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Oh Hooray, the white light that everyone sent to help Martine’s pennant get here worked!
with 11 bees a-buzzing
summer flowers blooming
in sheer delight
the beautiful textured silk on the other side
love Martine’s letter written on the paper pattern for the backing silk
such a bee-uti-full meeting with the gathering
there is such gentle magic and peace buzzing in Martine’s pennant for the bees
you can see more of this deep hearted magic over on her blog and facebook
Magic Days!

This beautiful pennant from Martine Bos needs White Light to help guide it’s way home, it was mailed from The Netherlands on October 26th and needs our help to get here!
the photo is from Martine of Venus blessing her pennant buzzing with love
Marti just sent this prayer
“Mo, the photo above is my way of sending white light for Martine’s pennant: Upon reading your post re Martine’s “bee”-utiful pennant, I collected some objects that are important to me, laid them out, lit my beeswax candle and asked blessings that her pennant arrive safely and soon. (I know the sinking feeling from having my own pennant go missing and into quarantine for over two weeks when it arrived in Australia so my heart is with Martine.) The candle rests upon a white and green dyed cloth, an attempt at color blocking derived from Chinese pistache trees in front of my home. Green has always been my go to color for hope and for peace. A peace leaf, made by Australian artist and sculptor Barry Smith, is the grounding element for Martine’s pennant to find its way to the Gathering. The rainbow Kokopelli is one of my favorite Southwestern symbols and although considered to be a trickster, a spirit of music, a fertility god, I am invoking the fertility aspect so that the search for Martine’s pennant be a fruitful one. Lastly, the blue and green mandalas are from an old Celtic Mandala calendar that has always held deep spiritual meaning for me as Ireland is the landscape of my heart. Together, may all of these objects shed a trail of light for Martine’s special and lovely pennant.”

Bee Happy Book

Posted: June 30, 2015 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Bee-Book-cloth-by-Martine-Bos-2015This morning I snipped and stitched Martine’s Bee Happy cloth into the covers for a vintage Chinese accordion book, it’ll be interesting to see what Bronywn Berman does with it next, a bit like a round robin story!Bee-Happy-By-Martine-Bosthe bee is so perfect and the eco dyed silk is softer than skin
Bee-Book-cloth-by-Martine-Boslove how the whole cloth fit so perfectly into the book as if they were made for each other, left the lower section of the paper insert blank for Bronwyn to personalize the cover

Bee Happy from Martine Bos

Posted: June 20, 2015 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Bee-Happy-by-Martine-BosMartine Bos is stitching Bee Happy into cloth this year
these two buzzy bees travelled all the way from The Netherlands to my letterbox this morning
they make my heart sing with the joy of honouring the bees