Homeward Bound with Gab Bates at the Coal Loader

Posted: March 10, 2021 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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last Thursday we helped the fabulous witchy artist Gab Bates install her work for Homeward Bound at the Coal Loader in Waverton which opens today
it was a fine day out the sun was sparkling on the harbour, the old wharf is fenced off now but friends who grew up in the area remember playing in the ruins when they were kids
and I turned 66, not doing too shabbily for an old chook
we celebrated with coffee and birthday cake at the cafe
look forward to seeing the rest of the show next week!

  1. Nancy says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Mo!! Chook? meaning? chicken?
    Love those houses presented this way.

  2. jude says:

    Happy birthday!!!

  3. dinahmow says:

    Happy 66, “old chook.” Only lagging by 10 years ! Will raise a glass tonight.

  4. deemallon says:

    Happy birthday Mo! You look amazing, actually.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Dee))) I still love Keith Richard’s quip from awhile back “Getting old is a fascinating thing. The older you get, the older you want to be!”

  5. Hazel says:

    You are a beautiful “chook”, especially next to the lovely installation. Happy birthday sister Pisces!

  6. Marti says:

    Oh there was a lovely dear woman, an old chook,
    Her wondrous, creative art should be photographed and placed in a book.
    For she has turned 66 and that’s a celebration,
    You see, she is aged to Perfection!

    Feliz Cumpleanos (Happy Birthday) dear Mo
    You are simply wonderful to know.

  7. Lana says:

    Happy birthday❤️🎂🌈so can you retire now?

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Lana))) not yet, looks like we’ll be gardening here in the Big Smoke for at least another year. The dream of one day retiring and moving to the Blue Mountains shimmers like a mirage on the far horizon…

      • Lana says:

        Believe me when I tell you to keep dreaming. My dream came true even though I could never work out how it was going to happen but it did so you’ll get there as long as you believe you will🌈

  8. Margaret Johnson says:

    Happy Birthday Mo, and many happy returns!! Hope you’re having a lovely day. hugs and smiles from Marg n Mike….oxox

  9. Martine Bos says:

    Dear Mo, from one old chook to another…..happy belated birthday………….<3

  10. Tina says:

    Happy Belated Birthday and Blessings galore …

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Tina))) this getting old caper has it’s challenges, Old Man Crow is scheduled for knee replacement surgery soon so we have turned Chelmsford St into a health retreat to get the man’s knee as fit as possible for a good recovery with the gardening, riding our bicycles most days and started doing Tai Chi in the local park with Ric Bolzan, he is such a good teacher, love his Silk Reeling Tutorial

  11. Barry says:

    MC – great to reach that milestone – have more happy ones. Grand that friends can help each other out with installations etc. Go well. B

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Barry))) the Coal Loader is a really interesting space, there’s a lift as well as an old stairway down to the 3 tunnels with sandstone rooms interconnected by low doorways that can be explored and some beautiful terraces which are looking lush with all the rain, look forward to exploring the show next week!

  12. fiona says:

    Happy yesterday birthday Mo! I do love a week long celebration! My mum used to say ‘old age is not for wimps’ – best to you both as you prepare for knee recovery.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Fiona))) it’s been an excellent celebration and a good distraction as I don’t like to think too much about the actual nuts and bolts of knee replacement surgery!

  13. Patty M says:

    Happy Birthday!

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