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Carolyn Skinner of Oz Arts Magazine wrote a glowing article about our Crow Book!
now what was it that Dickens said ?… ah thank you Google
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”
isn’t it funny (as in odd rather than hilarious) how this is the saddest week of my whole life and the most exciting all at the same time!
On Monday Madeleine of Artsite Gallery sold “Honesty” in ” The GPS has no idea where I am going”
x fingers Dark Moon with Ladder sells too!
the show continues til the 23rd

PS we are missing Ariel so much but all the heartfelt good vibes from around the world are helping heaps

Richard and Old Man Crow exploring 100s of hand cut objects in  Grinding (2013-16) by Yang Mushi
The Dark Matters at White Rabbit Gallery
Richard photographing the zeppelin blowing up in this surreal multilayered photo-video-“painting”
Infinite Landscape 2011 by Yang Yongliang
“The ancients used landscape to convey feeling,” he says. “I use landscape to criticize society”
sublimely carved marble reflecting in AIP-PF (2004) by Chang Nai-Wen
Water Drops (2014) by Kung Wen-Yi and Ko Yu-Cheng
“The artists (each of whom made half the work) celebrate rain as an analogy for the creative imagination. Just as water is the universal solvent and the source of life, they say, so the imagination is an all embracing source of ideas, which must be contained and channeled just as water is.”
beautiful, deep, sublime
so much to reflect on

here’s a link to the preview

flannel-flowers-actinotus-helianthiiFlannel Flowers Actinotus helianthi greeted us at the gates of the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens
flowerheads-al-phemister“Flowerheads” by Al Phemister
steel spoons and bicycle spokes
pamela-pudandelicate ceramics by Pamela Pudan
you can see lots more photos of Artisans in the Gardens here
and if you are anywhere near Sydney don’t miss Florilegium at the Museum of Sydney
the video in the link is a wonderful insight into the art of botanical illustration

taking time to smell the roses

Posted: October 9, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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faded-rosesfaded roses with the Starry Container Mo 1987
October is the best month for taking time to look at lots of great art here in Sydney
Borne: Sculpture for the Body at Stanley Street Gallery
Peter Godwin “Memento” Defiance Gallery at the Yellow House
Artisans in the Gardens
Woolahra Small Sculpture Prize
Sculpture by the Sea

Toad-Moon-with-Ladder-and-Lichen-Mo16Toad Moon with Ladder and lichen Mo16
Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth
is just going with her SunMoonStars Diary which started on the Equinox
so I thought I would look back at some old moons
toad-moon-with-ladder-Mo-15-webToad Moon with Ladder Mo15
A-Love-Letter-to-the-Moon-framed-Mo-15A Love Letter to the Moon Mo15
blue moonBlue Moon Mo14
Dark-Moon-Memory-Keeper-by-Mo-Orkiszewski-2014Dark Moon Memory Keeper Mo14
blue moon talinistic dilly bag by Mo 2014Blue Moon Talinistic Dilly Bag (aka everything I know about the moon and the sea) Mo14
Crow Show RWDark Moon Dancer at Artsite Gallery
the Crow Show closes today at 5pm

Crow Show RWThe Dark Moon Dancer greeting visitors to The illustrated lyrics of Old Man Crow at Artsite
Rod Nick RWOld Man Crow & Nick Hope
Mo Madeleine RWwith April White (bird painter extraodinaire)
Bronwyn Angus Pete RWlovely photo of  environmental artist Bronwyn Berman, Angus and my brother Paul
Paul Pete RWPaul and Pete Cox
Dotti Dennis RWDotti and Dennis Aubrey
Mr Bones detail RWdetail from “Walking Home with Mr Bones”
Stole of Bandaged Hearts RWStole of Bandaged Hearts 2011 detail
photos courtesy of Richard Whitfield