Go with the Flow… Full Moon Ahroo!

Posted: January 29, 2021 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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River of Moons (Go With the Flow) January 21
love the springiness in the boar bristles of the moon ladders
how each moon informs the next
all the moons are basted down and the edge is settling in
the moons so far
with gratitude to the indigo queens, Glennis Shibori Girl, Ulrike Bogdan and Jude Hill
a moon moth visiting Glen Skien’s Mytho Poetic Crow

  1. shiborigirl says:

    I’d climb that ladder…

  2. Nancy says:

    Your world glows!

  3. Acey says:

    love best the cloudy trails you’re creating and how they flow and relate to each other. Leo love and longevity is enfolding one and all here in the north. keep feeling – seeing infinity signs on the other side of ladders. where ‘the way out’ has grown distant and irrelevant …

  4. will dream of climbing those ladders through starlight to the moon – you are on a roll here!

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Susi))) it needs more of those antique vellum stars but will wait ’til after the stitching is finished in August as it will need a bit of steam cleaning & damp stretching after a year of handling!

  5. Marti says:

    the mystic shading of this moon beckons…and as I commented on Liz’s blog, This full moon in January is known as Wolf Moon which has thrilled my grandson Spencer who for the past two years prefers to be known as Wolf, not Spencer!

  6. grace says:


  7. Hazel says:

    If anyone could take us to the moon, it would be you, Mo! Just wonder full.

  8. Lana says:

    🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵fly me to the moon and let me sing among the stars…🎵🎵🎵🎵

  9. Barry says:

    MC – wow – just so much energy in this piece – it grows. Go well. B

  10. Liz A says:

    the moon halo in the last image is stunning

  11. Martine Bos says:

    Oh Mo…….Moon…….so wonderful…………..

  12. Saskia van Herwaarden says:

    oh wow Mo, this is magical

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