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Reaching for the stars, cutting stars out of a pair of vintage white leather elbow length evening gloves, I want them to float and turn into a starry lace trail… they will need some sort of “bones” maybe wrapped sticks or wire not sure will make them first…
I like the trace of lipstick from the past
couching linen thread pentacles over the blanket stitched raw edges
sometimes I just need to stitch….
this drawing went past the point of no return (ripped up & binned) after feeling totally inspired by the Cressida Campbell show, will have another go soon, it’s a most wonderful seedhead!

I was given this old hand stitched wedding dress to do something with… and it’s very confronting! I have never believed in marriage and don’t like wedding dresses but there is wonderful details and the heaviness of the satin in contrast with the tulle does ignite a few ideas about building castles in the air with dreams or planting it in the garden and growing a meadow of wildflowers through it… and brings to mind my fabulous sculptor friend Bronwyn Berman’s great reply to a conversation we were having via e-mail about making it in the art world;
“And what is made it or almost made it? My experience is that we make it then we unmake it. I think I’ve made it more than once but thought I hadn’t made it so kept wanting to make it, then when it had been unmade again I realised that I had made and not appreciated it, then think that really what I have now is making it then think I’m a deluded ‘has been’ who is too old to ever make it, and in any case couldn’t be bothered with too much of making it. I think we’re probably always making it, as soon as we make it the unmaking begins and when we’re unmade then we start making again.”
button detail, love the loops & the stains on the satin
hand stitching on acres of tulle for the train
unmaking this dress and transforming it into the stuff of dreams, perhaps even art will be a challenge but this is a start !

Sea Urchin 3 incubating for the time being
Braille for the Soul

guitar string ribs for Sea Urchin 3

Posted: March 3, 2017 by Mo Crow in Braille for the Soul
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sea-urchin-3-3d-in-processSea Urchin 3 is starting to take shape
sea-urchin-3-guitar-stringing-in-processlining each panel in white silk edged in needle lace then stitching old bottom E strings from Old Man Crow’s Gibson Les Paul into the edges to give it form
roundingstarting to take shape
feeling-the-formthe old guitar strings make my heart sing
silk-lininghoping to get to the halfway point by dawn
Braille for the Soul

sea-urchin-3-process-mo17Sea Urchin 3 in process stitch by stitch
sea-urchin-3-panel-6-mo17panel 6 detail
sea-urchin-3-panel-7-mo-17panel 7 detail
sea-urchin-3-panel-8-detail-mo-17panel 8 detail
two panels to go then each one will be lined in white silk, edged in buttonhole lace with guitar strings for the ribs
Braille for the Soul

sea-urchin-3-halfway-mo17Sea Urchin 3 Mo17
progress in the transliteration of Braille for the Soul
sea-urchin-3-panel-5-detail-mo17detail of the 5th panel at the halfway point
urchin-inside-in-progress-mo17the beginnings of panel 6 exploring the pattern inside
urchin-insidedetail of the beautiful perforations inside the sea urchin

sea-urchin-3-panel-4-mo17Sea Urchin 3 in process Mo 17
the 4th panel took two weeks of numbly stitching through the angst for our beautiful broken world
sea-urchin-3-panel-4-detail-mo-17with wobbling attention to the surface details
sea-urchin-surface-detail-mo17sea urchin surface detail
this one will take quite some time but there is no rush
Braille for the Soul