A Barrel of Fun

Posted: July 21, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, knots and nests, weave

A-Barrel-of-Fun-by-Mo-2014“A Barrel of Fun” by Mo &  Old Man Crow 2014
a section of black bamboo, grape vine tendrils wrapped with silk/steel thread, rose dyed linen thread
A-Barrel-of-Fun-Mo-2014this one makes me laugh!
A-Barrel-of-Fun-from-above-Mo-2014Old Man Crow kindly cut the bamboo with the jigsaw and came up with the name


The Path of Heart (handle with care)

Posted: July 19, 2014 by Mo Crow in knots and nests
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path-of-heart detail Mo 2014The Path of Heart (handle with care) by Mo 2014
hand twined ochre dyed string, rainbow lorikeet feathers, grape vine tendril, vintage glass “chakra” beads from Africa, a few very old ceramic beads from Peru, quartz crystal, turquoise, lapis lazuli, agate, red seed, vintage Silkworm Thread, silk wrapped steel
path-of-heart-Mo-2014detail of feathers and beads
I have had that old Joni Mitchell song “Hejira” from 1976 running on repeat in the memory banks for the last few days
This one feels like a returning to myself, to that young wild thing with the big dreams living out in the bush making feather and shell earrings by 12 candlelight…

Crow Eye Amulet Mk 4

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Crow-Eye-Amulet-detail-Mo-2014The Crow Eye Amulet by Mo 2014
glass crow eye and black feather beads by Kathy Dorfer
Dalmatian Jasper, jet, bone & clay beads, grape vine tendril, Silver Sebright chicken feather, eel skin, cobbled together with various B&W threads and cords
Crow-Eye-Amulet--detail-2-Mo-2014adding the eel skin in the final hour surprised me!
Crow-Eye-Amulet-Mo-2014This is the fourth Crow Eye Amulet made this year
The Miraculous Goat’s Eye Amulet that became a Crow’s Eye
Crow Eye Talisman for the Solstice
The Ghost Fish Memory Keeper
and  there is also
The Eye for Seeing in the Dark of the Moon

Shadows at Barometer Gallery

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ShadowsIf you are in Sydney don’t miss the “Shadows” textile exhibition at Barometer Gallery in Paddington
Shadows-Liz-Gemmellshibori robe by Liz Gemmell in the foreground
Liz-Gemmell-ShadowsLiz Gemmell and her beautiful knitted silk noile and machine stitched lace jacket
Liz-Gemmell-Lacethe cobweb knitted silk is laid out on soluble material then the grid is machine stiched with silk thread
Liz-Gemmell-lace-detailthe hand of the lace is beautifully soft, delicate yet strong
Beth Hatton’s “9 thong lines” are meticulously woven with  grassy weeds, cordyline and linen thread
Beth-Hatton-4 Beth-Hatton-1 Beth-Hatton-2 Beth-Hatton-3You can read more about Beth’s sensitve and inspiring work on her website
Beth was named a Living Treasure Master of Australian Craft 2008-2010
Baseline: Remnant Grasslands Weereewa / Lake George
more photos
There is also some wonderful digital prints on large cloth and discharge dyed pogaji hangings, the show closes this Saturday

The Textile Blog Summer Sale

Posted: July 14, 2014 by Mo Crow in good books
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John Hopper of The Textile Blog is a treasure on the planet, he is offering his ebooks at half price for one week! I just downloaded “Art Nouveau and Nature” and “The Textile Blog Reference Guide to Lace” they are both brilliant!
Here’s the link to his book page
The Textile Blog ebooksI love this 21stC world, thank you John!

Full Moon in Capricorn

Posted: July 11, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Capricorn-by-Mo-1999Capricorn by Mo 1999
(you can see the full set of Zodiac Drawings for the Celestial Times Diary 2000 here)
The Full Moon is in Capricorn today, a good time for dedication, diligence and discipline, in other words time to roll up the sleeves and get to work!
here’s a photo taken just before this wild Moon set through the trees

A-Night-Out by Kay D. Haerland“A Night Out” by K D. Haerland
A-Night-Out-detaildetail of “A Night Out”
A-Night-Out-detail-of-foxdetail of the fox
A-Night-Out-detail-3detail of colour and texture
A-Night-Out-textThis work was the stand out piece for me at the Sydney Quilt Show yesterday.
Kay’s use of texture, subtle colour, line, perspective and detail is superb.
You can read more about this work on her website