Fly Free Jo Fire Singer Star Woman

Posted: June 25, 2018 by Mo Crow in friends, It's Crow Time

A Candle by Mo“One candle gives light to another without itself ceasing to burn. The light which has been given to us burns all the brighter for being offered to others”
words found in an old church in England by my friend Jo New
Jo and I met in a shamanic Act of Power course back in 2004
a brilliant photographer, poet and healer
Jo Fire Singer
Star Woman

beautiful friend, wife, mother and grandmother with such a huge heart
Fly Free!
August 28th 1945 – June 21st 2018star drum made by Jo New 2005

  1. Nancy says:

    (((Mo))) Yes, may your dear friend Fly Free. May we all be free one day. I’m so sorry for your loss of someone important to you. Sending light and love. xo

  2. shemann says:

    Did she pass on? Hugs to you

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Susan))) Jo passed away on Thursday evening, she wrote on Tuesday to let her friends know she didn’t have much time left on the planet, such a brave & gracious soul.

  3. Eliene says:

    This is the lady who made your drum isn’t it? Maybe you can help her fly to higher ground.Sorry to hear this sad news.

  4. Margaret Johnson says:

    Gentle hugs to you Mo…

  5. fiberels says:

    So sad …
    (good you have a bit of her in that drum !)

  6. vdbolyard says:

    sending you a hug

  7. deemallon says:

    sorry to hear, Mo. She is a shining example, even in her passing.

  8. Liz A says:


  9. Hazel Monte says:

    Thoughts and love for you, and her circle, dear (((Mo)))

  10. Barry says:

    MC – thoughts and vibes to you. Peace. B

  11. Valerianna says:

    Sorry to hear of your friend’s death, Mo, love to you

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