Agape with love for Roz Hawker’s pennant!

Posted: June 18, 2018 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, The Gathering
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Roz Hawker‘s magically stitched pennant ‘Agape’ meeting Fiona Dempster‘s ‘Imagine Peace’ weathergram
nestled in the garden
wrapped in a brown paper bag with a note from Roz explaining Agape Love
I love how the word agape is also defined by being “in a state of wonder or amazement, as with the mouth wide open.”
such beautiful stitching
and from the other side!
the shimmer in the silken rows
‘Agape’ meeting The Gathering!
Roz makes such good magic you can see more of her stunning work over on instagram

my hair is standing on end tingling with the magic in the air
deep bow this is truly Braille for the Soul
the circle is strong, magic is afoot

  1. Margaret Johnson says:


  2. Martine says:

    Wonderful work……………

  3. Barry says:

    MC – folk are really putting meaning and a lot of work into their pennants – giving them so much power. Go well. B

  4. Marti says:

    If love has a texture, it is here in Roz’s Agape and by looking at her amazing stitching, you feel the time and dedication that was given to this meditative and beautiful work. On the surface, this pennant has a luminescence, the green silk color, color from nature, soft, gentle, much like the first unfurling of seedlings, the beginning green of growth. Stand back and take in the whole of this wondrous pennant and you feel the strength and toughness from the ripples, rolls and waves of stitching; these serve to inform us that in order to have a world where Love is the Answer, both qualities, softness and strength are needed to hold our world in hope, in equality, in communion with each other, with our environment, with the planet.

  5. ravenandsparrow says:

    As usual, Marti has articulated the essence of this pennant so well….texture, luminescence, heartbreaking hopeful color…I love the way the delicacy of each individual stitch melds into a robust, solid whole while the tiny white edge of the underlying satin hints at the vulnerability beneath. Beautiful job, Roz.

  6. Fiona says:

    Heart-filled, with every stitch. Agape.

  7. vdbolyard says:

    roz has magic hands…

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Velma))) when the sun comes out I will take more photos, it’s been raining all week and the flash really doesn’t do Roz’s fabulous textures and gentle greens justice

  8. deemallon says:

    “love that transcends and persists regardless of circumstance” — a phrase for this age like no other.

  9. Liz A says:

    Agape is such a wonderful concept … unconditional love, embracing all

    And Roz Hawker’s stitches real-ize the concept … each stitch surrounding, supporting, embracing the cloth, giving it strength, the ability to endure

  10. Hazel Monte says:

    I am in awe of Roz’s vision, beautiful and packed with loving stitches.

  11. Roz says:

    Hi Mo,
    I came back to revisit this post. How kindly this work has been received! It was a joy to stitch! And I am glad to have been included in your group.
    Thank you so much for the gifts sent earlier and the heart warming season’s greetings. Best to you both as this year ends and we set sail into another !! Roz X

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