The closing ceremony for I dream of a world where love is the answer was an intimate affair with wine and good friends saying goodbye
this morning we deinstalled in record time!
cutting the thirty year old fishing line
the armature was held firm by the fishing line and started tilting so I quickly hopped up to release the ropes
unbuttoning the cloud of tulle
unpinning Michelle Slater’s pennant
unpinning the oddments
some were stitched in and needed cutting
releasing the ropes
gently letting down the last line
back home
pennants unbound
the blue branch holding the talismans and starry palm inflorescence deconstructed
Sharon Peoples lace heart deconstructed with a section of the blue branch
the clasp of the starry palm inflorescence
the cloud of tulle and lace curtain awaiting deconstruction dress form resting in the garden shed
garden shed
steel mandala back home in the garden
On April Fool’s Day I will send each pennant and talisman back home to its maker with a piece of the electric blue branch, the starry palm inflorescence,  the cloud of tulle, the antique curtain and deep gratitude for making this dream come alive, the spell is cast, the energy of the dream will keep rippling with love for our beautiful broken world.


Carolynne Skinner of Oz Arts Magazine has written a fabulous review for I dream of a world where love is the answer!
Closing ceremony is happening tomorrow afternoon at Artsite Galleries 3-5pm

more photos of I dream of a world where love is the answer
west side stories
Els Snieder, Glenda Chamberlain, Olga Cironis
Dee Mallon, René Walkin, Wendy Watson, Jane Bodnaruk, Jude Hill
Susi Bancroft, Dana Webb, Margarita Sampson
Marti Weisbrich
Cathy Wright, India Flint, Ulrike Bogdan
east side stories
Eliene St Romain, Jane Stapleford, Jo New, Bronwyn Berman
Bronwyn Berman, Liz Ackert, Judy Martin
Gab Bates Home Protection Amulet
Els Snieder Heart Talisman
Christina Cairns
Shona Wilson
Anita Larkin
Jane Milliken
Bronwyn Berman
Namaste by Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
link to online catalogue for more details
see you at Artsite Galleries for the closing ceremony on Sunday 3-5pm

Michelle Slater’s jade promise ring for the dream shattered into 4 pieces on the first day of hanging when my knot slipped on the fishing line. I repaired it that night with a spare paper rose petal and red silk thread Michelle had sent along with her pennant to hold the heart of the dream
Bronwyn Berman photographing the dream yesterday afternoon
On Wednesday I looked after the gallery quietly sketching and listening to the dreams we have gathered together
Magic Days!
PS just went up to the gallery to take more photos
side view of the cloud of tulle held up by the starry gloves with pennants by Michelle Slater, Nancy Erisman, Beth Brennan, Penny Vickery and Maggie Brown along with oddments by Lizette Campbell, Liz Ackert and me
Nancy Erisman’s Book of Love
love how the colours of Patricia Spangler’s, Arlee Barr’s & Grace Forrest Maestas’ pennants sing together!
I promise to take more photos soon!

The Mother Talisman by Barry Smith fits in the hand so perfectly with a delightful weight
at the opening Old Man Crow offered this talisman to each visitor to hold one on one
Barry makes such beautiful magic!


Claudia Chan Shaw invited me into the studio at Eastside Radio FM to chat on Arts Friday for International Women’s Day
here’s the link (if you want to cut to the chase go to 69 minutes in)
Claudia  is so cool and glamorous yet very warm and fun, the time just flew!
love this photo of The First Cut 2018 taken at the opening by Barry Smith and shared on Fiona Dempster’s Thursday Thoughts

Artsite Galleries
open 11am-5pm Wednesday to Sunday
closing ceremony 3-5pm March 24