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Truth-by-Mo-2014illustration for “Truth” by Mo 2014
(waiting on the recording)
this is song no 32 for “The illustrated lyrics of Old Man Crow”
you can see the illustrations so far here and listen to the songs here

Artful Pendants by Bronwyn Berman

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Sydney based sculptor Bronwyn Berman has just opened her online shop with a fabulous range of wearable art pendants
Here’s  3 of my favourites, just click on the links below each pic for more details
Cane-Fire-1972-by-Bronwyn-Berman“Slide Pendant – Cane Fire, Cairns 1972″ by Bronwyn Berman
Leichen Pendant by Bronwyn Berman“Nature Pendant – Lichen Rainforest” by Bronwyn Berman
Half Moon Pendant by Bronwyn Berman“Half Moon Pendant – Red” by Bronwyn Berman
It’s wonderful to see this new work getting out into the world!
Here’s a link to Bronwyn’s website
a link to her shop,
& you can see her fabulous feather pendant here (I am very lucky & spoiled!)

The Feather of Truth

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chicken-feather-of-truthThe Feather of Truth this morning is a chicken feather found on the floor of the chook pavilion yesterday at the Easter Show, I tried to get all “arty” and played around with exposure, light, contrast and filters for a few hours but the best photo was straight out of the camera…
which has got me thinking more about art & making & heart & edge…
all the heart and soul and technique and passion in the world will not make art without that rare glimpse out past the corner of the eye of the elusive ineffable that takes a lifetime trying to describe…

(NB the next song illustration is for a song named “Truth”)

The Royal Easter Show!

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The Sydney Royal Easter Show is a huge 2 week agricultural show where the best horses, goats, sheep, cattle, chooks, cats, dogs, fruit, vegetables, flowers, arts and crafts compete for first prize. It’s  a chance for city folk to see where their food comes from and a fun day out for everyone, here’s some photos
silver-sebright-roosterSilver Sebright Bantam Rooster
silver-sebright-henSilver Sebright Bantam Hen
silver-sebright-portraitportrait of Silver Sebright Bantam hen
sebright-specstheir plumage is like lace!
crocheted-lacean exquisite example of crocheted lace that won the doiley or table runner measuring at least 25 cm class
parchmentthis framed blue and white doiley won the parchment class
coathangerI love the embroidered & beaded coathanger & anything with Johhny Depp is good
bearthis teddy bear is so beautiful but look at that price $110… why is it that anything done with such great love & care is so undervalued in this 21st C world
fabulousnessthis fabulous collection of stitchery won the creative article, not elsewhere specified class
leather-and-woodthis amazing leather & wood lamp came second in the Creative Design class
calligraphya brilliant second place in Western Calligraphy – off the wall
roses“a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”
harness-horsesheavy horse 2 wheeled business turnout class
beautiful-horseI fell in love with this gentle giant of a horse with perfect manners
carouselthe carousel was cranking up
carousel3to dreams of horses and fresh country air in another time… another place…

versions of paradise

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Old Man Crow and I look after a variety of gardens, every one is their own version of paradise formal entryformal entry
ruthfrontdooror a wild walk
wild walkthe back gardenstairscan be a formal space
beautiful sandstone work for entertaining
the viewframe the view
new-poolsurround a new pool
formal-tropical-gardena peaceful sound
native gardena native retreat
mosaic walla feature mosaic wall by Marion Frith
a magic gardena magic garden
This is a small selection of photos both recent and past of the different spaces we look after, we love all our gardens
mystical cicada aka green grocer I leave my voodoo gothic steampunk old hippie sensibilities at home with the guard dragon, “We are, after all, professionals” to quote Hunter S. Thompson

inside the garden gate

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gardenhere’s some photos taken this morning inside the back gate (please excuse the washing on the line!)
garden-shedlooking back towards the gate
bromeliadsbromeliads bought in for one of our gardens next week
orchids-hoya-chain-of-heartsorchids, tillandsia, hoya, chain of hearts, black bamboo next to the bicycle shelter
bollardbollard bought 15 years ago for Ariel’s Day at the Beach verandah enclosure when we promised Nile Abyssinians that we would try to keep him as an indoor cat
star-in-the-water-bowlthe pissed off star that lives in Ariel’s water bowl waiting to be filled up again
lotus-timelotus pod, dried spiky Grevillea foliage in the old sundial held together with a piece of rope, some wood & a piece of glass that looks like the ocean
luck-and-keya horseshoe and railway spike from the Oodnadatta Track that one of my garden customer’s brought back for me and an old padlock that is gathering the patina of age

spiraling inwards

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“Actually, however, life begins less by reaching upward, than by turning upon itself. But what a marvelously insidious, subtle image of life a coiling vital principle would be! And how many dreams the leftward oriented shell, or one that did not conform to the rotation of its species, would inspire!”
― Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space (a book mentioned on Judy Martin’s blog)
back-gateCome in, this is the back gate, our garden has grown a lot in 5 & 1/2 years!
garden-December-2008back garden December 2008 just after we moved in
silk-steel-and-grape-vine-tendrilgrape vine tendril covered in silk wrapped steel thread from Dairing
silk-steel-grape-vine-tendrils-and-snail-shell7 grape vine tendrils covered in silk wrapped steel thread
sapphire-and-spiralsa pale blue sapphire set in rough sawn sterling silver & bound with silk wrapped steel thread
an exploration of stone setting without heat which isn’t quite working but gives room for thought… mostly about how my metal working days were a long time ago!