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Full Moon in Gemini

Posted: December 6, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Full-Moon-in-GeminiFull Moon in Gemini at 3:33 am photo by Mo 14


Posted: August 19, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

gazebo at Ocean Isle the doorway into summer
pier-at-dawnfishing pier at dawn
dawnhorseshoe-crabhorseshoe crab
beachwill write more soon!

lighter than air leaning into the light

Posted: July 26, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, Lace
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leaning-into-the-light-Mo-2014“lighter than air leaning into the light” Mo 2014
“whisper”silk organza from Beautiful Silks stitched with silk & linen thread
leaning-into-the-light-detail-Mo-2014I started this piece back in 2013 but didn’t know what it was until my friend Richard visited yesterday. I was showing him Sea Dreaming, Path of Heart (handle with care) and the Talinistic Crow Eye Amulet when he suggested that this one is a neckpiece too
black-and-white-continued-2014he named it “Lighter than air”… the “leaning into the light” happened this morning as I finished it off remembering these words from Barry Lopez

“How is one to live a moral and compassionate existence when one is fully aware of the blood, the horror inherent in life, when one finds darkness not only in one’s culture but within oneself? If there is a stage at which an individual life becomes truly adult, it must be when one grasps the irony in its unfolding and accepts responsibility for a life lived in the midst of such paradox. One must live in the middle of contradiction, because if all contradiction were eliminated at once life would collapse. There are simply no answers to some of the great pressing questions. You continue to live them out, making your life a worthy expression of leaning into the light.”
 – Barry Lopez, “Arctic Dreams”

Friday the 13th Full Moon

Posted: June 12, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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holding vigil white light

Posted: April 23, 2014 by Mo Crow in friends
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drawing-of-Carol-by-Ericdrawing of Carol by Eric 2000
holding vigil
White Light

one thing leads to another

Posted: April 6, 2014 by Mo Crow in Lace
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storageunearthed an old lampshade frame whilst sorting the storage shelves on Wednesday and  with a magical bit of timing Jude Hill posted about her bird cage lamp loom over on Spirit Cloth
So I decided to make a lampshade for the first time since 1980, remembering that empowering day in 1976 when my best friend Julie showed me how to make my first Tiffany lampshade, here’s a pic
my-first-Tiffany-lamp-shade-1976it was a ridiculous choice of cloth, a heavy woven Chinese silk with vertical stripes on the reverse which of course shone through when lit, so each panel needed lots of tiny stitches to get the stripes to stay vertical and match at the edges.
Julie’s lampshades were all velvet, lace and silk tasseled perfection, mine ended up stitched in rough cheese cloths & hessian (aka burlap in the US) with feather and shell fringing & were a way to earn a living for a few years.
I like the light from the bare light bulb in my work space so I used very thin materials  & one thing just led to another…
lampshade-in-process-1Bound the frame with lace edging then started covering it with some perfectly stretchy old stuff with holes in it, a transparent indigo dyed silk organza from Glennis Shibori Girl, some frothy FME embroidered lace from Karen Ruane, printmakers mull, whisper organza from Beautiful Silks, cheesecloth (aka scrim in the US & muslin in the UK), hemp string & passionfruit vine tendrils
lampshade-in-process-2 early on Day 2 the cloth is half on
lampshade-in-process-3getting  ’round and today it’s all finished in only three days!
lampshade-Mo-14lampshade-at-night-Mo-2014lampshade-below-Mo-14looking up!

some old glass from last century

Posted: December 7, 2013 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Arachne-by-Mo-Orkiszewski-and-Lee-Gaywood-1987-“Arachne” by Mo Orkiszewski and Lee Gaywood 1987
glass cullet engraved front and back by me with glass cabochons attached to the web by Lee
we made this piece for David Bowie’s Glass Spider Tour but his minions wouldn’t let us meet him!
butterflybell jar by Mo Orkiszewski 1987“Butterfly Bell Jar” by Mo Orkiszewski 1987
an old bell jar engraved with a spiral of butterflies
Arthames-by--Mo-Orkiszewski-1988“2 Arthames” (knives to cut air with) by Mo Orkiszewski 1988
cast, cut & and polished lead crystal blades, rosewood & ebony handles, hand forged silver fittings, star sapphire set into right hand knife hilt
Fish-Tank-by-Mo-1988“Fish Tank” by Mo Orkiszewski 1988
slumped & engraved flashed glass & glass cullet in a tank made of sandblasted 6mm float glass
3-Blue-Triangles by-Mo-Orkiszewski-1989- 3 of the “7 Blue Triangles” by Mo Orkiszewski 1989
“The Flighty Nature of Glass” plique a jour enamel on copper wings , cast sterling silver triangle, hand filed copper “legs”
“Gothic Wood” fretworked rosewood panels in a carved and polished ebony triangle, slumped blue glass base, two old locks held together without a key
“Blue Arthame” cast, cut and polished blue glass, forged & engraved silver hilt with plique a jour enamel on copper panels, cast & carved silver point
Perfect-Imperfection-by-Mo-Orkiszewski-1989“Perfect Imperfection” by Mo 1989
cut and polished cracked glass
Deanna mentioned that the crow cloth reminded her of a spider creating a star web over in Karen Ruane’s SS3 so I unearthed these old slides & have worked out how to scan them at last! Gosh this work was made a long time ago and reminded me of how much we had to spend on film and developing before digital cameras! It’s so easy to document our work now but back then so much went out the door with no records at all….