Ulrike Bogdan’s pennant and a talisman by Bronwyn Berman just joined The Gathering!

Posted: June 2, 2018 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, The Gathering
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Ulrike Bogdan’s pennant & Bronwyn Berman’s talisman arrived yesterday to join The Gathering
Ulrike has written about her deeply philosophical response to the dream of a world where love is the answer over on her blog  Nemo-Ignorat
I love the way she has combined all her skills as an artist, scientist and linguist
to quote from over on her blog
“…’Selbstlosigkeit’ (selflessness), ‘Mitgefühl’ (compassion) und ‘Geborgenheit’ (care and comfort, safety and protection). When you love someone or something, you feel compassion, act selfless and this love may give you comfort and protection.
I added some onion dyed cotton, used different silk thread dyed in indigo, madder and logwood. There is a lot of madder, because madder is of the Earth. And I just love the earthy part of its colour.
Let’s all protect this broken world. Feel compassionate for her well-being and for the beings living on her and be selfless about it. Step outside of the Dream and just Love.”
Bronwyn Berman’s talisman of love for our beautiful broken world vibrates with a delightful sense of humour and whimsy
echidna quills, Silver Sebright chook feathers, copper wire, glass beads
the patinated pod with echidna quills is by Bronwyn from back in 2015,  here’s a link to a better photograph
they are enjoying getting to know The Gathering
the beautiful indigo dyed silk scarf on the right hand side of the book case is a gift from Ulrike, perfect for this chilly day!
The Gathering is singing such deep love into our beautiful broken world
it’s like conducting a choir with each voice bringing in a new harmony

  1. The LOVE Choir is expanding. How melodic the many with like intentions harmonizing.

  2. Liz A says:

    Another unique voice in the choir … it becomes more and more apparent how inspired it was to send such varied pennant sizes and shapes out into the world. Here, Ulrike’s triune eco-dyed cloth adds a wonderful new dimension.

    And how perfect are those chook feathers on Bronwyn’s talisman?!

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Liz))) Ulrike’s pennant makes the magic of 9 voices singing love into the world, I love the chords that are happening and how Bronwyn’s talisman has such a flighty sense of play, just finished wrapping the electric blue leather round the branch that will hold the talismans, it’s all coming together!

  3. Marti says:

    Cloth and quill, stitched words of the deep sensibility of caring for our world, madder colored cloth, the ancient color of the earth, Ulrike’s pennant, Bronwyn’s talisman, displayed together evoke a deeply rooted sense of earth protection. The madder strips, guardians of the important stitched words that Ulrike has given us; words telling of what we need to offer to each other, to our communities, to our dear world. The quills on Bronwyn’s talisman, fierce in a way but offset by the whimsy of the seeing eye beads and chook feathers as if to say, we are watching, we are protecting, we are gentle guardians of the dream….

  4. ravenandsparrow says:

    The panels on either side of Ulrike’s pennant speak to me of the support we can offer each other and the earth at the same time the earth (beautiful madder coloring) holds us. The German words and definitions remind us that all around the world we are related.
    Bronwyn’s talisman is both forceful and comical. I like Marti’s description…”gentle guardians of the dream”

  5. fiberels says:

    Quite a gathering already !!!
    (love the talisman too !)

  6. Fiona says:

    What a glorious, glorious thing of beauty this is Mo!

  7. deemallon says:

    I love the lightness of Ulrike’s pennant — I know the words have gravitas, and there’s that too — but look how the satin and the buttons catch the light and look at the playfulness conveyed by the confetti-colored stitching!

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