Dry walls at last!

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wallpreparationSoon my bench will be able to move back to it’s spot under the window! Thanks to the wonderful handyman and his offsider on Halloween the problem is solved, we had a lot of rain last week and the walls are drier than they have ever been in the 6 years we have lived here, doing the happy dance we may well be here for a good while yet!
Yesterday arvo I propped up the ceiling with a piece of bamboo cut to fit in behind the curtain rail and prepared the walls and the hole in the ceiling by scraping back all the loose plaster & rotted paint, sealed it all with watered down Bondcrete (PVA), will let it set for a few days then give it another coat and think about how to make some spider web lace with string to strengthen the edges….
xmas 14the xmas decorations are up and presents are waiting to be opened, I love the Silly Season!

Voodoo-Lounge-Mo14-The Voodoo Lounge (an ongoing collaboration with Ariel P . Cat) Mo 14
x-marks-the-spot-Voodoo-Lounge-Mo14X marks the spot, a journey ’round the islands of black lace covering Ariel’s creative claw sharpening
X-in-process-Voodoo-Lounge-Mo14just need to find true north for the map compass
North-pointerOld Man Crow’s iPhone has a compass so true north is marked and the repairs are done for now!
Ariel's-scratching-post-collaboration-Mo-14this arm is Ariel’s favourite scratching post, the stitches have grown bolder over the years of our collaboration
The vintage black lace was a gift from my friend Eliene St Romain, the owl is a linocut printed on the most wonderfully heavy canvas from our friend Dotti Dauter & I turned it into a cushion with a luxurious piece of 30 year old black velvet from Germany that I used for photographing the glass engraving last century.

‘PUNK’ by Junko Oki just arrived!

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Junko-Oki-Punk-2014I am a huge fan of Junko Oki’s artful stitching & her new book ‘PUNK’ is a treasure!
Punkinside the slip cover is a beautifully produced book of Junko’s work to date
Here’s the Preface for ‘PUNK’
“In this book, there are 115 short narratives attached to each of the works included in this collection. As I wrote the narratives, I looked attentively at the photos I took of my works and went on a trip deep inside my conscious mind. Collectively, the works were none other than a reflection of me, maybe even embarrassingly so. I desired to expose myself even more through my works; I wanted to be true to myself. What else matters? That is the one thing I know that I am good at. I remember the faces of people who have crossed my path.
Will you keep watching me through my journey?”
Winter 2014 by Junko Oki
I will certainly keep watching Junko’s journey, she is such an inspiring artist on so many levels.
I hope to see her work in real life one day!
Below are a few of the wonderful images Junko has shared in her book
Privacy-2014-Junko-Oki‘Privacy’ 2014 by Junko Oki
Work-in-Progress-2012-Junko-Oki‘Work in Progress’ 2012 by Junko Oki
Cats-2013-Junko-Oki‘Cats’ 2013 by Junko Oki ( loves cats too!)
To-Add-(close-up)-2012‘To Add (close-up)’ 2012 by Junko Oki
I don’t feel right typing out the short narratives that go with each of these works as there is an intimacy to them that needs to be read in the book not online
Here’s the links to  Junko’s website with direct links to where you can buy this rare treasure of a book
I used Google Translate to translate the information from Japanese to English & it worked fine!
PS Junko has made it easy for us non Japanese speaking folk
Here’s a link to an interview with Junko about the book and her process in English
& a link to the Cow Books webshop with a buy button for her book also in English

War-at-the-AGNSWthe huge equestrian bronzes “The offerings of war” & “The offerings of peace” by Gilbert Bayes flank the grand entrance to the Art Gallery of NSW
peace-at-the-AGNSWIn 2009 Tatzu Nishi’s installation “War and peace and in between” changed our perception of these two statues forever
Kaldornotes_Nishi2-3peace-by-Tatzu-Nishi-2009Internal views of Nishi’s “War and peace and in between” 2009
Photos by Carley Wright  AGNSW
“Drawing Out” the Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial 2014 is a must see
John Wolsely detailJohn Wolseley A Clarence Galaxia in the Ancient Sphagnum Bogs – Skullbone Plains, Tasmania 2013 (detail)
& then we went from the sublime to the ridiculous
Etsy-at-DJsCathy and the huge macrame installation at the Unwrap Etsy pop up show on the 7th floor of DJs
(shades of the 70’s! orange & macrame were almost “cool” then too )
there was over 40 stalls of local Etsy sellers which were quite delightful
loved Mrs Peterson Pottery, Lauren Merrick’s illustratons & Margie Rahmann’s My Very Own Eye Goggles
& then I went home to do some more mending on Old Man Crow’s never ending story of a good old jacket
mendingI love this tiny vintage crochet hook for weaving the ends through the mending
the-neverending-jacketand did a quick sketch of a Flannel Flower
flannel-flower-out-of-the-blue-Mo-14in the Out of the Blue Book

Full Moon in Gemini

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Full-Moon-in-GeminiFull Moon in Gemini at 3:33 am photo by Mo 14

A Flannel Flower for Friday

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flannel-flower-Mo14Flannel Flower aka Actinotis helianthi photo by Mo 14

Bronwyn-Berman-invite-EmailBronwyn’s show ‘The alphabet of form‘ opened last night at Maunsell Wickes Gallery
here’s some photos taken before it got too crowded, what a gala event!
Bronwyn-Berman-at-Maunsell-Wickessacred geometry
Bronwyn-Berman-at-Maunsell-Wickes2 flows like a river through all of Bronwyn’s work