The Silent Majority Sees

Posted: July 1, 2018 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time
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The Silent Majority Sees
by Emily Valentine

Artist Statement:
‘We, as members of the local community, have lost control of our surroundings. We know what is going on and feel saddened and disheartened seeing our local landmarks destroyed. Of course, I am thinking of the West Connex and Public Housing, and observe how little effect our wishes and protests are having on our present NSW government. The silent majority observes, without the urge to object or react to the destruction that is happening around us.

In “The Silent Majority Sees”, people view the destruction of their community and passively watch. I ask, “Join the noisy minority!”

This image was built from many photos I have taken within the last 6 months around the inner west area. The photos of people were taken here, behind the Art Seat.’

Emily’s powerful 5m photomontage is on display outside the Newtown Community Centre
until 8 August

Shine On Em!

  1. Tina says:

    Are they going to replace what they have just taken away? Housing for low income families is needed so we can put slumlords out of business. It is a problem all over the world I’m sure.

    • Mo Crow says:

      The NSW state government is selling off all the public housing in the inner city as even the smallest run down cottage is worth more than a million dollars. They are giving tax cuts to property developers building high rise apartment blocks with a percentage of affordable units for public housing on the outskirts of the city an hour and a half commute by car or train. WestConnex is a 17 billion dollar rort, the government is paying a private contractor to build huge tunnels for tollways no one wants and we the people will have to pay a toll to drive on them. The Federal government has just signed off on a new law to silence protest as united, awake and resisting we are powerful and they know it, hence the constant efforts by Govt, giant Corps and the media to keep us fearful of each other so we are too distracted to see The Corporate World Take Over. In these strange dark days we must stand up for our rights.

  2. shemann says:

    it is a worldwide problem, it sickens me

  3. fiberels says:

    Very bad and very sad !
    (“big boys” of the club are giving the ball to one another, without
    caring what the rest of the community thinks … very wrong and SAD !)
    Keep standing, Mo !!!!!

  4. Fiona says:

    I love this gentle protest Mo – the circular nature of it, the absolute poignancy of people and place being separated and torn. Magnificent. Thanks for sharing and letting us know…

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