preview for Collectors Choice opening this weekend at Artsite

Posted: November 25, 2019 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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the silly season is upon us !
opening Sunday December 1st from 3-5
preview Saturday November 30th
gallery hours Wednesday to Sunday 11-5 til December 15th
these are my offerings
Holding the Moon Mo 19
moonsong Mo19
see you there!

  1. deemallon says:

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Marti says:

    Moon Mojo, spirit beckoning, wondrous and even though I know Winter Solstice is not bekoning in your part of the World, it comes to me that both of these speak to me of that illuminating time so longed for…

  3. Tina Zaffiro says:

    I would love to see you there .. your pieces as usual are out of this world .. Amazing!

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  4. Rene Walkin says:

    So beautiful, as always, Mo. Your work is fabulous! Good luck!

  5. grace says:

    Mo{ooon} Woman, you

  6. Oh the delicacy of Moonsong!

  7. Nanette says:

    Exquisite Mo. Good luck and enjoy. I might make it, working on dates to have early Christmas with son, before they head to India. Double X fingers xx

  8. Good luck wishes for these beautiful moon works to light up the world

  9. Els says:

    Lots of success !!! ❤

  10. Acey says:

    These are exquisite pieces. My cancerian soul is both soothed and illuminated.

  11. Hazel says:

    Oh, “moonsong”! Your beautiful pieces are sure to light up the space, Mo.

  12. Margaret Johnson says:

    Your Beautiful moonsong blows me away!! Cheers to you n Rod..ox

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Margaret))) thanks for the good words and sorry I didn’t see your post earlier, have been having problems with my e-mail all week but looks like it’s working again, doing the happy dance!

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