“I know a world where love is the answer” by Jane Milliken

Posted: November 30, 2018 by Mo Crow in Braille for the Soul, It's Crow Time, The Gathering
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Jane Milliken’s talisman arrived todaywith this beautiful letter
the reveal
in Jane’s words
“My talisman takes the form of a drum. The heart is a tightly rolled hand dyed persimmon kimono silk, evenly & finely stitched 2 stitches per mm into a cylinder, over which a skin of ivory kimono silk is also stitched, infusing the words of old man crow as I worked the needle. Carefully mapping a fragile strip of mid Georgian period linen, mid 1700’s, it feels so gloriously soft and delicate, wrapping our world with love. A needlewoven series of madder pink detached buttonhole twisted bars attaches it all to the 1/2″ koala knuckle bone as a hanger. Allowing the soft frays of the linen to curve inwards to encase the curved drum. As I stitched I noticed a fine tracery a single line of block printed madder almost invisible but there. A thread of hope. The button is from an 1895 pink kid leather glove, so gorgeously soft also, I wrapped the whole piece in a little bundle of it… Filled with hope & love for our world.”
“a single  line of blockprinted madder almost invisible but there”
“A needlewoven series of madder pink detached buttonhole twisted bars attaches it all to the 1/2″ koala knucklebone as a hanger”
“I know a world where love is the answer”
settling in with the gathering
“Love really is the answer.”
Magic Days

  1. Marti says:

    Looking first at this lovely tightly rolled talisman, then reading Jane’s insightful words of her process, I feel such a pulse, an ancient beat of healing and love. Perhaps ancient due to the many lovely items of years ago used in this talisman. More specifically, it has to do with her symbol- the drum, the most primitive and ancient of beats…the choice of a drum is what moves through me because the drum is the heartbeat of music for me. It is what I dance to, when spirit fills me or when I need to work out anguish, sadness or simply, explode with joy…this tiny talisman does just that, it has spirit, held by bone wisdom, the frays of the cloth on the sides, so much how it is in our world and then the explosion of color from the button- a heartbeat of love for our planet.

  2. ravenandsparrow says:

    Jane’s talisman is another thoughtful offering, beautiful in itself and intensified by the origins and circumstances of it’s elements. Someone approaching this tiny thing unawares would have no idea about the koala bone (!) or the age of the fabric, or the source of the button. They would only see a little gem combining earthy and man-made bits into a source of power. One that draws from its unknown but potent beginnings and amplifies the intention of its maker. That is true of all the pennants and talismans that you have received. You are the initiator and alchemist.

  3. deemallon says:

    is she your sister?!

  4. Barry says:

    MC – the gathering is a cornucopia of creativity. B

  5. Fiona says:

    these wee talisfolk are all such precious pieces…tiny treasures fills with love and heart; power-packed!

  6. Liz A says:

    I dare say madder speaks love so much more softly than pink …

  7. Jane Milliken says:

    Mo)) I found your blog emails tucked away in a corner, (gmail had reconfigured!) I am so grateful for the joy within me, fairly bouncing off the walls to be back reading from you & your kindred souls all working within the same spirit of love for our world. And in knowing my little gifting talisman is so welcomed in amongst the clan of deeply spiritual workers. @Liz A, I love the softness, delicate hues that come with madder, a study of dye back throughout history, I have discovered it was de rigueur for red (cochineal was not discovered at that time in Europe). As it ages it fades to this washed out blush. The dyed glove when cut reveals the depth of colour and it feels glorious against the cheek. But the 18th C piece of linen, oh my, such softness and grace, the fine tracery gave my heart such a feeling of joy that a French printers mark is still visible after all these years and that it has been honoured, recognised as a binding thread of hope within our little community which spreads around the globe, and as @Marti, related, the beat of the drumming within our hearts, and souls reaching ones centre.

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