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Doris Perlhuhn’s talisman is filled with love for our beautiful broken world
love the colours, textures and beading in the binding
settling into place in the dream
Judy Lemezis
Tina Zaffiro
Barry Smith
Nanette Gilbert
Bronwyn Berman
Deb Gorr
Kathy Dorfer
Els Snieder
The Gathering
you can see more of Doris’s beautiful work on her blog and on Instagram
Magic Days!

Els Snieder has woven, layered and stitched her pennant full of love
and sent a leaf brooch, heart talisman, flower seeds and an intriguing little folding charm
an appliqued, woven & embroidered treasure
so many beautiful textures and details, those tiny blue hearts!
beautiful old lace
a tiny heart bead in the point of the tail
& on the other side
an appliqued heart and the dream stitched immaculately on dotted net
I dream of a world
where love is the answer
meeting The Gathering!
Els is stitching a Textile Jewel every day this month for the Pink Ribbon Fund
namaste beautiful heart!
Els’s heart talisman stitched into the dream

Els Snieder, Beth Brennan & Louise Watson’s beautiful pennants arrived together yesterday afternoon to make a trifecta
Magic Days!

dragon-scale-bag-by-Els-FiberrainbowThis magic Dragon Scale Bag is made by Els of Fiberrainbow
 love the fire breathing dragon keeping his treasures safe inside