River of Moons (go with the flow) is getting there!

the lower edge is Bangalow Palm inflorescence tendrils painted bone white

it still needs refining with some white beads incorporated here and there

and the specks of dust & stray threads removed

it will be finished by August 7th to honour the 13 moons since Julie flew free

once I figure out how to make the closure

view from the back with silk velvet indigo dyed by Jacinta of Spiral Dyed

with gratitude to the indigo queens, Glennis Shibori Girl, Ulrike Bogdan and Jude Hill

Cancer © Mo Orkiszewski 1999 from the Celestial Times Zodiac Series

as the moon moved into the watery sign of Cancer the River of Moons (go with the flow) was looking dead in the water, simultaneously Jude posted about reconsidering her ideas which made me look again at having a loose starry fringe along the top edge of the river and am busily stitching the stars down, they are working much better!
I want to have this finished by August 7th in memory of my best friend Julie.

a garden is a spell we cast within the world

Posted: July 8, 2021 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

working in one of our favourite gardens this week, it’s so good to have Old Man Crow back on deck!

the gardener’s perquisite

Posted: June 29, 2021 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Old Man Crow is back on deck with this photo of a Cymbidium orchid in full flight at one of our gardening jobs this morning!

Old Man Crow getting out and about!

Posted: June 26, 2021 by Rod Crow in It's Crow Time

Rod enjoying his first excursion up to King St on Thursday, he’s healing so quickly!

The River of Moons is moving along with more stars and backing with more velvet

a balancing act dancing one step forward two steps back

more parchment stars !

Rod got out of hospital on Wednesday afternoon, the partial knee replacement went very well. He has been able to walk up and down all the stairs here from the minute he got home with the help of a walking stick and can even walk across the room without it already. He is pain free for the first time in years!
Getting to the pub is still a way off so I bought him a 6 pack of beer to enjoy on the upstairs verandah when the sun goes over the yardarm.
Magic Days!
thanks to everyone for all the good vibes!

one day to go!

Posted: June 6, 2021 by Mo Crow in friends, It's Crow Time

This fabulous roadrunner is from Marti in New Mexico along with these good wishes for Rod’s knee surgery tomorrow!

Dear Rod,

Sending you an early birthday greeting as well as best wishes for a successful knee surgery. Here in New Mexico, it is June 1st and before you know it, June 7th will roll around. Getting a new knee for your birthday is one fine gift and we wish you all the best as you go forth, getting stronger each day.
Wanted to send you a smile with the accompanying photos.  Without further ado, let us present to you our favorite Road Runner, the state bird of New Mexico.  Spotted this bird on a trip down south to Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Now we know that road runners are fast birds, sometimes clocking over 20mph but who knew they could grow so huge…this particular bird is 20ft tall and 40 ft wide…!  Made up of recycled bits and bobs, old shoes, pieces of metal, batteries, etc. and was made by artist Olin Calk. 

Here’s to rocking around again, with Mo at your side, here’s to strumming your guitar, strutting around just like the road runner, singing your wonderful bluesy songs, celebrating your birthday and your new knee.  

Happy Birthday, Marti and Rich

love the crutches in the wing and these sneaker feathers!


“Rodzilla is coming to kick arse with his New Bionic Knee!”
by Richard Whitfield June 2021
x fingers the surgery goes well tomorrow!

Moonfire made by the Queen of the Moon Glennis Dolce of Shibori Girl Studios arrived on the doorstep yesterday to celebrate the first day of winter here in the Land Down Under, I look forward to seeing where they take me!

Eclipse of the Moon (go with the flow)

Posted: May 27, 2021 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

The Eclipse of the Moon was visible but didn’t take any decent photos, just stitching away on the
River of Moons (go with the flow)

added three more stars to the first moon and started backing the river with indigo dyed silk velvet from
Jacinta of Spiral Dyed

the silk velvet is giving the river more body and flow

thread beads and x’s hold the cloths together

The March Full Moon needed some old rotted silk to soften the surface

the last three moons edged and laddered

I started this cloth back in August last year when my best friend Julie passed away from brain cancer, she visited in a dream on the weekend which was so good, very affirming, she taught me how to make Tiffany lampshades for pin money when we were young hippies in Nimbin in 1976.  I will finish it on the anniversary of her passing, am not sure what it is… thought it was going to be an accordion book, then thought it could be a section of stream for sale remembered from Richard Brautigan’s “Trout Fishing in America”

Stacked over against the wall were the waterfalls. There were about a dozen of them, ranging from a drop of a few feet to a drop of ten or fifteen feet.
There was one waterfall that was over sixty feet long. There were tags on the pieces of the big falls describing the correct order for putting the falls back together again.
The waterfalls all had price tags on them. They were more expensive than the stream. The waterfalls were selling for $19.00 a foot.
I went into another room where there were piles of sweet-smelling lumber, glowing a soft yellow from a different color skylight above the lumber. In the shadows of the edge of the room under the sloping roof of the building were many sinks and urinals covered with dust, and there was also another waterfall about seventeen feet long, lying there in two lengths and already beginning to gather dust.
I had seen all I wanted of the waterfalls, and now I was very curious about the trout stream, so I followed the salesman’s directions and ended up outside the building.
O I had never in my life seen anything like that trout stream. It was stacked in piles of various lengths: ten, fifteen, twenty feet, etc. There was one pile of hundred-foot lengths. There was also a box of scraps. The scraps were in odd sizes, ranging from six inches to a couple of feet. 
There was a loudspeaker on the side of the building and soft music was coming out. It was a cloudy day and seagulls were circling high overhead.”

(The wonder of this 21st C world, no longer do we have to rely on memory, we can read it again in the blink of an eye! )
Anywho, all these decisions about what this cloth is and where it will go are for when it’s all said and done… for now I’m loving backing it in the silk velvet, it feels so delicious that maybe it’s just for me to share with the close friends who knew Julie well to hold in memory and evoke the good times! How indulgent is that?

with gratitude to the indigo queens, Glennis Shibori Girl, Ulrike Bogdan and Jude Hill

thanking our lucky stars!

Posted: May 14, 2021 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

Thanking our lucky stars!
Old Man Crow’s knee surgery is rescheduled for June 7th, his 74th birthday