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  the brilliant Australian sculptor Shona Wilson’s talisman has arrived !
with trembling hands I opened the parcel
to meet the “Re-Generator”
settling in with the Gathering
emanating such powerful energy
a photo of Shona’s magical talisman in process taken on Sunday
(photo courtesy of Shona Wilson 2018)
holding space with The Gathering
you can see more of Shona’s inspiring work on her website, instagram and facebook
with deep gratitude
PS the triple hearted love seeding comet being the other way ’round!

Shona Wilson Offering represented by Arthouse Gallery
at the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair at Carriageworks
detail of Shona’s Offering
Joshua Yeldham represented by Arthouse Gallery
Joshua Yeldham detail
more detail
Juz Kitson Jan Murphy GalleryChris O’Doherty aka Reg Mombassa Twilight of the Patriarchal Gods VI Watters Gallery
Chris O’Doherty aka Reg Mombassa Twilight of the Patriarchal Gods VII Watters Gallery
visiting the show is an almost overwhelming experience with 90+ galleries representing 300+ artists so it was good to catch up with friends!Sue Anderson and Gwen Harrison Impediment Press the lovely Fiona Dempster with  Good to Print Studiowearing the new linen dress she made for the show!
I enjoyed Fiona’s gracious & informative presentation
she gave me this beautiful second from her print series after the talk, it was lovely to meet in real life!
here it is at home with her partner Barry’s Peace Leaf
they are making such good magic!

cultivateArtisans in the Gardens & Cultivate are on at the Royal Botanic Gardens here in Sydney.
I loved these floating poems by Jane Théau
Artist’s Statement-
“I work predominantly in sculpture and installation, favouring textiles, glass and porcelain. Increasingly I turn to simple cotton thread as a preferred medium, appreciating the metaphorical qualities of ravelling and unravelling, weaving and fraying, and the lightness of these works in a time of visual and material surfeit.”
Jacqueline-Spedding‘Grafts’ by Jacqueline Spedding 
garden gate, ceramic leaves, garden tools, organic material, wax. Dimensions variable.
Artist’s Statement- “Our physical indivisibility to nature, and how we perceive, value and represent this relationship is central to my work. The tension between order and control and unruly growth and decay is a recurring theme in my work.”
Jacqueline-Spedding-3Graft-by--Jacquelyn-SpeddingJacqeline-Spedding-2best--friends in the company of my best friends  Richard Whitfield, Old Man Crow & Bronwyn Berman
we went up the road to King Street Gallery for Shona Wilson’s artist talk about ‘The Impossibility of Nature’
Heirloom-detail-by-Shona-Wilson“Heirloom” detail by Shona Wilson
Shona’s work is brilliant, her vision of a Plastiscenic Era is both challenging and life affirming
& her attention to detail is exquisite
Here’s a link to a short video of Shona talking about her work & process with Caroline Baum
the online catalogue
you can read more about Shona’s work on her  website
poppy Mo14the simple pleasure of a poppy on the spring walk

Love Lace Revisited

Posted: January 31, 2013 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions
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I visited the international Love Lace Exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum yesterday Shona-Wilson-HeirloomShona Wilson “Heirloom”
Assemblage: natural found materials (twigs, seedpods, bones) and found plastic
1500 x 1500 x 60mm
Sona-Wilson-Heirloom-detailIn December Old Man Crow & I visited Shona’s solo exhibition “Platiscenic – Future Remains” at the King Street Gallery and were both totally blown away by her perfectly articulated cohesive body of work. Harriet Goodall has written more about the work here
Waltraud-Janzen-TreeWaltraud Janzen “Tree”
hand and machine embroidery on nylon net, polyester thread
690 x 690 mm
Waltraud-Janzen-Tree-detailThis is my fourth visit to this wonderfully inspiring show, here’s a link to my first visit just over a year ago
unfortunately Andrea Eimke’s  installation “Third Space II” is not on display whilst renovations are being made but I am assured it will be back up before the show closes in June!