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Christina Cairns is a wonderful artist, songwriter, poet, musician and mother
her magical talisman is on it’s way here from Western Australia
her words brought tears to the eye then a huge heart felt smile
Christina wrote
“I took your ‘love is the answer’ words and added a bit to them. 100% recycled paper, ink, suede scrap, repurposed glass beads (I chose green because green is the colour of Hope for me), metal leaf, scrap of raw silk (left over from my wedding dress, I think…24 years ago!), hemp cord.”
looking forward to introducing Christina’s good magic to The Gathering, will post more photos here when it arrives
Here’s a link to her blog A Mermaid in the Attic
and a post about one of her Talisingr’s Children arriving here back in 2011
Magic Days!
(photos courtesy of Christina Cairns 2018)

Yvette Dopheide has felted Braille for the Heart and Soul into her pennant and heart talisman
a leaf note
with such beautiful heart felt words
“…Thousands of stitched tears hold the wool, silk, fabric together so they form an answer, they hold together our love”
every stitch felt with such deep love for our beautiful broken world
the view from the other side
diving into the deep
the wild beauty of Yvette’s heart
meeting the gathering
you can see more of Yvette’s deeply heartfelt work at Felting Your Soul

the first cut is the deepest heart talisman Mo 18
H 360mm x W 300mm
the first cut in the old wedding dress, black velvet, red felt, grape vine tendrils, vintage zipper, leather cord, silk and linen thread
all buttoned up on the back
I think it’s done!

Anita Larkin is a brilliant Australian sculptor who I have long admired
she combines found objects with the most delightful sense of whimsy and quiet strength
H 1.5 cm (1/2″) x W 1.5 cm (1/2″)
and great skill
settling onto the branch
(I need to add more stitches to secure the binding)
aerial view
holding the power of Art with such grace and humour
like a Kookaburra laughing in an old gum tree
watching out for the gathering
you can see more of Anita’s fabulous art on her website and instagram

Doris Perlhuhn’s talisman is filled with love for our beautiful broken world
love the colours, textures and beading in the binding
settling into place in the dream
Judy Lemezis
Tina Zaffiro
Barry Smith
Nanette Gilbert
Bronwyn Berman
Deb Gorr
Kathy Dorfer
Els Snieder
The Gathering
you can see more of Doris’s beautiful work on her blog and on Instagram
Magic Days!

A Starry Necklace

Posted: September 28, 2018 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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A Starry Necklace Mo 18
vintage electric blue leather over 4mm cotton rope, white linen and blue Gütermann upholstery thread, antique parchment stars stitched with linen & cotton threads stabilized with silk organza, hand carved slice of tagua (aka Palm Ivory) pentacle, glass and lapis lazuli beads
detail of tagua pentacle & parchment stars stabilized with silk organza
detail of bone bead for the fastening
on Monday I helped sand the gallery floor at Artsite with a belt sander, it was hard yakka but Madeleine is a wiz she attached an industrial vacuum cleaner to the dust extractor hose and it worked a treat!

Deb Gorr‘s talisman of love for our beautiful broken world just winged it’s way across the Pacific
cloth & thread from Deb’s great grandmother & grandmother stitched together
with this noteDeb is mending our beautiful broken world with conscious intent, recycling old cloth, knitting her daily observations and treading lightly with a beautiful garden
you can read more about her work at Bee Creative
Deb’s talisman stitched into the dream