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powerful magic from Arlee Barr arrived on the doorstep yesterday afternoon
with a note
and a magic pouch
for holding dreams
Arlee’s pennant holds such powerful magic
with superb stitching
holding deep power with love straight from the heart
a beautiful celebration of the power of women
and the power of the moon
such rich colour in her hand dyed threads
dancing with the gathering
with so many conversations going on here!
and then from the other side
the power is so electric my hair is standing on end!
love how the conversation changes with the different sides revealed
Arlee has described her process over on her blog
“Love is the Answer” project, part 1
“Love is the Answer” project, part 2
a little more “Love is the Answer”, part 3

have a look at more of Arlee’s beautiful body of work on instagram and in her FybreSpace Shop
Magic Days!

blue moon talinistic dilly bag by Mo 2014The Blue Moon Talinistic Dilly Bag (aka everything I know about the moon and the sea) by Mo 2014
air-moon-detail-mo-2014detail of the air moon
fire-moon-detail-Mo-2014detail of the fire moon
many thanks go to all the cloth conjurors who have contributed materials
Glennis Shibori Girl indigo moon on sheer organza & indigo dyed silk threads
Arlee Barr  indigo & rust dyed silk
Patricia Spangler indigo dyed air moon on linen & rust and indigo dyed fire moon
Dee Mallon indigo dyed cord that finished the top edge
Margaret Johnson vintage Silkworm thread and a wonderful ecru thread for all the free hand netted lace
the supporting exo-skeleton is immature stems of a Bangalow Palm infloresence
other materials are African clay, bone and myrrh beads, burnt ivory, shells, feathers, printmakers mull, flax, nettle and hemp string
you can see this piece in process widdershins here, here, here & here