That was Then : This is Now by Jane Bodnaruk

Posted: October 16, 2022 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time
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Yesterday I caught the train into the Big Smoke to see Jane Bodnaruk’s That was Then: This is Now and listen to her artist talk. Her interrogation of the now combined with exquisite stitching honours the past so beautifully, matching the thread colours of the finely stitched vintage tray cloths from early last century with words from the news of the Covid epidemic from 2020 to 2022. Her integrity of line and depth of thought is matchless, this body of work needs to be housed in a museum for posterity.

Jane produced this catalogue for the show documenting the nearly 50 vintage tray cloths she stitched into

back cover of the catalogue and intro below

Jane talked about her work with such ease and grace

her placement of the texts compliment
the colours and forms of the the past perfectly

feeling inspired best get back to stitching my Old Man Crow!

  1. Debbie Macaulay says:

    Dear Mo
    Thankyou for forwarding… So, beautiful the embroidery (flowers, colour & word shading) I agree the art would be at home in a museum. And here I am waiting for my RAT test to determine my day.
    Been thinking of you- I’ll be in touch soon💜

  2. Nancy says:

    Outstanding! (((Mo)))

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Nancy))) love the way Jane matched the many different shades of green used in the past & the stitch she invented for the digital font is so now!

  3. Karen says:

    What an incredible exhibition that must be. Jane’s stitching is exquisite.

  4. Jane Bodnaruk says:

    Thank you for visiting Mo. Always lovely to see you, and talk to you about my work

  5. fiona says:

    Thanks for sharing Mo – I agree with how she says we are already forgetting. It feels like global amnesia of a sort – moving right along, nothing to see here. I am intrigued by our behaviours and coping mechanisms. Stitching it makes it solid and real; and I hope somebody somewhere collects it as a record. Stunning.

  6. Barry says:

    MC – amazing amount of patient work; and the making of strong and poignant statements. B

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