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Posted: January 29, 2022 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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a friend just sent this photo of Roderick from back in about 1976 at Julie’s place in Nimbin
Missing my magical man so much but as Oscar Wilde said “They were built out of music and so not built at all and therefore built forever”
The illustrated lyrics of Old Man Crow
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  1. deemallon says:

    Oh Mo! He does look wrapped in magic here. Ethereal, even.

  2. Graham Griffith says:

    That’s a lovely shot of Rod. So handsome and glorious with his Flying V Gibson.

  3. Marti says:

    The flow of this magical man, the air is dancing, forever in your heart and in ours. What an incredible photo of Rod and how wonderful you are Mo to share this with us…spirit dancing all over the place place BECAUSE…

    on our way to do so some errands on this bitingly cold morning, about 24 degrees outside, I happened to look up at the sky before getting into the car and I could not believe my eyes: in this cold weather, the most colorful and glorious hot air balloon was practically over our heads. I have sent you many photos of the many hot air balloons that grace the sky near our home here in New Mexico because we live close to the launching place and the hot air balloon museum. What came rolling into my head and heart as I gazed at this balloon was simply these words, ” Hello Rod”…

    I didn’t have my digital camera with me and I don’t take photos with my phone or I would have done so but the image of this balloon on this day is forever etched in my mind and I hold onto the very simple fact that Rod’s spirit and his magic flow everywhere.

  4. Rene Walkin says:

    Great photo, Mo. Godspeed Rod.xx

  5. Oh that’s wonderful!!! (((Mo)))

  6. Barry says:

    MC – very cool – looks totally into the music. As others have said – great photo – what a memory. B

  7. Margaret Johnson says:

    What a Beautiful Photograph Mo, so glad you have it…ox

  8. Nancy says:

    Man, oh man…look at him. You can feel his spirit here. xo

  9. Liz A says:

    how young we all were in the 1970s … and how beautiful …

    Don made the stunning point that we are now as far off in time from the 70s as the 70s once were from the Roaring 20s … how did that happen so fast?

  10. Peggy McG says:

    Beautiful Picture! Thanks for the links to his music! So many ways to wrap yourself in memories.. let them ease your pain. Hugs.

  11. Carol says:

    Dearest Mo, such a wonderful photo of your magical man. Your plan to scatter Rod’s ashes on your work gardens is a lovely idea – he will be missed by so many people. What a wonderful heartfelt tribute by Rod’s life long friend. Brave heart Mo, you are much loved. xxx

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