Love Takes Time by Jude Hill

Posted: December 14, 2018 by Mo Crow in Braille for the Soul, It's Crow Time, The Gathering
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Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth‘s pennant arrived today!
Love Takes Time
the exquisite point of the needle left in place
the trail of red dots
through the heart of the matter
the depth of detail
weaving time
with so much love
view from the other side
settling in for a good yarn with the gathering
Jude Hill has quietly created a revolution with her Spirit Cloth, inspiring a wonderful circle of women from all around the world with “just going”, stitching through all the thicks and thins of life, generously sharing her process with deep integrity and heart.
this gathering of love for our beautiful broken world is inspired by Jude’s Magic Feather Project when I first met this magic woman and her circle of cloth conjurors

  1. Tina says:

    Seeing Jude’s Grace’s and Hazel’s pennants hanging side by side .. brings to mind 🎵🎶 It’s a small world after all 🎶🎵a world I am beyond blessed to be part of .. a world filled with love and creativity .. kindness and generosity. Big Thanks Mo for giving home to this gathering.

  2. jude says:

    it’s so glad to be home!

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Jude))) thank you for all the inspiration and encouragement through the years, it is an honour to hold your pennant, leaving the needle in is such a grace note!

  3. Martine says:

    Love, love, love……………………..

  4. deemallon says:

    Truly beautiful. Love rendered real by effort, talent, and time. Love the woven inclusion (among so many other things). It must feel like Christmas there!!

  5. Nancy says:

    Love! The warmth of cloth/stitch/weaving colors, the detail and meandering, the unique ideas, the complicated simplicity…all speak to Jude our mentor! i love how at home they all look together.

  6. Liz A says:

    I can scarcely keep up with the influx of pennants, the pace quickening as we race toward solstice.

    And what to say about this sampler of all I have loved and learned from Jude and Spirit Cloth? Only this: that it is the woven bit that holds my eye longest, symbolizing as it does my entering this amazing community whilst Considering Weave.

    I regret that I “missed the boat” on the original Magic Feather project, but I’d like to think these pennants are feathers of another sort, all of them flying home to Australia, carrying love. It’s never too late to be a part of something larger than self.

  7. Hazel says:

    Jude’s way of blending layers of cloth, stitch and spirit seem to hold the heart of love, and the needle, a symbol of going. How very swell to be there with her and so many of the sisters of this circle, a gift in itself.

  8. Mo Crow says:

    (((Hazel))) Magic Days!

  9. Fiona says:

    So many layers of beauty and storytelling here – lots of heart healing…

  10. Judy Martin says:

    magical Jude…lovely to see her pennant Love Takes Time. Love also gives us time in a way…I mean it expands. We expand. Time expands. love you Mo xo

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Judy))) you and Jude mark Time with such Deep Hearted Love & Impeccable Intent, you two are the inspiration for realizing this dream on so many levels

  11. Joan Raines says:

    This pennant spoke to me in a way I can’t explain. I love the feeling of wonder I am experiencing.

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