Transformation in the Dark of the Moon

Posted: January 6, 2019 by Mo Crow in Braille for the Soul, It's Crow Time, The Gathering
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Old Man Crow gave me this beautiful Third Eye by Penel Bigg of Fire Bird Beads for xmas
which I broke on New Year’s Eve
and mended with a bat claw, eel skin leather, waxed black linen & blue upholstery threads
2 lampworked beads by Kathy Dorfer, lapis lazuli and blue glass beads
over the summer break I collated the online catalogue for the dream, there’s 172 pages with a double page spread for each contribution, here’s a screenshot of what the info and title pages look like so far
will photograph all the pennants and talismans with a good digital SLR on a tripod in the white space of Artsite Galleries on January 15th & 16th (this will also give me a trial run for getting the dream armature with the blue branch carefully out the front door) the gallery is just a two minute walk away so Old Man Crow and I will carry it up there and pray for a sunny day!
Yesterday was hot with a light breeze, perfect for airing the tulle train of the old wedding dress
and started working out how to attach the train to the dream, it will need to be discreetly detachable for ease of transport
the lace heart by Sharon Peoples makes a beautiful bridge between the armature and the cloud of tulle
just loosely knotted in place for now but it’s getting there
Today I will start wiring Reaching for the Stars to hold up the cloud and rope lines for the pennants
here’s the rough sketches from July 2017
September 2017
March 2018
and now it’s just making itself
Magic Days!

  1. Marti says:

    I’m not one who feels the need to have a word for the year but in seeing the word, transformation, it seems to describe so strongly all that has come from participating in the Gathering. Mo you turned 2018 into a transforming year for many of us by sharing your vision of a world where love is the answer. In return, we who participated found so much within ourselves, as well as communally. Your call to mend our world reached out across the world for it recognized that boundaries do not exist, that when a heart-felt call goes out, it will be heard from all corners of our world because it taps in and connects into the well spring of ourselves and in so doing, sends out the message that together, with love, a path of hope and possibility morphs from a dream into reality.

  2. grace Maestas says:

    looking with my mouth hanging open, forgetting to breathe…..i “see” it, really, for the
    first time….how BEAUTY FULL it will be…how amazing to behold….and with the old man’s
    Love Song….

  3. fiberels says:

    step by step a dream getting real, coming true !

    (uhhhhm … the ONLY down-thing is : I can’t visit the exhibition in person ….. 😉 …)

  4. dinahmow says:

    You are a bit of a wizard, aren’t you,Mo! 🙂

  5. Nancy says:

    Oh Mo! Seeing this looking backwards and forwards…the dream is alive! Your handwork, planning, vision, gathering…all breathtaking in their own right. I am so excited to see it in the Gallery!

  6. Such an exciting stage of the project. Looking wonderful.

  7. Eliene says:

    You are a gift to the world my friend….a visionary who makes magic happen.

  8. Nanette says:

    The Dream Awakening! I’m making plans to be there for the opening…..I’m excited to see it all in place and surrounded by admirers.

  9. deemallon says:

    How incredibly exciting! The lace heart window to the gown is amazing, as you say. Your blog
    and work in the past year has been a touchstone for hope — tangible effects of community and prayer made manifest. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to see the further transformations.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Dee))) each piece of the puzzle is fitting in with that pleasing klunk sound, wired the gloves this morning, my sculptor friend Bronwyn suggested making a cardboard pattern first and that made the wires easy to bend to shape & they fit perfectly just like a glove, next is working out how to attach the cloud of tulle in a way that is easily detachable and keep editing the catalogue entries with fingers x-ed all the pennants and talismans in time for the photoshoot!

  10. Fiona says:

    Oh my glory mo – how amazement is that looking?!?!? And quite the logistical process to get it there, but wow! I love the mending of your third eye bead – it can sometime make a thing more meaningful or precious i hint, to rescue it in your own way.

  11. Barry says:

    MC – sad about the third eye – some things gain a different dimension in the process of preparing. B

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Barry))) I couldn’t believe I broke it in less than a week, it was so perfect but the good thing about the repair is now it’s really mine!

  12. Mending, breaking, mending – repair… like kintsugi making things personal beautiful treasured – a crack, a break – its ‘how the light gets in’ (Leonard Cohen)
    All looking and feeling very exciting Mo – well done you!

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