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ATASDA-Facade-2016The ATASDA Facade at the Palm House Exhibition just opened at the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens
a wonderfully diverse show of textiles including dyeing, felting, weaving, machine & hand embroidery, surface embellishment, printing and much more.
ATASDA-Facade-2016-2ATASDA-Facade-2016-1ATASDA-Facade-2016-4ATASDA-Facade-2016-3the 3D African influenced masks by Penny Eamer fascinated me
masksPenny hand and machine embroidered on hand painted fabric
maskpowerful work!
encaustic“Presence of Mind” by Kelcie Bryant-Duguid
49.5cm H x 54cm W
Materials- encaustic wax, plaster, milk paint, ink, graphite, muslin, gauze, stitched layers, machine embridery, egg shell, tar, oil stick, pan pastel, papers amnd ephemera
a beautiful exploration of the facade of quiet composure that overlays the wrench that comes with deeply shocking news
trio“I Blue Print and Instructions”
“II Supports and structures”
“III Scaffolding”
Gloria Muddle’s exploration of the idea of facade as a construction site, a new beginning employing found metal, a variety of fabrics, rusted and embroidered by both machine & hand
trio-detailbut this stunningly finished frock stole the show for me
frock“Public Facade, Private Despair” by Nancy Conboy
here’s the text which left me speechless
Nancy-Conboy-frock-textfrock1such tender attention to every detail made with deep heart and respect
frock2it’s on ’til the 30th from 10-4, if you’re anywhere near Sydney don’t miss it!

ATASDA Future…Past

Posted: August 25, 2014 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time
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ATASDA-future...pastTomorrow is the last day of the ATASDA NSW biennial members show “Future…Past”
the work is outstanding this year, if you are in town don’t miss out!
The Palm House RBGit’s a feast for the eyes
a-treasure-trovesuch a treasure trove of well wrought work
Val-JamesVal James made this exquisite evening jacket and here’s a detail of her hanging panel
detail-Val-James“Through a Glass Darkly” by Val James
detail of hanging panel 65 x 148cm
“My artwork is a hanging panel using a selection of sheer monochromatic fabrics. It consists of various sized sections pieced together with free machine embroidery.
Some pieces have been printed with lettering, some with images, with a theme of times past in my life. People and places, daily and otherwise, are documented in a visually representative way, in no particular order. It is a memoir in fabric, my favourite medium of expression.
This exhibition is celebrating a memorable 40th anniversary for ATASDA. I too will celebrate a personal milestone in my life with the occasion of my 80th birthday this year, an appropriate moment to reflect on times past.”
Faded-by-Jane-Badnaruk“Faded” by Jane Bodnaruk
60 x 90cm
Vintage cloth, hand and machine stitched
Faded-detail-by-Jane-Badnarukdetail of “Faded”
“As a child I loved to visit my grandmother. I drank milk, ate pikelets and rearranged doileys all over her house.
At the time I loved them because they were pretty.
Now, when I look at old doileys,  I see the time and care taken in their making.
I see how they were used to add “special” to a dressing table, to a platter or even to an event.
In making “Faded” I have created a cloth embedded with memories of the women of the past.
By using laborious hand stitching techniques I have spent time honouring their work and memories.
This is a piece to hang on the wall, to treasure and remember as we move into the future.”
The-Dressmaker-Series-by-Gloria-Muddle“The Dressmakers Series – Alterations” by Gloria Muddle
53 x 53cm
Silk, muslin, wool fabric, threads, watercolour, painted stitched, dyed, appliqued
“At 90, my mum, “the dressmaker” was still doing alterations for friends. As a traditionally trained dressmaker, she taught us about hand stitched hems, no loose threads, neat and tidy seams, and words such as gusset, ruching, pintucks and pinking shears. These were all part of our growing up.
In this contemporary work, I have tried to include some of these dressmaking memories. ”
Making-do-with-a-Duchess-by-Lynne-Britten“Making do with a Duchess” by Lynne Britten
1.1 x 0.5m wearable
“I come from a long line of women on both sides of my family who excelled in the lady like accomplishments of knitting, sewing, hand embroidery etc. I was taught these skills at an early age, and so started my career in textiles. These women mostly grew up, married and raised their own families within farming communities – so making do with what you had and then re-using it as the need arose was part of everyday life. Knitting needles made from fencing wire, the unworn parts of chenille bedspreads became bath mats & hand-me-downs re-invented with a touch of lace or similar.
Recycling, up cycling, re-purposing, etc was not done out of concern for the environment but out of economic necessity.
My pieces are made from a table cloth, duchess set and tatted doilies – no longer suited to our way of life and so given a new purpose with some dressmaking and dyeing skills.”
Stairs-to-the-Moon by Shirley McKernan“Stairs to the Moon” by Shirley McKernan
108 x 37cm
Silk, indigo dye, mokume stitch
“The Full Moon rises over the exposed mudflats of Roebuck Bay (Broome WA )
between March and October each year creating an illusion of a staircase reaching for the moon.”
the brilliantly hung collaborative ATASDA members panel
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Leaves - stitched eco dyed paper by Jane Badnaruk“Leaves 1” by Jane Bodnaruk
embroidered eco print and ink on paper, fragments of old lace