow on his iPhone)
this was my favourite piece in the exhibition
Annette’s work is bravely wild & challenging underscored with a wryly wicked sense of humour
here’s a link to Discover Annette Messager at the MCA
the show closes on the 26th
Sunday is the last day to catch  The Spark at Craft NSW
thesparkand at 1pm on Saturday there is an artists talk to celebrate the last day of the last Ranomak Glass Prize
2014winnerhomepageKathryn Wightman deserved to win with her very brave work
Sifted and screen printed glass powder
0.5 H x 52 W x 305 D cm

“A series of steps
A trail in the pattern
A constant reminder of all that is imperfect

Screenprinted glass powders were used to create a textured carpet pattern.
The carpet was then intentionally distorted by walking over the unfired powder. The results were kiln formed.”

The Turquoise Talisman

Posted: October 15, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, magic

Turquoise-Talisman-Mo-14The Turquoise Talisman by Mo 2014 (scale 3:1)
Turquoise, red glass, waxed linen and vintage silkworm thread
beading detail
true scale below
turquoise-talisman Mo 2014

the gardener’s perquisite

Posted: October 13, 2014 by Mo Crow in gardening

Grevillea-Firesprite-Mo-14Grevillea Firesprite in a big glass graal blown by Ben Edols & carved by Mo 1989
One of the perquisites about being a gardener is bringing home the trimmings!

Cultivate & The Impossibility of Nature

Posted: October 11, 2014 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions
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cultivateArtisans in the Gardens & Cultivate are on at the Royal Botanic Gardens here in Sydney.
I loved these floating poems by Jane Théau
Artist’s Statement-
“I work predominantly in sculpture and installation, favouring textiles, glass and porcelain. Increasingly I turn to simple cotton thread as a preferred medium, appreciating the metaphorical qualities of ravelling and unravelling, weaving and fraying, and the lightness of these works in a time of visual and material surfeit.”
Jacqueline-Spedding‘Grafts’ by Jacqueline Spedding 
garden gate, ceramic leaves, garden tools, organic material, wax. Dimensions variable.
Artist’s Statement- “Our physical indivisibility to nature, and how we perceive, value and represent this relationship is central to my work. The tension between order and control and unruly growth and decay is a recurring theme in my work.”
Jacqueline-Spedding-3Graft-by--Jacquelyn-SpeddingJacqeline-Spedding-2best--friends in the company of my best friends  Richard Whitfield, Old Man Crow & Bronwyn Berman
we went up the road to King Street Gallery for Shona Wilson’s artist talk about ‘The Impossibility of Nature’
Heirloom-detail-by-Shona-Wilson“Heirloom” detail by Shona Wilson
Shona’s work is brilliant, her vision of a Plastiscenic Era is both challenging and life affirming
& her attention to detail is exquisite
Here’s a link to a short video of Shona talking about her work & process with Caroline Baum
the online catalogue
you can read more about Shona’s work on her  website
poppy Mo14the simple pleasure of a poppy on the spring walk

my favourite rose

Posted: October 10, 2014 by Mo Crow in gardening
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Cecil-Brunner-rose-Mo-14the scent of this tiny Cecile Brunner Rose in full flight is divine (scale 3:1) Mo 14
feeling very grateful to be alive after choking during dinner last night
it was a very close call…
lucky that Old Man Crow was here…
he never panics