home sweet home

Posted: November 14, 2018 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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yesterday we had our first house inspection with the new real estate agent with only 24 hours notice, always have to worry a bit about what on earth they will think of us and this wild old lady of a house!?
the lounge room full of plants and art
looking into the studio
the office
dining room
industrial storage shelves
the milk crate wardrobe
the view from the bedroom window is nearly private, we will celebrate ten years here on December 1st
Old Man Crow in his music room
upstairs verandah
Ariel P Cat 1999-2017
so the house feels clean, the inspection went well & looks like we will be here for a good while yet!

Yvette Dopheide has felted Braille for the Heart and Soul into her pennant and heart talisman
a leaf note
with such beautiful heart felt words
“…Thousands of stitched tears hold the wool, silk, fabric together so they form an answer, they hold together our love”
every stitch felt with such deep love for our beautiful broken world
the view from the other side
diving into the deep
the wild beauty of Yvette’s heart
meeting the gathering
you can see more of Yvette’s deeply heartfelt work at Felting Your Soul

the first cut is the deepest heart talisman Mo 18
H 360mm x W 300mm
the first cut in the old wedding dress, black velvet, red felt, grape vine tendrils, vintage zipper, leather cord, silk and linen thread
all buttoned up on the back
I think it’s done!

Susi Bancroft’s dream of a pennant has arrived! her piece of old wedding dress is stitched to woad and dandelion dyed silk organza
each French knot is a prayer offered up to mend our beautiful worldpoetic dreaming
from Susi’s beautiful hands and heart
Love Love Love
each stitch held with such magical intent
with a tale in the tail
the mysterious beauty of the other side
“Peace Mandala” card by Susi Bancroft
Susi has described her process with beautiful photographs over on her blog
the gathering is growing with so much love
thank you for your good magic Susi!

a bushwalk in the Blue Mountains
with Cathy and Old Man Crow
loved this fissure in the weathered stone
dry woodland on the ridge
tiny blue flowers of Wahlenbergia gracilis aka Australian bluebell
(PS this ID is an educated guess as there were frilly edges on the petals
Old Man Crow is dubious)
one day we will move to the mountains and go bushwalking every day!

Anita Larkin is a brilliant Australian sculptor who I have long admired
she combines found objects with the most delightful sense of whimsy and quiet strength
H 1.5 cm (1/2″) x W 1.5 cm (1/2″)
and great skill
settling onto the branch
(I need to add more stitches to secure the binding)
aerial view
holding the power of Art with such grace and humour
like a Kookaburra laughing in an old gum tree
watching out for the gathering
you can see more of Anita’s fabulous art on her website and instagram

Patricia Spangler’s pennant is a wild thing that makes my heart sing!
bursting with star shine and moon song
touching deep time
wild power
held with love and mending
the gentle blue on the other side settling in
with the gathering
moon spirit cardnamaste
you can see more of Patricia’s beautiful work over on her blog and website