Maggie Brown Something Old, Something New
I’ve completed the pennant – based on the wedding dress aspect actually – I’ve knitted it in silk so it can be a silk wedding dress (or part thereof) and worked on the something old & borrowed (the dress), something new (the knitting) and something blue (the colour of the silk). Also worked in cobweb weight silk. The cobweb weight shetland yarn is what they use for the wedding ring shawls that (theoretically) are so fine they can be pulled through a wedding ring although I have made one in the past and it would need to be a man’s ring to be able to get it through.
the meeting of the hearts
settling in
with The Gathering
Maggie has the most impeccable calming spirit in everything she does
namaste beautiful friend!
PS There is one stray talisman sent last week from up the coast that needs to arrive today for the photoshoot up at Artsite tomorrow and Wednesday, beaming white light for it to show up in time!

Jana Cironis The Certainty of Uncertaintya wild thing grown from the hopes of the old wedding dress fragment, hand dyed jute, vintage silk scarves, human hair, snake skin, wood, wadding, cotton thread & hot glue
carrying new hopes & dreams in her pod
settling in
from the other side
the gathering
Thank you Jana, your wild flowering of a pennant is so full of the magic of love and laughter!

Dotti Dauter’s pennant full of love from her Wild Heart
the other side
copper wire, cloth fragments, shell, eye bead, matches & a pin made by Renate Schmidt half a lifetime ago
singing a harmony in red with Michelle Slater & Judy Martin’s pennants
The Gathering
thank you Dotti
Magic Days!

a boat on a river

Posted: January 13, 2019 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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The van wouldn’t start between gardening jobs on Tuesday so we rang the NRMA to get going again, the mechanic said it needed a long drive to clear the carburetor so on Wednesday we drove down to Royal National Park and hired a rowboat, I was very good at circling
a duck followed for awhile
the fearless navigator
such a peaceful placethree more pennants are being hand delivered this afternoon just in time for the photoshoot at Artsite on Tuesday and Wednesday
Magic Days!

Margaret Johnson’s Blue Spirit Woman talisman
the finest detail carrying love and hope for our beautiful broken world
she joins the oddments (aka talismans that are too big to fit on the blue branch) for the cloud of tulle
making a bridge from the armature to the lines of pennants
Margaret makes such good magic!

Landscape by Olga Cironis
wedding dress fragment hand stitched with gold thread
A piece reflecting the feeling of contemplation while looking out to the horizon.
landscape view
the other side
the gold thread is so soft
shimmering with golden light
hanging with the gathering
Olga and I have been friends for half a lifetime, we first met at Sydney College of the Arts in the 80’s, shared a fabulously infamous old house on the waterfront in Balmain in the early 90’s, here’s a link to her website
my dear friend, you continue to inspire and always surprise me!

the white light from this magic circle worked, Michelle Slater’s rose pennant is here!
Michelle’s note
the scent of roses is divine!
yogi tea tag messages
strips of the wedding dress fragment knotted with red thread
the jade promise ring
the tail
backed with blue silk
hanging with the gathering
Michelle in NYC