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Lizette Campbell’s husband Peter took this beautiful photograph of the starry details on the gloves The opening for I dream of a world where love is the answer moved the air with the power of song and love and beauty here’s some photos that just came in from Bronwyn Berman lots of of wondergood conversations […]

Penny Vickery is a nurse by vocation with the biggest most compassionate heart I have ever met Penny put her pennant in this gourd that I made for her back in 2006 and held it every evening on sunset filling it with all her love, hope and dreams for our beautiful broken world I added […]

Bronwyn Berman’s pennant is burning with love! ‘love is the answer’ bound with golden thread to the root of a river she-oak exquisite edges the point the other side floating letters knotted with golden thread the burning edge of the back of the seam the other side of the point Bronwyn’s pennant is burning with […]

Roz Hawker‘s magically stitched pennant ‘Agape’ meeting Fiona Dempster‘s ‘Imagine Peace’ weathergram nestled in the garden wrapped in a brown paper bag with a note from Roz explaining Agape Love I love how the word agape is also defined by being “in a state of wonder or amazement, as with the mouth wide open.” such […]

love came today in a brown paper parcel from Fiona Dempster Fiona and her partner Barry bring hope for peace and love in all their work love is all we need love revealed Fiona’s own heartbeat script beautifully backstitched from the other side Fiona’s love meeting the gathering of dreams you can see her accordion […]

Love always finds the way

Posted: February 6, 2018 by Mo Crow in good books, It's Crow Time

This is the most harrowing tale of two brave young women looking after orphans in Cambodia back in 1975 just before the fall of Phnom Penh to the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot love truly is the answer! here’s some links to reviews of their book 40 years after reunion Vancouver Sun book review namaste

Barry Smith sent all 8 of his Talismans of Love for our Beautiful Broken World! a few weeks ago Barry wrote about making these talismans over on his blog and they blew me away, now that they have arrived I am even more blown away in real life! Old Man Crow reckons the one with […]

Dee Mallon’s pennant arrived on the doorstep yesterday afternoon (magic is afoot it was New Year’s Eve and on a Sunday!) Dee is a passionate writer and stitcher for social justice her pennant is a map for love to find the way to shifting our beautiful broken world into a place where love is the […]

Judy Lemezis sent  a talisman of love for our beautiful broken world with a card of blessings for the dream & inside a beautiful hand made envelope containing a tiny handmade book! (((Judy))) thank you for these beautiful words wrapped in love namaste you can see more of Judy’s work on her website Judy’s talisman […]

Dee Mallon’s pennant is making a map for love to find the way to shifting our beautiful broken world into a place where love is the answer as she said on her blog a few weeks ago “I can’t see “the answer”. Somehow that is fitting. “Dee’s fierce love & passion for social justice ask […]