a new video of Candlelight sung by Cammie Lindon

Posted: May 31, 2022 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, music
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Barry Ferrier edited an old tape of Cammie Lindon singing Candlelight with harmonies & guitars by Roderick & Barry. A beautiful tribute to three very special people who are no longer with us, thank you Barry.

  1. Eliene says:

    A lovely tribute. She did the song justice and the boys harmonised well. Thanx for the sharing Mo.

  2. so beautiful and evocative

  3. deemallon says:

    When that candle is blown out. And the smoke. Beautiful. Heartbreaking.

  4. fiberels says:

    Wonderful tribute Mo and thanks for sharing these precious memories

  5. jude says:

    Harmony is the most beautiful thing…

  6. Marti says:

    A treasure, to see them all, to hear her sing Rod’s wonderful lyrics, a memory of joy forever; a legacy of talent, inspiration and simply, magic!

  7. Margaret Johnson says:


  8. Nancy says:

    A bittersweet remembering for you. Lovely.

  9. Peggy McG says:

    Thank you Barry for this gift to Mo, and thank you Mo for sharing it. You have such love surrounding you.

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