brasskey-in-processhmmm…. every line for the illustration of “Brass key, back door” feels superfluous to the photo study
brass-key-back-door-photo-study-Mo-2014you can see Old Man Crow playing it live here

Ethnic-Jewellery-and-Adornment-by-Truus-Daalder‘Ethnic Jewellery and Adornment’ by Truus Daalder just arrived on my doorstep, a fabulously huge book full of great photographs and detailed information.
You can read excerpts from the book & buy it from their excellent website
Ethnic Art Press
and they share lots of photographs and information here
We will be meeting Truus and her husband Joost at the Powerhouse Museum for the next exhibition
A Fine Possession: Jewellery & Identity” which features many of the pieces in this book!
lonka-lonkaThe book starts out in Australia & this piece intrigued me straight away, love the pierced stars!
will talk more about it and the show next week!

Brass key, back door (photo study)

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brass-key-back-door-photo-study-Mo-2014“Brass key, back door” (photo study) Mo 2014
that’s the idea so far…
(& a link to Old Man Crow playing it live here)

Blackwattle Bay

Posted: September 13, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

canala walk up the stormwater canal to Blackwattle Bay
blackwattle-baythe view across the water to the city
Blackwattle-Bay-Cafe’round the point to the beautifully restored Blackwattle Bay Cafe
paint-scrapeslove the carefully exposed history in the walls
paint-scrapes-2paint-scrapes-3it’s spring & jasmine perfumes the air in a charming front garden on the way home
jasmineto a rough idea for “Brass key, back door” the last song for The illustrated lyrics of Old Man Crow!

“Here’s Your Hat” finito

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hat-song Mo 2014“Here’s Your Hat” illustration by Mo 2014
you can see Old Man Crow playing it live here
links to the illustrations so far here
& the songs here

(PS Only one song to go then it’s time to start editing!)

‘Here’s Your Hat’ in process

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hatinprocessMo14‘Here’s Your Hat’ in process Mo 2014
you can see Old Man Crow play this one live here

Out of the Blue by Trace Willans

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treasure from Trace WillansA parcel full of treasures arrived in the post today from Trace Willans of Soewn Earth
Shell nacre and wonderfully coloured and waxed cloth arrived with her beautiful indigo Paint Rag Book 1
Out of the Blue front-cover by Tracew WillansI just renamed it “Out of the Blue” by Trace Willans
10 x10cm
made out of recycled paint rags
Out of the Blue spine by Trace Willansthe covers are coated in encaustic medium and natural indigo oil paint home made by Trace
Out of the Blue bookmark by Trace Willanslove the hand twisted cord bookmark
out of the blue pages by Trace Willanseach of the inviting pages are coated in traditional rabbit skin glue gesso
out of the blue back-cover by Trace Willansit feels like holding a piece of sky in my hands
home it’s feeling right at home & looking forward to being filled with blue moon dreaming
Thank you Trace!