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xroads scrying cloth by Grace Forrest Maestras scrying at the Xroads cloth by Grace Forrest Maestras

xroads-cloth-by-Grace-Forrest-Maestrasa xroads cloth just flew in by Grace Forrest Maestras of Windthread with a butterfly from one of our gardens
Grace is making these beautiful altar cloths and sending them out into the world to help sustain her herd of tiny Nigerian Dwarf goats in New Mexico
directionIt’s a magical centreing device honouring the space at the xroads, here you can see a tiny Sebright bantam hen feather and a damselfly wing in the centre surrounded by some of the lace and feathers gifted to me by Margaret Johnson, Eliene Saint Romain, and many other friends from all around the world this year
feathers the feathers and lace are calling
Black-and-Whitedark-feathersbut right now it’s time to get back to the drawing board & Looking for You