Barry Smith’s talismans of love for our beautiful broken world

Posted: January 27, 2018 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, The Gathering
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Barry Smith sent all 8 of his Talismans of Love for our Beautiful Broken World!
a few weeks ago Barry wrote about making these talismans over on his blog and they blew me away, now that they have arrived I am even more blown away in real life! Old Man Crow reckons the one with the beads embedded is like finding a treasure in an archaeological dig, like a future foretold fulfilling the dream – Love Is The Answer!
here’s Barry’s talismans stitched into place
and talking of good magic
we went to Barangaroo Reserve to participate in the 4000 Fish project for Australia’s Invasion Day
to symbolically return 4000 fish to Sydney Harbour
“For the artwork, Emily McDaniel brought together the talents of four Indigenous artists who created visual, audio and sculptural elements responding to the story of the fisherwomen. 
Visitors to the site at Nawi Cove have been invited to scoop water from the harbour and create fish-shaped ice sculptures using cast moulds.
Once frozen, the ice fish are then placed on a large canoe moored at the end of a pontoon.
The warmth of a flame and the setting sun melts them, symbolising their return to the waters of Warrane (Sydney Harbour).”
carrying the cast fish back to the canoe
a way of giving back
a beautiful ceremony of healing for our beautiful broken world
deep magic is afoot
on so many levels

  1. Marti says:

    Barry’s creative magic and skill in turning hard metal into talismans of love is powerful alchemy.for each piece contains a tactile softness of understanding. Looking at each talisman, I see ancient runes that speak of hope in these troubled times, that offer a blessing for the possibilities of coming together, that capture a moment in time where a portal opens and we move into an awareness that we have this one fragile world in our hands…as always, Barry’s Art is a gift that holds much for all of us to consider.

  2. nettyg says:

    I love the little nuggety jewels, they look so tactile. And thanks for the story about the ceremony yesterday, how wonderful to be able to take part, and so healing for the day…….I don’t want to call it Australia Day, local aboriginal people are starting to say Restoration Day, a positive step from Invasion Day. I read the article you linked to, I didn’t know about Barangaroo, another strong woman misrepresented and disrespected. Thank you for this whole post.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Nanette))) Barry makes such good magic with deep heart, I have no idea how those glass beads didn’t melt, alchemy indeed! I love the renaming as Restoration Day, it holds so much hope for recognition & a treaty to be signed in the not too faraway

      • Mo Crow says:

        I asked Barry how he made the big talisman, here’s his reply-
        “Regarding the glass – they are high quality crystals and I poured molten metal at over 1000 degrees over them in a graphite mould – talk about love out of the furnace. Go well. B”
        so the midnight blue beads are gemstones not glass at all, must probably lapis lazuli

  3. Hazel says:

    These gifts of silver and ice are elemental, deeply felt and beautiful. “Silver & ice”…I’m chanting that now, and receiving glimmers of ideas for the pennant… thank you, dear Mo, for all that you share. ox

  4. Rene says:

    What a beautiful post-thank you.

  5. shemann says:

    Barry’s work is wonderful, it is like something you would find on a dig, I participated in a dig once years ago, it was so exciting- the tribute to the fish of Sydney Harbour brought tears to my eyes.
    I cannot bear the destruction of our world due to ignorance and greed

  6. sarah says:

    Fabulous talismans and I love the ceremony of the fish, I wish there were more things like that in the world.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Sarah))) people are gathering together in all the far flung corners of the world, working with deep love for our beautiful broken world, these are strange dark days but our world has seen strange dark days before and it’s the writers, the poets, the artists, the musicians that are telling the stories, encouraging our hearts

  7. Tina Zaffiro says:

    Thank you for sharing in words and pictures the story of the 4000 fish ceremony … teaching the next generation as well as the rest of us … gratitude. And Barry’s art … I admired his Peace leaves from last year. Such an amazing generous artist.

  8. Nancy says:

    Mo, Mo, Mo…all of this! The fish being ‘returned’ to the sea….the gifts of Barry ~ all those blue bits tumbling down like rain to cleanse all who are open to ‘seeing’! Thank you for all of the links to help me to see and learn. And your photos…that wooden bucket hold in ice fish took my breath away! Everything, just everything, down to that woman’s cool blue shirt 🙂 Magic indeed!

  9. Shona Wilson says:

    oh my goddess – how rich and touching …

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Shona))) the Mother Talisman holds all the magic of the dream, Rod kept it in his pocket at the opening and let people hold it one on one

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