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Glen-Skien-Mytho-Poetic-floor-talkGlen Skien & his Mytho-Poetic print and assemblage works at Sturt Gallery in Mittagong
Glen-Skien-wingwings & birds, artist books & printmaking trace history & map myth into poetry in this touring exhibition
Glen-Skien-Object-Poem-detailObject-Poem 4: Mytho-Poetic- 1962 Fokker Friendship Aircraft Wing …Scale (1:5)
detail of words and inlaid fragments in the back of the wing
Glen-Skien Object Poem IIObject Poem II: All the things I could have told you about birds
box board, sculptured muslin birds forms, pins
Glen-Skien-Object-Poem-II-detailObject Poem II detail
Glen-Skien-Biography-1-7 2012Biography 1-7
muslin birds set in resin
Glen-Skien-Atlas-IIAtlas III
hand bound artist book, ink, white charcoal, bitumen
39 x 56 x 3 cm
Glen-Skien-Atlas-II-2013Atlas II
hand bound artist book, ink, white charcoal, bitumen
39 x 56 x 3 cm
Glen-Skien-Atlas-II-detailAtlas II detail
you can read more about this deeply inspiring work here, here, here & here
and here’s a few photos of Glen’s Mytho-Poetic crow that he kindly traded with me back in 2012
mytho-poetic-crow-and-hopeBeauty meets a Mytho-Poetic Crow by GlenSkienwith Beauty Mo 2012
the dark bird has made several appearances in The illustrated lyrics of Old Man Crow
23--Bar-room-piano-webBar Room Piano Mo 2013
Operator Mo 2014
29--Crossroads-Hotel-webCrossroads Hotel Mo 2013

The Magic of Eliene St Romain

Posted: December 25, 2014 by Mo Crow in friends
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spirit-dolls-by-Eliene-St-Romain-The Spirit Dolls of Old Man Crow & Mo made with deep heart and good magic by Eliene St. Romain
make a different sort of nativity scene with the Barrel of Fun and Glen Skien’s Mytho-Poetic Crow bearing witness
Eliene has spoiled us over the years with so many magical treasures, here’s a few photos
crow-time-by-Eliene-St-Romaina clock to tell ‘Crow Time’
Eliene asked me to send a high res jpg of the logo for this special birthday treat for Old Man Crow a few years ago
gourd-light-by-Eliene-St-Romainher carved gourd lamp illuminates Old Man Crow’s music room
percussion gourd drum and rainstick by Eliene with beaded shakeres by Carol Duprey
gourd-masks-by-Eliene-St-Romainbejewelled gourd masks by Eliene
hat-bands-bt-Eliene-St-Romainthe fabulous feathered hatbands
crow-rock-by-Eliene-St-RomainEliene’s ‘Crow Rock’ surrounded by Dragonglass and two very old ivory carvings inherited from Old Man Crow’s grandfather
Gourd-Woman-by-Eliene-St-RomainGourd Woman protects the hearth
Eliene stoneand the Labyrinth Stone
Eliene stone1with a Magic Eye on the other side
Eliene has a huge heart of gold everything she touches is filled with her deep sense of spirit
namaste dear friend!

the-guardianGlen Skien’s Mytho-Poetic Crow is the silent guardian at the window
roses-almost-readythe Mr Lincoln roses are nearly ready
iron mordantthis piece of iron called out from the park to come home & act as the mordant in the rose brew
channeling-Morticiachanneling Morticia Addams in the old 60’s TV show The Addams Family I cut the heads off all the red roses
Morticia Addamsisn’t this a wonderful 21st C world!
filling-the-rosebook-with-petalsthen filled the pages of the rose book with petals, stamens, sepals and leaves
rose-bookbound the book & paper bundles with rose stems, silk, flax & nettle string and wrapped the iron mordant with paper interfacing and linen thread
(NB this bit is totally intuitive I have no idea what I am doing ( it may well all turn to mush!)
just having a go after seeing  India Flint’s wonderful rose book a couple of years ago!)
bound books & mordantin the pot ready to add lukewarm water
just-add-waterand here’s what the pot looked like after being heated gently for 1 & 1/2 hours
cookedthe bundles are held down by a heavy glass mortar Eric of Dragonglass blew for me about 25 years ago
now it’s time to let it cool down overnight and have a look in the morning!

it was just a dream…

Posted: September 14, 2012 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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“it was just a dream…” by Mo 2012
woke up with a start from a dream of losing my wings & quickly put them back together with red & ochre waxed linen thread, 7 feathers from a dead raven and Glen Skien’s Mytho-Poetic Crow

A Mytho-Poetic Crow from Glen Skien’s recent exhibition of Mytho-Poetic Transitions arrived inthe post today.
It is made from made from inky black printmakers muslin wrapped around alfoil & held together with pins
Glen’s work is even more powerful in real life than in his photographs.
You can read more about his work here & here & here.