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Old Man Crow in his very good old jacket
the sleeves are turning into lace
left sleeve detail
right sleeve detail
collar detail
edge detail he wears it well

Sea Urchin II is still in process but I am getting better at making French Knots !
needle lace stitched over Whisper silk organza & boar bristles, vintage glass beads, French knots & thread beads
the top resting over the base, will weave them together once all the French knots are done
This wonderful bundle of naturally dyed vintage cloths and threads arrived from Ulrike all the way from Germany!
Frangipani flowers from one of our gardens

jacket-repair-1-mo16Old Man Crow’s old grey denim jacket needed more mending
jacket-repair-mo16the denim is over 30 years old and getting very thin, perhaps lace developed as an elaborate form of darning
jacket-repair-2-mo16lace as a timeline
jacket-repair-3-mo16the sleeves are getting quite ornate
jacket-repair-5-mo16an ongoing story of love over time
joining hearts and hands around the world with Jude Hill’s Mending Bee

lichen variations

Posted: May 17, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, Lace
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lichen-on-drafting-film-Mo165H graphite on draughting film Mo 16
lichen-on-parchment-Mo16lichen stitched on parchment circa 1812 Mo 16
lichen-variations-Mo-16lichen variations

lichen study 2

Posted: May 16, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, Lace

Lichen-on-parchment-Mo16Lichen study 2 Mo16
5H graphite, ink & gouache on vellum parchment circa 1812
7 cm (2&1/2″) H x 5 cm (2″) W
Lichen-on-parchment-Mo16 true scale

lichen study

Posted: May 15, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, Lace

lichen-study-Mo16Lichen Study Mo16
5H graphite on watercolour paper
a little sketch to quiet the mind & soothe the soul

Act of Contrition

Posted: May 11, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, Lace
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Act-of-Contrition-Mo16Act of Contrition (aka the Doily of Atonement) Mo16
vintage doily indigo dyed by Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth
laser cut star from Els of Fibre Rainbow
indigo dyed thread from Glennis of Shibori Girl
stitched with navy Gütterman upholstery thread
a quote attributed to Bill Murray
“Everything happens for a reason.
Sometimes that reason is you’re stupid and make bad choices.”
recently I behaved very inappropriately and nearly lost two of our best gardening customers
it’s all smoothed over but had to stitch this today to pay my dues…

& there’s plenty of room for further embellishments for the next time I lose the plot!

when I’m dead and gone and all my bits and pieces end up in an op shop (aka thrift shop for those readers in the US)
I wonder what they will make of this one?