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Barry Smith made this beautiful talisman for I dream of a world where love is the answer The ripples of love continue to grow as we slow down in the face of this global pandemic, the air is so clean here in Sydney with hardly any traffic on the roads and everyone is being so […]

Artsite Galleries open 11am-5pm Wednesday to Sunday closing ceremony 3-5pm March 24

photo credit : John McRae Photography click on this link to see the online catalogue at Artsite Galleries open 11am-5pm Wednesday to Sunday closing ceremony 3-5pm March 24  

Eliene St Romain’s pennant full of love that Law O   f Vital    Energy is the answer eco-dyed with eucalyptus and rose leaves stitched with so much love settling in from this side translated in te reo Maori (Maori language) Eliene’s interpretation of a Koru, the unfurling silver fern frond symbolizing new life, growth, strength […]

Jane Milliken’s talisman arrived todaywith this beautiful letter the reveal in Jane’s words “My talisman takes the form of a drum. The heart is a tightly rolled hand dyed persimmon kimono silk, evenly & finely stitched 2 stitches per mm into a cylinder, over which a skin of ivory kimono silk is also stitched, infusing […]

“I dream of a world where love is the answer” a line from a new song in process by Old Man Crow remember that old wedding dress I was gifted a few weeks ago? and how I was wondering what it could be? I have invited my friend (who prefers to remain anonymous) over to […]

Love is the Answer

Posted: July 24, 2015 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

“Love is the Answer” local graffiti that always gives me heart

“Fluttering and Stars on the altar. The peace of this….such love medicine” beautiful photo & words from Grace Forrest Maestas of Windthread Dotti’s LITA is holding her piece of starry palm inflorescence and the section of blue branch and a formal studio shot, she is dreaming of traveling to Germany soon ! namaste The ripples […]

The previous ripples post was getting very long and WordPress started getting wobbly about it all so I will keep updating this post as everyone sends back photos of where their pennant or talisman has settled to keep the dream alive!René Walkin’s beautiful pennant has arrived home safe and sound “Thank you for the return […]