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The Burnt Offering

Posted: October 10, 2013 by Mo Crow in knots and nests
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the-burnt-offering-by-Mo-2013The Burnt Offering by Mo 2013
a piece of burnt ivory from Kenya when their stockpile of ivory was burned in 1989 to help save the elephants, tooth of a grey headed flying fox electrocuted in the powerlines, wishbone, sea glass, sea shell, snail shell, African myrrh, clay and bone beads, emu feathers, passionfruit vine tendril, knotted hemp string, waxed linen thread & vintage silkworm thread
burnt-ivory-detailburnt ivory
bat-tooth-detailbat tooth, cowrie shell, sea glass African bone, myrrh and clay beads, emu feathers
wishbone-detailwishbone & knotting detail
I was given the burnt ivory to honour the elephants nearly 25 years ago, they are still being killed for their ivory
The photographer Nick Brandt co-founded the Big Life Foundation to help protect these wonderful animals
here’s the link to read more