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gris gris by Junko Oki

Posted: December 9, 2015 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, magic
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gris-gris-by Junko OkiJunko Oki is making gris gris
gris-gris-by Junko Oki revealrevealing
note-by-Junko-Okia short note
front cover
back cover
Junko Oki makes real magic and the scent is divine

Junko-Oki-Punk-2014I am a huge fan of Junko Oki’s artful stitching & her new book ‘PUNK’ is a treasure!
Punkinside the slip cover is a beautifully produced book of Junko’s work to date
Here’s the Preface for ‘PUNK’
“In this book, there are 115 short narratives attached to each of the works included in this collection. As I wrote the narratives, I looked attentively at the photos I took of my works and went on a trip deep inside my conscious mind. Collectively, the works were none other than a reflection of me, maybe even embarrassingly so. I desired to expose myself even more through my works; I wanted to be true to myself. What else matters? That is the one thing I know that I am good at. I remember the faces of people who have crossed my path.
Will you keep watching me through my journey?”
Winter 2014 by Junko Oki
I will certainly keep watching Junko’s journey, she is such an inspiring artist on so many levels.
I hope to see her work in real life one day!
Below are a few of the wonderful images Junko has shared in her book
Privacy-2014-Junko-Oki‘Privacy’ 2014 by Junko Oki
Work-in-Progress-2012-Junko-Oki‘Work in Progress’ 2012 by Junko Oki
Cats-2013-Junko-Oki‘Cats’ 2013 by Junko Oki ( loves cats too!)
To-Add-(close-up)-2012‘To Add (close-up)’ 2012 by Junko Oki
I don’t feel right typing out the short narratives that go with each of these works as there is an intimacy to them that needs to be read in the book not online
Here’s the links to  Junko’s website with direct links to where you can buy this rare treasure of a book
I used Google Translate to translate the information from Japanese to English & it worked fine!
PS Junko has made it easy for us non Japanese speaking folk
Here’s a link to an interview with Junko about the book and her process in English
& a link to the Cow Books webshop with a buy button for her book also in English


Junko-Oki-parcelJunko Oki’s book of her latest work “culte à la carte” just arrived and it’s a treasure
Junk-Oki-covershe has such a wonderful way of working  with line and thread
Junko-Oki-page-sampleI love how she has photographed the back of each piece
Junko-Oki-back-pageyou can order a copy via her blog