a radio interview for The Dream on International Women’s Day

Posted: March 9, 2019 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, The Gathering
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Claudia Chan Shaw invited me into the studio at Eastside Radio FM to chat on Arts Friday for International Women’s Day
here’s the link (if you want to cut to the chase go to 69 minutes in)
Claudia  is so cool and glamorous yet very warm and fun, the time just flew!
love this photo of The First Cut 2018 taken at the opening by Barry Smith and shared on Fiona Dempster’s Thursday Thoughts

  1. Marti says:

    (Poof, the comment that I wrote earlier seems to have vanished while waiting to be acknowledged so here I go again; of course I can’t remember all that I said on the original comment so if it shows up Mo, just use this one! )

    What a delight to hear your wonderful voice Mo. This interview is a lovely gift for those of us who participated in the Dream and for those who will come to the exhibition. From threads, to cloth, to talismans, to song and now, to your words, it has all been a soul stirring and deeply meaningful experience.

    I was especially moved to hear your thoughts re the pennants and talismans that came from the USA. For me, the participation in your dream was a cleansing action, a balm on my heart and soul, a way for spirit to hold purpose to try to lessen and dispel the often hate filled, destructive and dismaying reality of daily life that we sometimes find ourselves in, in this country. Claudia made reference to this project as a form of therapy and I guess for me, I cannot speak for others, it became just that but is also rose above the personal to become a call to action, action not about power but about caring, sharing and connecting.

    The notion of “we make, we unmake, we are made, we are unmade” holds deep meaning It was so touching and poignant to learn of the origin of the wedding gown, infused with the sense of love lost and abandonment. Cutting the cloth into pieces was powerful because in so doing, Mo, I believe that your vision of the Gathering symbolically created a wholeness that brought this cloth back to life and more importantly, embraced our world with communal connection, caring and Love.

    Symbols, spirit and magic just flowed from every corner of the world, as the pennants and talismans flew in. When you spoke of how you work with thread, how you make knots and how each knot, holds a spell, I smiled in acknowledgement and understanding. It is how I work with the foraged gifts of the land. Each time that a strip of cloth goes into a dye pot, a solar dye jar, it is done so with an incantation from me and a sense of gratitude for the making to come.

    Finally, I chuckled to read of how each week as you received pennants and talismans, it felt like Christmas. I have to say that your invitation to join in the Gathering felt like and continues to feel like a magical gift that is ongoing, hope filled like the coming of the light of Winter Solstice and joy embraced like the coming of Christmas; the memory of the experience will forever be a treasure.

    • Mo Crow says:

      ((Marti))) here’s Bronwyn’s words about making and unmaking that ignited the dream;
      “And what is made it or almost made it? My experience is that we make it then we unmake it. I think I’ve made it more than once but thought I hadn’t made it so kept wanting to make it, then when it had been unmade again I realized that I had made and not appreciated it, then think that really what I have now is making it then think I’m a deluded ‘has been’ who is too old to ever make it, and in any case couldn’t be bothered with too much of making it. I think we’re probably always making it, as soon as we make it the unmaking begins and when we’re unmade then we start making again.”

  2. ..ah Mo – how beautiful to hear your voice! Lovely interview and so full of hope and warmth, powerful thoughts and words – congratulations!
    …and your thinking and articulation of how each knot holds a spell has me considering and pondering about spells, prayers and thoughts – as you know I often say my French knots are like thoughts or prayers – so much rich thinking to reflect on – thank you!
    Wonderful – big hugs to you and hope you are feeling good

  3. ravenandsparrow says:

    I, too, loved hearing your voice in this compelling interview. Thank you so much for sharing it, and for.the whole experience. We have all been touched and empowered by you

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Dana))) I was so nervous but Claudia made me feel very welcome & it was easy, the last time I was interviewed on radio was 30 years ago… I simply couldn’t speak, not a word would come out of my mouth, the good thing about turning 64 is all that angsty stuff is gone, it must have got worn out!

  4. Barry says:

    MC – great to hear you promoting love peace and all things good through the interview – and hopefully more folk will go to see the exhibition and be inspired for good. Go well. B

  5. Fiona says:

    That was a lovely listen Mo – Claudia is also an engaged interviewer! The telling of the story again and again also embeds its message I think; the story around the work is as important as the work? not sure, but we must keep telling the story…go well.

  6. Eliene says:

    Mo, you did good girl!!! So pleased you were able to post the link. I was thinking of you yesterday & thinking to self that it would be wonderful to be able to listen to the interview. My hope is that it reached many more people who will now along to the gallery to experience the sharing of Love.

  7. Liz A says:

    Mo … how perfectly wonderful to hear your voice … I’ve always wondered if you would have a Southwest US accent or an Australian accent … how perfect to learn the answer in this way.

    I also loved your comment about every knot being a spell … knowing that such good magic lives in the beautiful art you have sent to live in our home

  8. ME TOO////\Its a nice program all together, music especially. I only listened for a while then jumped to 68-You were lovely in the interview and I too was happy hearing your voice. Nice voice dear. I copy pasted the link to Jude in an email to be sure she doesn’t miss your glowing reference to her. Lovely

  9. jude says:

    it was so good to hear your voice Mo, and then to hear my voice through yours. Love love love to you and all of us.

  10. Hazel says:

    Oh, that was so grand, just so swell!

  11. perlhuhn52 says:

    I finally had time to listen. Mo, I just felt so touched by your voice and your words. All these thousands of miles shrank to nothing and I welcomed you here beside me. Thank you for this experience. Doris

  12. Beth says:

    Oh Mo, how wonderful that was to hear.

  13. Nancy says:

    Mo~ Like everyone, I enjoyed hearing you, for your storytelling and for the hearing of your voice! I am a sucker for any kind of accent, mastered or not. For most of us that circle around, we don’t or maybe won’t know what we ‘sound’ like and all that adds to our work and our relationships! Except Jude of course who soothes us as she does.
    I was interested to hear and feel how it all has been from ‘your’ side…the creating, the choices, the excitement as mail arrived. without hearing you tell it all, I may not have been able to place myself into your space so easily. From start to now, this has all been such a gift, such a dream! xo

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