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Book  of Honesty Mo Orkiszewski 2017
27cm H x 22cm W x 2cm D
bradel binding, relief sculpted spine, Moulin de Larroque handmade watercolour paper over boards
illustrations graphite and ink on Moulin de Larroque handmade watercolour paper, stitched Honesty pods
Artist’s Statement: seeking honesty in this era of fake news
(you can see the whole book here)
this is the first time I have made the shortlist for this award!
with many thanks to Madeleine Tuckfield-Carrano of Artsite Gallery for all the encouragement & support
here’s a link to my artist’s page at Artsite

PS Marti just sent this photo of her cloth confetti!
When I read your post about the Libris nomination, I went to my container of Winter Solstice/Christmas cards, decorations, etc. and took out your 2017 lovely Honesty Christmas card. Placed it on my dresser, tossed my cloth confetti (dyed long scraps) and said a joyful blessing for you. Thought you might like to see the photo. So proud of you, best news all year… Lv, Marti

Designers on Show 2018

Posted: March 24, 2018 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time
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Designers on Show 2018
Turramurra Masonic Centre
March 23-25
Jane Stapleford makes cards of her beautiful paintings, one day I would love to buy an original!
& couldn’t resist her ‘The Owl and the Pussy-cat’ painted pegs
I bought a raffle ticket for a $200 voucher which will be drawn tomorrow at lunchtime
have my fingers x-ed to win & score a piece of wonderful lampworked glass by Penel Bigg & the wildly fun polymer jewellery by Carol Dobson
wish me luck!

PS didn’t win the voucher but it was fun to dream!

Gab Bates Tree Shrining for the Inner West Open Studio Trail
Gab makes good magic!
Spirit Painting, Tree Amulets and Bone Brooms in her studio
mysterious sigils on the fridge
had lots of fun with Gab & Zio unfurling the bunting for the Tree Shrining
photo courtesy of Gab Bates
you can see more of Gab’s photos on Facebook and her website


Old Man Crow came home last night from the pub with a T-shirt his mate Badger had printed of his face on the Mona Lisa, low brow art at it’s best!
Talking of art, visited Obsessed: Compelled to Make
photo by Jules Boag of Lorraine Connelley-Northey weaving with barbed wire
from the ADC website
at the Australian Design Centre to listen to Louise Weaver and Kath Inglis talk about their work and process (sadly Lorraine Connelley-Northey couldn’t be there). The show is a different way of looking at craft as art with key works from each artist displayed alongside videos with headphones which I found oddly disturbing in the gallery context as it distanced me from the work rather than engaging directly although I enjoyed watching each of the videos at home before I went into the show. The ground is shifting in the arts, the need for working with our hands and engaging with art is more important than ever…
On the way home I popped into Stanley Street Gallery
loved Shaun Hayes whimsical stoneware
& Artsite Gallery’s Sydney Printmaking 2018
a brilliant show, if you’re near town don’t miss it !
Reaching for the Stars is getting there, will be finished by March!

Collector’s Choice 2017 at Artsite Gallery
click on the link above to see a preview of all the wonderful art in the show
here’s my 3 offerings
Holding the Moon Mo 17
Lapis Lazuli a talisman for dreams in the fourth hour of the night Mo 17
the chicken and the egg Mo 17
hope to see you Sunday!

the Untethered Fibre Artists inTransit exhibition has just opened at Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre
Cathy Griffith Transition
100 x 30cm
Fabric, threads
Fiona Hammond Square Peg
46 x 10x 10 cm
Cotton fabric, pearl cotton thread, interfacing, balsa wood, glue
Embroidery, hand stitching
Kirry Toose You are Here
3 garments – Navigate Interchange Destination
(inspired by The Little Prince)
Silk. wool, rubber
Screen printed, machine digitised, appliqué
Jane Badnaruk Under Sail (Parts 1 and 2)
4.5 x 6 m
Cloth, second hand female shirts, thread
Hand stitched, collaged
For better and worse, the First Fleet arrived in Port Jackson on 26th January, 1778.
Two of the eleven ships carried the 193 convict women. For 258 days, they lived their lives in transit.
One of the many constants was the sail over head.

this is just a small selection, there is so much more to see, visit the Untethered Fibre Artists facebook page for lots more photos and info

sculpture by the sea

Posted: October 30, 2017 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time
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B Jane Cowie Swirling Surround
Australia/ Singapore
art glass, stainless steel
300 x 600 x 600 cm
Artist’s statement
Fish swimming at the same speed in the same direction at the same time often undertake complex manoeuvres while moving together as a whole.
Angelika Summa Structangle
galvanized steel
120 x 120 x 120 cm
Artist’s statement
A term of the South Korean philosopher Byung-Chul Han meaning textured angle.
Harrie Fasher The Last Charge
corten steel, mild steel, RHS
300 x 850 x 750 cm
Artist’s statement
A centenary memorial to the charge of the Australian Light Horse Brigade at Beersheba in Palestine on October 17, 1017.
Denise Pepper Leaden Hearts
hand embossed copper shim (stippling and repoussé), copper rivets and nails, fibreglass, timber, paint
80 x 370 x 150 cm
Artist’s Statement
Journeys are intimate stories of those who leave and those left behind. Leaden hearts were convict tokens fashioned from copper coins, left as farewell mementos for loved ones.
Dominique Sutton That Sinking Feeling
England / NSW
wood, life jacket fabric
500 x 150 x 100 cm
Artist’s statement
The juxtaposing concept of an un-floatable boat with the life jackets on the inside. A comment on the current situation of global immigration and a personal expression of my human condition.
the patinated copper text reads
Come o’er the sea,
Maiden with me,
Come wherever the wild wind blows,
Seasons may roll,
But the true soul
burns the same, where’er it goes.

Was not the sea,
Made for the Free,
Land for courts and chains alone?
Here we are slaves
But, on the waves,
Love and Liberty’s all our own.

words are from Come O’er the Sea a poem by Thomas Moore
I want to sail away in her!
you can see more photos on the Sculpture by the Sea website, in facebook & on instagram