honing the line

Posted: April 23, 2019 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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a sketch of Gab Bates Home Protection Amulet Mo 19
the Home Protection Amulet and Ariel’s Memory Keeper cloth
Fossil Rock Mo 19
such a beautiful stone
drawing each day, honing the line
dreaming of mending the leftover moon from the deconstruction of the dream
this line is still haunting me
“The moon, second-hand, worn at the edges, was hung up in the sky like something a housewife leaves out to remind her it needs mending.”
Brothers and Sisters
The Real and the Unreal selected stories of Ursula K Le Guin
Volume One Where on Earth
page 5
Glennis Dolce’s Blue Moon hanging on the line with a couple of antique parchment stars

PS there are more ripples for the dream as the talismans and pennants find their way home

  1. Eliene says:

    Have always loved your pencil drawings…..& Ariel’s Memory Cloth looks a-mazing…. so Many memories. I hope these past few days haven’t been too sad for you. If anything will get you through ..it will be stitching..or drawing…but then again planning for your next exhibition will keep your mind busy too.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Eliene))) we are still enjoying the Easter break, the customer scheduled for today had to cancel so we have a 5 day holiday! Saw ‘Hot Blood’ a deeply confronting exhibition at White Rabbit Gallery on Sunday, ‘A Route of Evanescence’ by Mia Liu was beautiful, then visited the sublime ‘Heaven & Earth in Chinese Art: Treasures from the National Museum in Taipei’ at the AGNSW yesterday, loved this Lotus carved from a Bamboo Root. Today I am nervously anticipating the appointment with the eye surgeon tomorrow to discuss the cataract surgery scheduled for May 22nd and June 12th, having new eyes would be amazing! The drawings are helping me get focused, the line is starting to feel more relaxed with the eye heart hand coordination improving by the day, it’s so good to get back in the saddle!

      • Mo Crow says:

        Oh Hooray, the eye surgery has been postponed, the cataracts are still there of course but growing very slowly, have another appointment in a year to monitor what’s going on & hoping i can wait for the surgery til I’m 83 like my mother, doing the happy dance!

        • Liz A says:

          (((Mo))) – I totally get this … I, too, have slowly developing cataracts and dread the day when I have to choose whether to have fully corrected vision (what I always thought I wanted) and keeping my extreme myopia (which is so integral to how I stitch) …

          However and whenever your surgery takes place, surely what will never change is the gentle touch of your hand, creating true marks

          • Mo Crow says:

            (((Liz))) my optometrist is confident he can keep my eyes working happily for many more years, at the last appointment he demonstrated how blurry my eyes will get before they need surgery and the good thing is the surgeon agrees!

  2. Barry says:

    Hi MC – gorgeous detail in your pencil sketches – love that feather detail in the home protection amulet. Go well. B

  3. Els says:

    LOVE your lines !!! the amulet, the stone … gorgeous lines !

    That starry leftover bit opened up to let the pennants fly home and is a beautiful remembrance of your installation.
    Glennis’ moon is such a beauty (yes : leave that to Glennis 😉 !)

  4. Louise Watson says:

    Such beautiful drawings and delicate stitchery. Love the white on white.

  5. Back to drawing is a tonic for heart hand eye isn’t it!
    So pleased to read above that your eye surgery is postponed so you can relax into your drawing
    I so love that quote from Usula K Le Guin – sparks off so many thoughts – thank you!
    Sending love

  6. Hazel says:

    Oh, Mo, I so admire your exquisite fragile lines- in drawing & stitching.

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