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It’s a wrap!

Posted: August 24, 2016 by Mo Crow in 2018 crow time, It's Crow Time
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wrap-1It’s a wrap, everything is packed up, priced & catalogued ready for Madeleine to work her magic at Artsite & turn it all into the Crow Show with 10 days to spare!
wrap-2the 38 orginal illustrations are in that black folder, the Hands of Fate in the bag on top
Dark-Moon-Dancerlook forward to seeing the Dark Moon Dancer in the gallery with some space
Let the good times roll!

ready to fly!

Posted: August 18, 2016 by Mo Crow in 2018 crow time, It's Crow Time
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crow-book-coverThe illustrated lyrics of Old Man Crow is ready to fly out of It’s Crow Time on Etsy!
price is $AU110
in Australia $AU20
to New Zealand $AU30
everywhere else $AU40
“The illustrated lyrics of Old Man Crow” Pts 1-4 is available online at Amazon, Apple Music, MediaNet, Deezer, Google Play, Microsoft Groove, Rdio, Spotify, Tidal and YouTube
here’s the link in iTunes
2 weeks and 2 days to go!

Ariel P. Cat is 16!

Posted: November 27, 2015 by Mo Crow in 2018 crow time, It's Crow Time
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balloon catAriel P Cat is 16 years old,  here he is bravely protecting the house from the balloons on his second birthday!preprandial siesta Mo 2003A pre-prandial siesta from Cooking with Cats 2003
Mo & Ariel Ariel December 1999Ariel at 3 weeks old December 1999
Ariel-2015Happy Birthday Ariel !

off we go into the wild blue

Posted: January 8, 2015 by Mo Crow in 2018 crow time, It's Crow Time
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blue-shearsthese brilliant blue shears are the best blue thing for the Bower Bird Blues Workshop, so exquisitely sharp & nippy
the taxi will be here in a matter of minutes, see you in a few days!

bluesHere’s some of the Blue Things gathered from around the house…
trying to decide on just one blue thing to take along  for Roz Hawker and India Flint’s Bower Bird Blues Workshop this weekend. Roz and India sent a note back in October asking us to bring along our favourite tools for writing, drawing & stitching, a camera, a coffee mug, a hat
“your own very special blue item (only one now), just one blue item about which  you may wish to share a story …”
Only One?
The Blues run like a deep river through my life…. how can I possibly choose just one?
Blue TrianglesBlue CatsBlue MoonsBlue Books…  Blue Talismans….  Out of the Blue
this is the sort of dilemma I enjoy!

Letter-W-web‘The Letter W’ from ‘An illuminated Book of Cats’ by Mo Orkiszewski, Rod Morgan & Ariel P Cat
Jude Hill just asked me if I was going to draw what it feels like to be freaked out with my tail all fluffed up and fur standing on end and  I remembered that I already had!

the Letter X is for Xroads Hotel

Posted: September 15, 2012 by Mo Crow in 2018 crow time, art exhibitions
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“The Letter X is for Xroads Hotel” (the multimedia experience) entered in the Glebe Art Show 2012
illustration by Mo Orkiszewski, words and song by Rod Morgan, musing by Ariel P. Cat
we exhibited this one last year at Artsite Gallery for their Xmas Salon with a link to the YouTube clip printed out on the wall
but this time if you have a qr code reader app on your mobile phone this code will take you straight to the clip, how 21st C is that!
NB we didn’t win but it was fun to have a go!