Collector’s Choice 2020 at Artsite Galleries opens this weekend!
here’s my 3 offerings
Too dark? Mo 20
black glove leather, black leather cord, papier maché, grape vine tendrils, linen & silk thread embroidered text on vintage black suede over board
H 36.5cm x W 36.5cm D 5cm
Holding the dark Mo 20
black Italian glove leather over bookbinders board, black vintage suede lining, black leather cord, grape vine tendril, lead fishing weight covered in gold leaf, red and black Ormosia coccinea seed (a gift from Peter Webb  plant guru extraordinaire 1974), black linen thread, red Gütermann upholstery thread
H 8cm W 8cm x D 8cm
The chicken and the egg revisited Mo 20
eggshell mosaic over bookbinders board, lined with chicken leg leather & red leather cord held together with waxed linen thread, Gütermann upholstery thread & knotted japanese cotton, wishbone, red felt heart, myrhh, glass & ceramic beads, white feather
H 8cm x W 7.5cm x D 7.5cm

See you there!

the Blue Full Moon in Gemini at 8:30pm the Queen of the Night Singing the Moon at 2am
her flowers getting ready in the late afternoon
opening in harmony
“the time is gone, the song is over…”


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feeling gruntled with the world this morning when I found my eye glasses hanging off a recently transplanted Bromeliad  out in the garden, searched the house and garden last night after dinner looking high and low and was not a happy camper when I went to bed…
the iMac is feeling gruntled too after its visit to the Genius Bar and an overnight upgrade to OSXI aka Big Sur, our internet connection is not stable enough to to do any of the Apple updates thanks to our governments appallingly implemented National Broadband Network, have had to pull the plug on it so many times since I bought it last xmas when it has frozen whilst trying to update the operating system
picked up Too dark? from Glebe Picture Frames, Tom did a great job, x fingers will get a better photo next week in the gallery!
Too dark? Mo Orkiszewski 2020
H 36.5cm x W 36.5cm D 5cm
black glove leather, black leather cord, papier maché, grape vine tendrils, linen & silk thread embroidered text on vintage black suede over board

there is always the garden

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there is always the garden
the hoya is flowering madly
Honesty pods are ripening
Honesty November 15th to 22nd Mo20
hot pink Epiphyllum in one of our gardens
Gardenias in another of our gardens
gardeners perquisites
my 11 month old iMac is going into the Apple store this afternoon
x fingers they will work out why it is being such a slug!

Providence by Joshua Yeldham at Arthouse Gallery
such a beautifully executed huge body of work in both scale and quantity
his spirit owls hold deep magic and connection to the spirits of place
Melody Owl acrylic, cane and instrument on hand-carved board
205 x 154 cm (framed)
Monstera Deliciosa Owl acrylic and cane on hand-carved board
210 x 159 cm (framed)
The Owl of Lord Howe (ed. of 35) unique hand-carved pigment print
160 x 130 cm (framed)Owl of Smiths Creek (no. 1 in a series of 9) acrylic on hand-carved sand cast stone mounted on hand-carved pigment print with cane on Dibond
150.5 x 276 cm (framed)
Black Moon Owl acrylic and cane on hand-carved board in antique sieve frame
52 cm diameterSilver Owl XIV hand carved aluminium with cane
64 x 38 x 21 cm
this brilliant show closes on Saturday, don’t miss it !
all photos are from the exhibition catalogue
Joshua Yeldham’s website
a short film about making Providence

Help Ever Hurt Never flaming heart from the House of Blues in New Orleans 1999
Stole of Bandaged Hearts - Help Ever Hurt Never by Mo 2011Hep Ever Hurt Never stitched into the Stole of Bandaged Hearts Mo 2011
thinking about the colour of kindness
“As we stagger forward, I think about the colour of kindness, realising that its colours and shades are not painted onto a person. They’re worn in.”
Markus Zusack “When Dogs Cry” (p45)

Acey is considering the colours of the chakras
Red is her first one
a powerful colour
the bass note that strengthens our spines, giving us courage and the fire of passion

Mike Worrall  The Portal of Intoxication
I love how this painting so perfectly describes the magic power of red

here’s a few red things I’ve made over the years
Heartline book Mo 2006
Book of Spells Mo 2008
Firebird Book Mo 2008
Firebird Talisman Mo 2015
red highlights were hand painted in the limited edition of The illustrated lyrics of Old Man Crow Mo 2016


Dark Moon in Scorpio

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River of Moons (go with the flow) in process
indigo dyed moons by Glennis Dolce & Jude Hill, indigo dyed river cloth by Ulrike Bogdan
small changes are made along the way as each new moon is added on the dark moon
a balancing act
this two moon cloth from Jude celebrates the Blue Moon happening this month here in Australia (it was last month on the other side of the world)
the new moon stitched down this morning changes the balance
as I will be working on this piece for the full cycle of the year it will undoubtedly get a bit grubby & can’t wash those antique vellum stars on the first panel… perhaps selective steam cleaning and then damp stretching when it’s all said and done or cutting it up and then putting it back together…
enjoying sketching the Honesty observing how the pods form
will try a watercolour sketch later today
the hoya is flowering with Fiona and Barry’s weathergrams for Peace
watch this beautiful video introducing their Deckle Edge Press
astounding storm light this week just after our annual house inspection by the real estate agent, we love our crumbling old lady of a house but look forward to moving to the Blue Mountains around the middle of next year x fingers!

Oh Hooray!

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Oh Hooray!
just read the news congratulations America!
have been saving this photo I took on Wednesday at Hargraves Lookout in the Blue Mountains with our friend Cathy
the air is so clear up there and the view is spectacular
Dream On !


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this song gives me hope that sanity will prevail for Biden/Harris to take the reins of power in 2021 & that the ridiculous reality TV show of the past 4 years will be finished with no sequels


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The Music of Color Shimura Fukumi
Gleanings from the Sample Box from The Music of Color Shimura Fukumi
finding refuge in this beautiful book
“… The colors we receive are already there, within the plants. Our task is simply to bring them across to our side unharmed, and give them somewhere to stay.”
Receiving Color from The Music of Color Shimura  Fukumi
On Mordants from The Music of Color Shimura  Fukumi
there is such deep wisdom in this book made from a lifetime of weaving and gathering colors from plants since her divorce in 1955
“We draw the colors of the sakura not from the petals but from the gnarled bark and branch… The blossoms have already bloomed, so no colour can come from there. It is the spirit of the tree entire, alive with ceaseless activity, that emerges in the hue of each petal… and do we not see the same truth in our struggle to express ourselves with  the “petals” that are our words?”

to see more of Shimura Fukumi’s stunning work visit her website