lace moon in process

Posted: June 12, 2018 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, The Gathering
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the beaded neckline from the wedding dress fits perfectly on the moon shaped trunk clasp of the palm inflorescence which was painted with white chalk paint during a break in the rain last week
stitched with the rotted tulle from the veil, antique lace and silk thread
taking shape needle lace to hold the moon
a moment of indecision when I realized the beaded edge will face the base of the dress forma quick test to see if it will work, the fork in the electric blue branch needs to be be tied in higher and the palm inflorescence a little lower but it’s getting there, now back to the needle lace!

  1. fiberels says:

    I thought : what an amazing growth …. (but I looked it up, it’s the stalk/stem where the flowers and fruit of that palm tree grow on … ) looks awesome … and JUST RIGHT for you 😉

  2. ravenandsparrow says:

    The palm inflorescence is so beautiful!! I’m wondering…is the beaded neckline actually meant to be the moon, or is that just a way of referring to its crescent shape? I am really enjoying watching you bring this project together.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Dana))) I do love a big sprawling project & the surprises that come along the way! the crescent shape in the palm inflorescence looks like a crescent moon, the beads fit so perfectly along the edge but won’t be easy to see as the skirt of the rusted iron dress form will be veiled by the tulle train.

  3. grace Maestas says:

    read the words, then closed my eyes…could see you working…

  4. nettyg says:

    This is beautiful Mo, creativity at it’s finest. I love those palm inflorescences, although I didn’t know that wzs the correct term……’palm frond thingies’ usually 🙂 but I collect them when I’m out walking and have them hanging off the gates, fence and chook pen……they give the girls lovely dappled shade. Xx

  5. To make so much out of such seeming detritus is astounding to me…ASTOUNDING!.

  6. Louise Watson says:

    I think you may need a large room to exhibit this installation! The more space you have the more the whole sculpture could expand out, then perhaps the lovely crescent moon wouldn’t get lost under the dress. Just a thought. Getting near the finishing of mine and wondering about the top – how are they going to be hung? Will you tie them or thread something through the top? I had turned the top of mine over and put a stick through to hold it flat but it also could have ties in the top 2 corners.

  7. Fiona says:

    What a marvellous becoming…

  8. Barry says:

    Hi MC – that is one wild creation – amazing where the bits and pieces of stuff take us. B

  9. Liz A says:

    How your drawing is coming to life … and the inflorescence makes me think of a wedding gown train, especially in the pictures where it is oriented horizontally

  10. Wow Mo – this is a wonderful dreaming! Enjoying the expansiveness of your creative mind…
    Have my piece in solar dye (been there for about 3 moons now) – will take it out at midsummer eve and stitch it through the rest of the summer …

  11. lana says:

    I love what you are creating. Let me know when you have an exhibition. If I am able to I’d love to attend. Lana

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