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Eliene St Romain’s pennant full of love that
O   f
is the answer
eco-dyed with eucalyptus and rose leaves
stitched with so much love
settling in from this side
translated in te reo Maori (Maori language)
Eliene’s interpretation of a Koru, the unfurling silver fern frond symbolizing new life, growth, strength and peace.
and meeting the gathering from the other side
Eliene has a huge heart of gold everything she touches is filled with her deep sense of spirit
namaste dear friend!

The Magic of Eliene St Romain

Posted: December 25, 2014 by Mo Crow in friends
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spirit-dolls-by-Eliene-St-Romain-The Spirit Dolls of Old Man Crow & Mo made with deep heart and good magic by Eliene St. Romain
make a different sort of nativity scene with the Barrel of Fun and Glen Skien’s Mytho-Poetic Crow bearing witness
Eliene has spoiled us over the years with so many magical treasures, here’s a few photos
crow-time-by-Eliene-St-Romaina clock to tell ‘Crow Time’
Eliene asked me to send a high res jpg of the logo for this special birthday treat for Old Man Crow a few years ago
gourd-light-by-Eliene-St-Romainher carved gourd lamp illuminates Old Man Crow’s music room
percussion gourd drum and rainstick by Eliene with beaded shakeres by Carol Duprey
gourd-masks-by-Eliene-St-Romainbejewelled gourd masks by Eliene
hat-bands-bt-Eliene-St-Romainthe fabulous feathered hatbands
crow-rock-by-Eliene-St-RomainEliene’s ‘Crow Rock’ surrounded by Dragonglass and two very old ivory carvings inherited from Old Man Crow’s grandfather
Gourd-Woman-by-Eliene-St-RomainGourd Woman protects the hearth
Eliene stoneand the Labyrinth Stone
Eliene stone1with a Magic Eye on the other side
Eliene has a huge heart of gold everything she touches is filled with her deep sense of spirit
namaste dear friend!

our new friend Miss Penelope

Posted: March 24, 2013 by Mo Crow in friends
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Mo,Roderick ,Penelope March2013 003 Mo,Roderick ,Penelope March2013 005 Mo,Roderick ,Penelope March2013 001 Mo,Roderick ,Penelope March2013 002 Mo,Roderick ,Penelope March2013 004 Mo,Roderick ,Penelope March2013 006Penelope is an Alexandrine parrot who lives with our very good friends Eliene & Catherine in Melbourne, we fell in love with her & she fancied us a bit too!

treasured giftsspent 3 days in Melbourne catching up with old friends, these are some of the treasures they gifted me
a very special wing feather from a wedge-tailed eagle
a stitched nest by Weaving Envy
 silver bee with a hive carved from a gourd by my friend Eliene St Romain
a pheasant feather
click on the pic for true scale that eagle feather is huge!

Old Man Crow thought his new feather should go on the medicine stick and he’s right!
He loves the feathers on his hat just the way they are, especially with the fancy feather hatband Eliene made for him last birthday everywhere he goes people call out,”great hat!” it’s got the mojo workin!

here’s this year’s Astrological Calendar and Moon Planting Guide by Thomas Zimmer
(that’s last year’s that you can see on the wall behind Old Man Crow)
for more info write to
Thomas Zimmer
Mt Cougal Rd.
Tallebudgera Valley
Queensland 4228