Posted: May 10, 2021 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

The hospital had to cancel Old Man Crow’s surgery, he’s on his way home in a cab

Here’s a Wishing Star for the surgery to be rescheduled soon!

  1. deemallon says:

    Oh no! Why? How long a delay?

    • Mo Crow says:

      an important piece of equipment didn’t arrive in time, these things happen, I am glad I wasn’t there when Rod got the news the surgery was cancelled, I would not have been gracious!

  2. Lana says:

    Fingers crossed🌈

  3. Barry says:

    MC – how disappointing – may the star bring on a new appointment soon. B

  4. Sue McQuade says:

    Prayers that all will go well before during and after ❤️

  5. dinahmow says:

    Covid flare-up?

    • Mo Crow says:

      Our good friend Pete picked us up at a quarter to 6 to get in to St Vincent’s by 6:30am so of course we were half an hour early
      then waited and waited and waited til 8:20 when the admission nurse asked all the questions, Rod was gowned up ready to go when I left at a quarter to 9, got his phone call at 11:30 saying the surgeon had to cancel the op because a piece of equipment hadn’t arrived
      the hospital will reschedule, they told him maybe late June or July, we’re both hoping for sooner than later
      it’s kind of better in an obtuse sort of way to be feeling so pissed off rather than spaced out & worrying how the op was going

  6. jude says:

    Oh good grief….🤞for soon…

  7. Nancy says:

    Oh man! what a drag. I was thinking of him today. Grrr…

  8. Eliene says:

    What an absolute drag for you both…….all gowned up and ready to go…and then he’s told he has to go home…what????. Thank goodness he can still walk to the pub…at least he can have a drink and a vent. Lets all hope it is scheduled for sooner…fingers x’d from here. How you doing Mo? R U OK?

  9. Martine Bos says:

    Oh Mo so sorry to hear. I was thinking about the two of you happy dancing……….

  10. Margaret Johnson says:

    What a bummer!! But you just have to go with the flow hey. Has happened to us a few times over the years. Hope Rod doesn’t have to wait too long. Keep smilin’……Marg n Mike oxox

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Marg & Mike))) one of our good friends is the matron for day surgery at Cairns Base Hospital, she said patients are knocked off the list all the time because emergency operations take precedence & that is a very good thing! When you are in an accident or have a heart attack or cancer you are a Priority One and move through the system fast. Although Rod is in a lot of pain when he is walking. he can still walk to the pub and back without a walking stick, can ride his bicycle, drive the van, garden & play guitar. He can’t dance or go for long walks but he will in the not too faraway!
      We met such a gentle guy at 6am who had also arrived too early & was about my age. He was in to get a valve replacement for his heart & had been on the public wait list for 8 months. He needs to have a rest after walking up a flight of stairs, can’t garden or go fishing or dance and needs a knee replacement too but that will have to wait til his heart feels better, so it’s all relative. Also it was a good lesson for me as I was so spaced out going home worrying about how the op was going and how Rod would be out the other side. As soon as I got the phone call my response was fierce and strong, a good reminder that there is no point in worrying, it’s a self indulgence and doesn’t do anyone any good !

  11. Rene Walkin says:

    OH! Bummer! This is happening in every country. Fingers crossed for a speedy result. xx

  12. Am sure the wishing star will work its magic… good luck

  13. Marti says:

    What! Oh jeez, it is hard to get psyched up for a major surgery, both Rod and you, and then to find it cancelled, well, urgh! Here’s hoping that it will be sooner than anticipated and if you can, I would break out a six pack or a bottle of bubbly and toast to this dry run, cause you have to find a saving grace… !

    We had the opposite experience: what was going to be a minor procedure, an angiogram for R at the VA, also early morning arrival, return to home in a few hours the same day, turned out to be an unexpected, shocking major ordeal, quadruple bypass surgery, a 13 day stay in the VA hospital and all thru this, I could not be with him because Covid was raging in New Mexico at that time and the rules were so very strict. What I learned from all of this is to expect the unexpected and cope the best way you can.

    Stay strong you two, I know you will and I also know that all will be well…the Blue Mountain dream lives on and will become a reality.

    • Mo Crow says:

      I am lucky to live with such a gracious man with a good sense of humour and the hospital was lucky I wasn’t there when he was told the surgery was cancelled!

  14. snicklefritzin43 says:

    Oh shucks. Hopefully reschedule will happen soon and the procedure can be completed and life move forward for you both. Sending you much positive energy and I hold you both in love and light.

    Fondly, Kristin

    Five Simple Rules for Happiness: Free your heart from hatred; Free your mind from worries; Live simply; Give more; Expect less.


  15. Saskia says:

    sure is a bummer Mo, fingers crossed Rod will get his op soon!

  16. Judy Martin says:

    So sorry to read this. Biggest hug xoxo

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