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Posted: April 2, 2012 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, On the music trail

our kitchen window shows the timbre & texture of the years with honesty…
like Old Man Crow who came home from the pub on Sunday night fairly ropable about the state of the live music scene here in Sydney so I invited him to write here in “It’s Crow Time” to give a different point of view whenever he feels the need to share a rant or a rave!
Old Man Crow

Another night on the music trail.

Saw a band that trod the line between good and bad, playing punk karaoke.

What’s it come to?

Some pissed idiot from the bar getting up and screaming anarchy in the uk while a few bored musos trying to make a buck hold his dick, is it an attempt at some sort of parody? The bar manager asked if I was gonna get up, I told him you couldn’t get me up with a cattle prod.

Who’s deluded here?

Is it me or the mass of fools I run across in these places? Or the even bigger mass of fools that don’t even come to these places.

I walk up the road to the next pub, I see some of the best musicians in the world playing original jazz to the same size crowd (not many) as at the last pub.

How do you connect to the 1% of the population who’ve got a brain?

1% of the population have got the money and 1% of the population have got the brains.
They ain’t the same 1%.

Old Man Crow