photograph courtesy Gab Bates December 2020

It’s a year since Old Man Crow left the stage, the saddest most magical year of my life.

“Poet Kahlil Gibran said, “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.”
from The Geometry of Sorrow interview with Francis Weller

It was love at first sight!

Posted: December 19, 2022 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Two weeks ago I rode my bike up to look at this place and knew I had come home!

this old row boat in the back garden stole my heart

the sailing ship window in the kitchen with the back deck and garden reflected in the glass
the stars aligned and Dunmovin is mine !

will be taking some time out now to catsit my ex next door neighbour’s little black cat Muffin down in the city for a month
With Best Wishes for 2023!


Posted: December 14, 2022 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

This little house is mine!
Paid the deposit earlier today, will do the paperwork with the solicitor tomorrow.
I’ve named the place
brings tears of joy to my eyes every time I write it!
The stars have aligned with Old Man Crow’s spirit riding the wild winds that are blowing…
Magic Days!

Cressida Campbell at the NGA

Posted: November 7, 2022 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time

On Friday I visited my fabulous sculptor friend Bronwyn Berman in the Southern Highlands & she drove us all the way to Canberra to see the Cressida Campbell exhibition at the NGA

Cressida Campbell Japanese Hydrangeas 2005 Private collection © Cressida Campbell
The show is so inspiring with 6 rooms of her life’s work. Her mastery of tone and colour combined with skill honed through 40 years of developing her meticulous process is a humbling experience. We were in the presence of a truly great artist, if I never see another show in this lifetime this one will be enough!

I bought the catalogue to pore over & will visit again in the New Year before the show closes in February.

Here’s some more photos of my Old Man Crow with some close ups of the details

wing tips & tail detail

eye, throat & shoulder detail

at home on the mantel with the Steampunk Crow
H 22cm L 30cm (beak tip to edge of tail) W 9cm
vintage leather, satin, velvet, lace, silk cord, silk Gütermann thread
with special thanks to Louise Saxton for her antique lace around the eyes, the wing tips and underfeathers

finished my Old Man Crow for Ann Wood’s Crow Sew Along today!

made with so many memories bound into every knot and stitch

Ann’s crow pattern is brilliantly thought out & joining the Crow Sew Along really got my mojo working, will make the next one life size with an armature to support the weight as our Australian Ravens are big birds but my heart and hands need a rest, feeling quite lost today.
The bush is calling, I need to go out for a long walk, the Waratahs are in full flight!

In October last year Old Man Crow was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer so a lot of memories have surfaced as I slowly stitch this Old Man Crow for Ann Wood’s Crow Sew Along
Today a bundle of the most beautiful vintage black lace arrived on my doorstep from the wonderful textile artist Louise Saxton. These beautiful treasures will make some very fine feathers in this Filigree of Memory series of memento mori honouring my magical man.

Yesterday I caught the train into the Big Smoke to see Jane Bodnaruk’s That was Then: This is Now and listen to her artist talk. Her interrogation of the now combined with exquisite stitching honours the past so beautifully, matching the thread colours of the finely stitched vintage tray cloths from early last century with words from the news of the Covid epidemic from 2020 to 2022. Her integrity of line and depth of thought is matchless, this body of work needs to be housed in a museum for posterity.

Jane produced this catalogue for the show documenting the nearly 50 vintage tray cloths she stitched into

back cover of the catalogue and intro below

Jane talked about her work with such ease and grace

her placement of the texts compliment
the colours and forms of the the past perfectly

feeling inspired best get back to stitching my Old Man Crow!

Beth Brennan of Still Life Pond sent me these vintage gloves back in 2019, when I started deconstructing them I thought they could become a crow somehow, one day. Beth gave me a gentle nudge in that direction last week with a link to Ann Wood’s ‘Crow Sew-Along‘, inspired I bought her crow pattern

& started gathering all the black leathers, velvets, satins. silk & lace around the place and laid them out on the studio floor

Beth’s mother’s gloves will make the wings for my crow!

have cut out the pattern and underlay for the body & am ready to start stitching it all together when I finish this post! My good friend, the amazing sculptor Bronwyn Berman has been staying 5 minutes walk up the road, looking after the equally amazing sculptor Margarita Sampson’s trio of Siamese cats while she’s seeing Paris, the Venice Biennale and more!
Bronwyn and I have been hanging out, making things at the kitchen table whilst drinking copious cups of tea and catching up on life, the universe and everything. She sparked me along to finish this Blue Moon from Glennis Shibori Girl that I started stitching on the March Equinox!

Filigree of Memory I was stitched and unstitched, then stitched and unstitched repeatedly, over and over from the March Equinox to the September Equinox 2022, this is such a long strange trip … with so many memories of Old Man Crow held in each of those tiny stitches and knots, finishing it with Bronwyn’s encouragement and great sense of humour has got my mojo working again at last! Just finished reading “Earth Grief: The Journey into and Through Ecological Loss” by Stephen Harrod Buhner, a book that everyone who has a heart should read. I am hanging this next body of work which will take me the rest of my life on this quote:
“The process is difficult, time-consuming, and painful. It seems that emotional acceptance can be achieved only as a consequence of fine-grained, almost filigree work with memory.”
and talking of memory look at this filigree work in the Wind Eroded Caves !

Bronwyn and I climbed up to sit for a bit with the ancient stone

true friends are rare treasures, Bronwyn both encourages & challenges my work as well as making me laugh a lot with her great sense of humour!
This month she became officially Dr Bronwyn Berman or Doctor Bee to me, love this photo !

photo courtesy of Dr Bronwyn Berman

Thanks for everything my friend!

Spring Equinox

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To celebrate the Spring Equinox I went for a bushwalk with the mist obscuring and revealing the gateways to the liminal spaces in between, love this glimpse of Horseshoe Falls veiled in cloud.