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So good to see Martine’s beautiful pennant has arrived home in The Netherlands safe and sound! The circle is complete, the spell is cast, all the pennants and talismans are on their way back to their makers around the world. Making the dream was the most beautiful ride on a huge wave of love that has now brought me gently to shore. The circle will keep rippling with love for our beautiful broken world.

I will keep updating this post as everyone sends back photos of where their pennant or talisman has settled to keep the dream alive!

Nanette Gilbert’s talisman has arrived safely in northern NSW
“I’m just sending this pic of the talisman with the lace and tulle, that for now, I’ve draped and pinned to a couple of my small art quilts, otherwise it all disappears into the cream wall behind. (Actually, now that I look at the photos again, I really like the red hearts showing through from behind) I have an idea of making them into something more permanent, stitching them to a backing so the fine lace and tulle can be clearly seen. I have some silk scarves my son brought me from Darjeeling, that he was given when he stayed in a Nepalese homestay, and I feel to give substance and depth to the finery will be a good use of these.
It was wonderful to be part of The Dream, and for my talisman to be in such good company, soaking up the love and energy, and now returned home.”

Els put this photo of her pennant and talisman up on her blog today along with some beautiful early spring flowers & wrote in an e-mail;
“Yesterday your package arrived safely here in Holland, Thank you so much ! The piece feels like it brought home lots of vibrations and good will of all the other pieces that surrounded it during your wonderful exhibition and of course of YOU ! I’m so happy with the extra pieces you included : they will surely find their way into other pieces I will make ! LOVE the piece of the blue branch and the many stars it surrounded !!! I will find a special place for them too 😉 You did a wonderful “job”, with your idea, the binding of the stitchers in a loving circle all around the world, and the realization of the artwork itself … magic !
(and I’m proud and grateful that I could be a little part of it)
Lots of love for you and Old Man Crow,
PS Today daughter was here and saw that the pennant was back : she LOVED the heart-talisman with your WONDERFUL tiny stars around the blue branch .. I gave it to her 😉 She has a kind of small altar at home where she keeps several objects that mean a lot to her. She is a “Fire-Keeper”:
makes and tends to the fire needed for ritual sweat-lodges (Indian style) It is a good place for the heart to rest !

Tina Zaffiro’s beautiful talisman is back home, she just sent these stunning photos along with this note;
“Everything about this from start to finish has been magical. My heart is filled with such joy right now looking at how lovingly you have packaged all this OMGOODNESS .. by far being part of this journey has risen me to new highs in ways I cannot find the words for.
Thank you .. thank you!!
Love and Blessings galore to you and all who traveled this journey with me.”

Elizabeth Bunsen’s talisman has arrived in her lake house safe & sound, she wrote over on her instagram page
“deeply honored to be part of this”
Elizabeth knows how to photograph light!

Louise Watson’s beautiful pennant is home safe and sound in England she posted these photos over on her blog;
“Thanks to Mo the Mending the Sky pennant has come home on a tidal wave of love with some extras that will be cherished and the lace will be incorporated into my work at some point. So glad I took part in this amazing adventure. Thank you so much Mo!”

Dee Mallon’s pennant has arrived home safely too, she posted these photos over on her blog today
love the reflection in the mirror

Michelle Slater’s rose pennant & promise ring have arrived home safe & sound,
she posted these photos over on her blog

Marti Weisbrich’s pennant is home and flying in the winds of New Mexico
she sent these beautiful words & photos
“On this extremely blustery day, winds clocked at over 50 mph last night and almost there today, my pennant has arrived back home and Spirit is full circle. When I received the wedding dress piece, I took it outside, tied it to our ornamental pear tree and let the spirits of New Mexico surround and permeate the cloth. It hung on the tree in sun , in rain and in blustery winds because New Mexico is the land of unbelievable sky and fierce dancing wind. When my dyeing and stitching was complete, I again tied it to the tree to receive a benediction from this place before sending it to you. How fitting that it returns today, to the same windy conditions. After taking a photo of all that was contained in the package, I took the pennant outside to return it to its place, on the limbs of the pear tree but but this time, my pennant has been embellished because I stitched the wondrous little star and bit of blue armature to it and it danced in the wind, with joy, spirit and gratitude.”
“To my eyes, my pennant seems so much larger because it is filled with the love and connections from all who made up the Gathering. Wanting this to be full circle, besides hanging the pennant to the tree, I also hung the lace gifts on the backside of the pennant, completing the ritual forming the Circle of inclusion. We all connected and shared, guided by your vision Mo and now all across the globe, pennants and talismans are filled with an incredible magic and for that, I send you my deepest blessings: Below are some photos showing the return, the placing of the pennant to the pear tree and in one photo, the pennant has been whipped around by the wind as if to embrace the joy of gathered spirits. Thank you so much for the invitation Mo- you shine so much light and love in our world. Blessings from the spirit winds here in New Mexico”

Liz Ackert’s Mended Shell has arrived home safe & sound, she wrote with these beautiful words & photos over on her blog
“May the circle be unbroken…
The torn and tattered heart that journeyed around the world to be a part of Mo’s dream …
has returned to the nest …
Thank you Mo, for your vision and great heart … I will treasure the memory and the beautiful pieces you sent.
And thank you, Rod, for your music and a heart to match Mo’s.”
Liz’s beautiful pennant with all the words to I dream of a world where love is the answer stitched on the back will make the perfect birthday present for the man in June
thank you (((Liz)))!


The ripples of love as the pennants and talismans arrive home are keeping the dream alive
here’s links to
ripples post 2
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Oh Hooray, the white light that everyone sent to help Martine’s pennant get here worked!
with 11 bees a-buzzing
summer flowers blooming
in sheer delight
the beautiful textured silk on the other side
love Martine’s letter written on the paper pattern for the backing silk
such a bee-uti-full meeting with the gathering
there is such gentle magic and peace buzzing in Martine’s pennant for the bees
you can see more of this deep hearted magic over on her blog and facebook
Magic Days!

This beautiful pennant from Martine Bos needs White Light to help guide it’s way home, it was mailed from The Netherlands on October 26th and needs our help to get here!
the photo is from Martine of Venus blessing her pennant buzzing with love
Marti just sent this prayer
“Mo, the photo above is my way of sending white light for Martine’s pennant: Upon reading your post re Martine’s “bee”-utiful pennant, I collected some objects that are important to me, laid them out, lit my beeswax candle and asked blessings that her pennant arrive safely and soon. (I know the sinking feeling from having my own pennant go missing and into quarantine for over two weeks when it arrived in Australia so my heart is with Martine.) The candle rests upon a white and green dyed cloth, an attempt at color blocking derived from Chinese pistache trees in front of my home. Green has always been my go to color for hope and for peace. A peace leaf, made by Australian artist and sculptor Barry Smith, is the grounding element for Martine’s pennant to find its way to the Gathering. The rainbow Kokopelli is one of my favorite Southwestern symbols and although considered to be a trickster, a spirit of music, a fertility god, I am invoking the fertility aspect so that the search for Martine’s pennant be a fruitful one. Lastly, the blue and green mandalas are from an old Celtic Mandala calendar that has always held deep spiritual meaning for me as Ireland is the landscape of my heart. Together, may all of these objects shed a trail of light for Martine’s special and lovely pennant.”

Bee Happy Book

Posted: June 30, 2015 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Bee-Book-cloth-by-Martine-Bos-2015This morning I snipped and stitched Martine’s Bee Happy cloth into the covers for a vintage Chinese accordion book, it’ll be interesting to see what Bronywn Berman does with it next, a bit like a round robin story!Bee-Happy-By-Martine-Bosthe bee is so perfect and the eco dyed silk is softer than skin
Bee-Book-cloth-by-Martine-Boslove how the whole cloth fit so perfectly into the book as if they were made for each other, left the lower section of the paper insert blank for Bronwyn to personalize the cover

Bee Happy from Martine Bos

Posted: June 20, 2015 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Bee-Happy-by-Martine-BosMartine Bos is stitching Bee Happy into cloth this year
these two buzzy bees travelled all the way from The Netherlands to my letterbox this morning
they make my heart sing with the joy of honouring the bees