hope from Michael Leunig for 2020 !

Posted: January 1, 2020 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Michael Leunig bringing hope for 2020 !

  1. nancy says:

    Ah, yes…for what is there if there is no hope? I love his work and Hope is so needed, thank you for both.

    • Mo Crow says:

      Michael Leunig’s whimsical sense of humour and deep understanding of the human condition has helped me make sense of the world for the nearly 51 years I have lived here in Australia!

  2. Saskia van Herwaarden says:

    haha! that’s the spirit Xx

  3. Nanette says:

    ha ha chuckle. What more could we want than a sweet goose to happily lead the way. All the best for the new year x

  4. Barry says:

    MC – I read where it is harder to live and work positively than to live in despair but it is necessary if we want to create a better world. So I’m with Mr Curly. Go well in 2020. B

  5. Sue McQ says:

    Happy, Healthy New Year filled with Blessings!

  6. Liz A says:

    Here’s to hope made real … anything is possible!

  7. fiberels says:

    Where would we be without hope
    (and love)

  8. Susan Bowers says:

    Hello Mo and a Happy New Year to you. 2020 has such a wonderful ring to it and I hope that means a glorious year for us all. I am a great fan of Leunig’s work – own several of his books so it was great to see this ‘bringing hope for the new year’. My hope for this year is to be back in the studio and on my blog and Instagram 🙂

  9. Michael’s work always inspires hope. Thank heavens because our governments don’t inspire any these days.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Leonie))) I reckon our pollies are controlled by Vogons (remember The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams?) they certainly aren’t governing for the people!

  10. Tina says:

    Just awful news .. all the fires. I have family in Newcastle that seem safe for now. What is your situation .. are you safe .. as safe as one can be. It is all very scary .. I am here so far away but prayers travel far and wide and so I pray for rain to wash over your land.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Tina))) we live in the inner city of Sydney so the fires don’t harm us directly but friends up and down the coast and in the mountains are prepared & ready to evacuate at any time. These fires are the worst I have witnessed in 51 years of living in this dry ancient land.

  11. Marti says:

    Hope yes, always, but prayers for rain first and foremost and safety for all…

    Many years ago, our girls had an Australian pen pal. Samantha from Queensland had written to our local newspaper, the Sacramento Bee, we lived in Sacramento, capital of CA at the time. For 10 yrs, our girls sent letters, small gifts every month, t-shirts from CA, toy koala bears from Australia. My first taste of Vegemite came from a jar that Samantha’s Mom sent. The hope was that when the girls graduated from high school, somehow they would meet but it did not happen and over time, they lost touch. I pray that all are safe, that Samantha and her family are safe. Researched and found out that over 50 fires are burning in Queensland.

    Whenever tragedy and destruction comes anywhere in the world, we realize that the world is small and we are all a part of it; our tears flow, our hearts bleed and we try to help in any way that we can. but when we know of someone who is living the nightmare, the crack in our heart widens just a little bit more…

  12. Hazel says:

    A little boat to carry & hold… many thoughts, wishes & prayers for you all.

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