Fairfarren catalogue

Posted: April 3, 2022 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Fairfarren was a good send off for Rod & portal for whatever will happen next.
For any enquiries please contact Artsite Contemporary

  1. shiborigirl says:

    What a wonderful collection of artistry Mo. so nice to see the full catalog.

  2. deemallon says:

    In making tribute to Rod, we also can pay tribute to your incredible catalog of work.

  3. Nancy says:

    Mo~ I agree totally with those who spoke before me here. Your work is breathtaking…complex, yet simple in some ways, full & rich and so filled with heart. May you be well.

  4. A wonderful catalogue Mo, a lovely tribute. I wish I had been able to attend and see everything in person. ❤️

  5. Marti says:

    My dear Mo, your exquisite and fascinating art is like no other; filled with such creative magic and the unique offerings of the natural world. I am especially impressed with your eye, your artistry and the words that you use to tell the story of your art- stories from many realms of this world, both real, imagined and spirit filled.

    You could not have created a finer tribute for Rod for in honoring his gifts and what he meant to you, and to so many, we also see what you meant to him and the treasure that you were to him and are to all of us…

  6. Faith says:

    Just , , , “WOW!!”

  7. Carol says:

    (((Mo))) A wonderful catalogue of your beautiful work, and such a tribute to Rod. Much love to you. Go well.

  8. Liz A says:

    how hard it must be to open your hands and let these go … but surely your heart must sing with the knowing that others will now treasure them, too


  9. Margaret Johnson says:


  10. (((Mo))) Sat with this a long while. Rising from the ashes. May this portal take you somewhere wonderful. Love.

  11. Barry says:

    MC – great to have the catalogue out there; and red dots are always grand to see. Go well. B

  12. debgorr says:

    Wow, to see it all together like this! 🙂

  13. Saskia van Herwaarden says:


  14. arlee says:

    All those red dots! You’re a Yayoi of sales, wonderful! Congrats!

  15. grace says:

    so so MUCH….just Fine and Good. Yes.

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