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The Wish by Neroli Henderson for the Magic challenge at the Sydney Quilt Show 2019
Artist Statement: ‘My magic wish sits in secret at the centre of this quilt. To read my message, take its photo with a flash. Now you see it, now you don’t. For Jill Meagher, Eurydice Dixon,  Aiia Maarsarwe and all the other women who never made it safely home.’
Materials & Techniques: Cotton fabric, Jacquard Lumiere paint and Pearl Ex pigments, Swarovski crystals, Opal dust, metallic threads, 100 wt ultrafine thread, reflective yarn, acrylic medium, metal foil, foil glue.
Fabric manipulation, painting, intensive quilting, foiled deckle edge
‘The text has been sewn with reflective yarn. It only shows up when very bright light is shone directly upon it, so this photo has been taken with a flash. The yarn used is a very find tape with reflective glass beads embedded in it, it appears grey when seen without light so is able to blend into the background.’
here’s a photo with the text hidden from Neroli’s facebook page
‘Whitewash’ by Neroli Henderson was another favourite
this antique boro coat blew me away
time and texture
from the Amuse Museum in Tokyo
a magic day full of inspiration for Jude Hill’s Patchwork in Perspective Pt 2!

Diane-Firth-Earth-BonesDiane Firth “Earth Bones #2”
Diane-Firth-detaildetail of the gradation in colour and curve of the cloth defining the ridge
Carolyn-SullivanCarolyn Sullivan “One Jumped”
Carolyn-Sullivan-detailflowers of the desert hand stitched to cover the surface of the quilt
Carolyn-Sullivan-detail-2the subtle colours of this dry land
Margaret Wallace Snowy River Landform-Take 2Margaret Wallace “Snowy River Landform – Take 2”
Margaret-Wallace-detaildetail of embroidery on recycled wool blanket with blue satin river
Margaret-Wallace-detail-2you can see more of the 400 quilts on display here

antique-glove-caseAntique glove case in the Cavalcade of History & Fashion display at the Sydney Quilt Show 2015 galah-dress by Ellen King “Pallette of Pink” by Ellen King (aka dressing like a galah) galah-dress Ellen Kingsuch a fabulous pocket! Galah-Dress-text-Ellen-Kinghere’s a link about galahs boro-revisted“Boro Revisited” by Lisa Johnson boro-detailBoro-textSummer-Storm-by-Eky-Hockey“Summer Storm” by Eky Hockey Summer Storm by Eky Hockey boab-detailSummer-Storm-by-Eky-Hockey-textthis is just a taste of the show here’s a link to the Quilters’ Guild of NSW for more photos

A-Night-Out by Kay D. Haerland“A Night Out” by K D. Haerland
A-Night-Out-detaildetail of “A Night Out”
A-Night-Out-detail-of-foxdetail of the fox
A-Night-Out-detail-3detail of colour and texture
A-Night-Out-textThis work was the stand out piece for me at the Sydney Quilt Show yesterday.
Kay’s use of texture, subtle colour, line, perspective and detail is superb.
You can read more about this work on her website

Sydney Quilt Show

Posted: June 14, 2013 by Mo Crow in Lace
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Ellen-Rankin-Formation-FlyingThe Sydney Quilt Show is an annual pilgrimage
“Formation Flying” by Ellen Rankin from Victoria was my favourite for it’s subtle clarity
Materials : Calico for main part, cotton print wood grain design for border. Sewing cotton calico backing. Cotton wadding.
Techniques : Machine embroidery for birds on front calico surface. Stabilised with Tear-Away.. Small motifs representing features on the landscape, machine embroidered to “tie” the quilt together. Border machine stitched then hand finished on back of quilt.
Quiltmaker’s Statement : Free can be defined in other ways, unimpeded motion or movement, being exempt from external authority, interference or restrctions, enjoying personal rights or liberty. The birds represent freedom in every sense, flying across the landscape; they are at liberty to choose how and where they fly. They are free!
Ellen-Rankin-Formation-Flying-detail-2detailsEllen-Rankin-Formation-Flying-13-detailhere’s a link to the quilts for this year’s challenge AQC Challenge 2013: Free
the winner of the Free Challenge was the well known quilt maker and teacher Helen Godden, her horses were good but I loved her piece in the Open Art Quilt section
Helen Godden Zen Magpies 3Helen Godden “Zen Magpies”
Quiltmaker’s Statement: What’s black, white and quilted all over? Painted on Silk Sateen, the magpies sing their song with such joy and freedom. Surrounded by quilted doodle-mania, an exposion od decostive free-mition fun. Over 100 different designs, the quilter has found her Zen!
Helen Godden Zen Magpies detaildetail
Helen-Godden-Zen-Magpies-detail-3the Cavalcade of History and Fashion had a fabulous display of Edwardian lace with a very informative presentation
lace-presentationwe learned how to recognize hand stitched net lace and I was amazed to learn it is based on variations of buttonhole stitch
amazing-lacebeautiful antique lace the presenter found in Ireland last year
amazing-lace-1an exquisite example of hand stitched & bobbin lace
amazing-lace-2an unusual combination of lace & fur
and here’s a pic of the Habu silk wrapped paper I found to play with!