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The Ominous Domestic
eX de Medici 2017-18
Gilded wood, printed and embroidered Duchess silk, mixed media
eX de Medici (fabric design, project manager)
Janni Liangis (gift of original sofa)
Robert Little/RLDI (photogaphy and digitisation)
Sharon Peoples (embroidery)
Azzopardi and Hancock Upholsterers (restoration and upholstery)
Lisa Fletcher floral arrangement)
Sharon Peoples machine embroidered eX de Medici’s Seat of Love and Hate
she wrote about the process on her blog last year
the spiky Euphorbia was the starting point for this massive undertaking
Sharon honoured eX de Medici’s meticulous attention to detail
the eerie view through glass in an adjacent bathroom
in the next room
Karla Dickens Bound 2015
Polyptych in six parts
Bound by Money
Canvas straightjacket with brass buckles, vintage printed cotton material, printed canvas money-bag, coat hangerBound by Marriage
Canvas straightjacket with brass buckles, vintage printed cotton material, homemade wire dog muzzles, waxed linen thread, coat hanger

Bound by Land
Canvas straightjacket with brass buckles, cow teeth, vintage printed cotton material, coat hanger

Bound by Children
Canvas straightjacket with brass buckles, artificial flowers, embroidery, artificial lace, coat hanger
Bound by Beauty Myths
Canvas straightjacket with brass buckles, plastic combs, human hair, waxed linen thread, coat hanger
Bound by Addiction
Canvas straightjacket with brass buckles, plastic monkeys, printed cotton, coat hanger

“BOUND” by Karla Dickens

You asked for it
in front of God
for better or worse
in sickness and in health
‘till death do you part
hand-cuffs lock vows

Not in front of the kids
reassure the unborn baby
pegging tiny singlets on the line
hands tied behind her back
dying desperate housewives
crippled by fear

Home sweet home
black and blue poorhouses
with a high security guard
a decorated cell
common place anchors
dreams of great escapes
hung high by a worn heart-string

You’re lucky you’ve got me
ugly whinging bitch
wrapped in tight cruelness
a social dress malfunction
out of date and damaged
drowning in shame
be grateful

You need me
mummy’s little helper visits daily
waiting on a chemical disaster
too lost to care
too numb to fight back
knots of effective confusion
disgraceful embarrassment

Impossible departure
in ropes with closed wallets
depending on a pittance
worthless money-makers
cutting off circulation
restraining the sunshine
imposing quiet punishment

Bondage isn’t sexy
if an everyday tool
cover up the swelling
buckled up for pain
blood-stained devotion
promises of change
sorrys no more


The Ideal Home at Penrith Regional Gallery
closed last weekend
Carolyn Skinner of Oz Arts Magazine wrote a brilliant review
I am still digesting my response to this hard hitting inspiring exhibition as the dream flies out into the world
the studio space is cleared to begin the next project Sayonara Sydney scheduled for 2021 when I turn 66 and will move out of this big mad city west to the Blue Mountains
Dream On!

PS Deirdre Bean’s fabulous Fish and other things closes this afternoon at Stella Downer Fine Art
Sardines and a spoon Deirdre Bean
watercolour on vellum
22 x 28 cm
soul painter Jane Stapleford’s magicial Menagerie closes tomorrow at Day Fine Art in Blackheath
The Merchant’s Hare Jane Stapleford 2019
watercolour on paper
37 x 27 cm


Old Man Crow gave me this beautiful Third Eye by Penel Bigg of Fire Bird Beads for xmas
which I broke on New Year’s Eve
and mended with a bat claw, eel skin leather, waxed black linen & blue upholstery threads
2 lampworked beads by Kathy Dorfer, lapis lazuli and blue glass beads
over the summer break I collated the online catalogue for the dream, there’s 172 pages with a double page spread for each contribution, here’s a screenshot of what the info and title pages look like so far
will photograph all the pennants and talismans with a good digital SLR on a tripod in the white space of Artsite Galleries on January 15th & 16th (this will also give me a trial run for getting the dream armature with the blue branch carefully out the front door) the gallery is just a two minute walk away so Old Man Crow and I will carry it up there and pray for a sunny day!
Yesterday was hot with a light breeze, perfect for airing the tulle train of the old wedding dress
and started working out how to attach the train to the dream, it will need to be discreetly detachable for ease of transport
the lace heart by Sharon Peoples makes a beautiful bridge between the armature and the cloud of tulle
just loosely knotted in place for now but it’s getting there
Today I will start wiring Reaching for the Stars to hold up the cloud and rope lines for the pennants
here’s the rough sketches from July 2017
September 2017
March 2018
and now it’s just making itself
Magic Days!

Sharon Peoples stitched & beaded a beautiful lace heart into her pennant of tulle
I placed it with the talismans gathering for the cloud of tulle but it was disappearing
so I tied some knots in the tulle and introduced it to the gathering
looking again at how it works so beautifully with the talismans for the cloud of tulle…
these are the sorts of decisions I enjoy, Old Man Crow just came home from the pub and reckons it could be like a bridge in music leading out of the cloud of tulle into the lines of pennants, brilliant!
you can see more of Sharon’s beautiful artwork pushing the boundaries of what makes lace
over on her website
her collaboration with one of my favourite artists working in Australia eX de Medici, the Seat of Love and Hate is in The Ideal Home exhibition at Penrith Regional Gallery, I look forward to seeing it soon!
Magic Days!