Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord’s dream pennant joins The Gathering

Posted: March 16, 2018 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, The Gathering
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Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord’s pennant for the dream has joined The Gathering
the energy going on between the pennants by Liz Ackert, Dee Mallon and Jane Stapleford is magic
Susan’s fine calligraphy, stitching and sparkling beads bring the dream alive
with deep heart and love for our beautiful broken world
I love how the beads speak with the quiet of winter light on snow
have a look at Susan’s website & ongoing major work The Spirit Books
photo courtesy of Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord

  1. Martine says:

    Oh…… is growing……………

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Martine))) we are circling our beautiful broken world with so much deep hearted love it’s sending shivers up my spine & making my hair stand on end!

  2. Marti says:

    Susan’s lovely, illuminating pennant is a beacon for our world and so beautifully takes its place among The Gathering. It shines with the most amazing quality of intention, spreading love, hope and dreams for our beloved planet, adding it’s presence to this living, flowing, organic collective message in a heart uplifting spirit of connection.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Marti))) thank you for writing these beautiful words, you help me understand what this Dream is all about, as you say “si se puede!”

  3. ravenandsparrow says:

    Wow, the quiet subtlety of this pennant is just lovely and unique, yet fits with the others very harmoniously. I love the scatter of frost amongst the graceful letters.

  4. deemallon says:

    The lettering is gorgeous and it shimmers. Just today I wrote something about how freedom can shimmer. Here it is hope. I never thought of hope as something elegant. But now I do.

  5. Liz A says:

    Susan has honored the natural glow of the satin with her rendering of words and stars … and I dare to speculate that the back holds magic as well …

  6. fiberels says:

    very beautiful, this one !!!

  7. Hazel says:

    I love the elegance and sparkles of joy in this one!

  8. Tina Zaffiro says:

    In trying to put into words what this pennant brings to mind has been difficult. In the blue I see a beautiful blue sunny sky … the beads take me straight to an amazing lit up starry night. Night and day!! I love it so much.

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