Dee Mallon’s pennant – a map for love to find the way

Posted: January 1, 2018 by Mo Crow in Braille for the Soul, It's Crow Time, The Gathering
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Dee Mallon’s pennant arrived on the doorstep yesterday afternoon
(magic is afoot it was New Year’s Eve and on a Sunday!)
Dee is a passionate writer and stitcher for social justice
her pennant is a map for love to find the way to shifting our beautiful broken world
into a place where love is the answer
as she said on her blog late last year
“I can’t see “the answer”. Somehow that is fitting. “
she asks the hard questions,
looking them straight in the eye seeking truth, as she said in this reply on her blog;
“The map idea works for me for this reason too — the sense of disorientation that this administration has provoked has so many of us looking around and wondering where we are and how we got here. Is this bottom? Is this former norm a red line anymore? If these norms of decency and adherence to the constitution are currently dispensed with, is there any getting back to them? How much more seismic can the destruction get? ”
Dee has written about her journey making this pennant on her blog
“In two places, I carefully ripped open the top silk to more clearly represent injury. Like the blood-red beads, the bands that resulted from the long tears suggest that our wounds are a permanent part of the American psyche. Stitching the edges gave me the hands-on, hopeful sense that maybe there is some vantage from which our nation’s wounds show up as things of beauty. ““I used red seed beads to represent the blood of Africans who were kidnapped, transported and sold here. Their blood is a permanent feature of our landscape, as is the legacy of their labor. There is heft to this history. The fruits of enslaved labor are visible in many, many features of our built landscape, so it’s fitting that the lines of red beads are prominent and that they define whole areas.”
“The stitches took on the attributes of surgical repair in some places and of tailor-repair in others. I like how the stitched-down folds created texture when top lit and beautiful shadows when back lit. Imaginatively, the stitched repairs and the resultant shadows came to sometimes resemble a map and at other times, a scarred body. The act of integrating the dark cloth with the light cloth seemed at times to mimic the kind of healing process we all long for.”
the red thread and the star bring such hope that love will find the way
thank you Dee you are shining bright in these strange days for our beautiful broken world!
The Gathering 2018
I dream of a world where love is the answer
mending our beautiful broken world stitch by stitch
with deep gratitude to this magic circle of makers
Liz Ackert
Fiona Dempster
Barry Smith
Dee Mallon
Jude Hill
Judy Martin
Hazel Monte
Els Sneider
Dana Webb
Susi Bancroft
Wendy Watson
Bronwyn Berman
Martine Bos
Beth Brennan
Nancy Erisman
Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Grace Forrest-Maestas
Louise Watson
Michelle Slater
Margarita Sampson
Jane Bodnaruk
Susan Hemann
Roz Hawker
India Flint
Yvette Dopheide
Patricia Spangler
Kathy Dorfer
Glenda Jones
Arlee Barr
Ulrike Bogdan
Olga Cironis
Doris Perlhuhn
Saskia van Herwaarden
Carol Cantrell
Jana Cironis
Christina Haggart
Marti Weisbrich
Tina Zaffiro
Kristin McNamara Freeman
Rene Walkin
Margaret Johnson
Donna Hinchcliff
Eliene St. Romain
Cathy & Sarah Wright
Glenda Chamberlain
Jane Stapleford
Judy Lemezis
Jane Milliken
Linda Summers
Penny Vickery
Dotti Dauter
Maggie Brown
Nanette Gilbert
Aileen Jordan
Lizette Campbell
Gabrielle Bates
Shona Wilson
Joy Banks
Sharon Peoples
love will find the way!

  1. Martine says:

    Another beautiful step towards a world where love is the answer…..

  2. deemallon says:

    Thank you Mo for your reflections. Glad it arrived safe!

  3. What a package….every bit a testament to Dee’s consciousness and craft.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Michelle))) magic is afoot, revolution is in the air, Power to the People!
      it’s dawn of the first day of 2018 here in sunny Sydney, we can mend our ways, the fossil fuel industry who have all the governments kow-towing to them are becoming irrelevant dinosaurs, ecocide will be a crime in the near future, generating power is happening with renewable energy sources & new ways of storage, mainstream media with all it’s fake news propaganda is losing it’s grip, through community action we are letting each other know what’s really going on, the circle is strong, every act of love helps mend our beautiful broken world!

  4. nettyg says:

    Namaste Mo, strong magic in words and stitch and intention from you and Dee on this dawn of the new year. Wonderful to think Dee’s map of love and hope is here, Down Under, carrying her message across the ocean.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Nanette))) exploring each stitch and bead, feeling the textures, the way the silk has married to the old satin, Dee invokes such powerful magic with deep heart

  5. nettyg says:

    A wondrous joy to hold it in your hands and explore with hand and heart. {{Mo}}

  6. sarah says:

    it looks so beautiful. new year blessings of warmth and peace and magic to you xx

  7. beth says:

    Dee & Mo, there such presence in this piece. Resilience and resistance, a fierce love. Dee, your strength flows out of it. Mo, this is truly going to be incredible.
    Love and happy new year to all who connect here.

  8. Hazel says:

    I appreciate the strong earthiness of Dee’s piece and the room it makes for questions. & am ever grateful for your inspiration and curation for peace.

  9. fiona says:

    Ahh Mo, it is becoming…
    What a beautiful guide and map Dee’s pennant is; so often the answers are there for us if we look with care. With hope we enter the new year – magic awaits us! Thank you for your stitching and mending.

  10. Susan says:

    what an amazing pennant of hope for our world, thank you for sharing Mo!

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Susan))) I love how Dee’s pennant is relaxing and relating to Liz’s pennon and Judy’s talisman, magic is afoot, revolution is in the air and as my brother wrote in his xmas card dreaming of moving to Canada but knowing he has to stick around as the revolution will Not be televised, there is much work to do!

  11. love found it’s way on sunday….wow
    they are flying in..the pennants
    love Mo I wish you and old man crow love

  12. ravenandsparrow says:

    Great pictures of Dee’s wonderful psychic map! It will bring trenchant truth-telling to the gathering of cloth. Also, nice packaging! What a gift to receive on New Year’s Eve! After this anxious and dismal year, I am feeling a renewal of hope for 2018 and your “I Dream of a World…” project is part of it. Thanks Mo.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Dana))) receiving Dee’s pennant on NYE combined with the wild magic wind that swept through the house just before midnight helping me sweep out the old year brings so much hope for change!

  13. Liz A says:

    The power of stitch to mend and to hold … a perfect metaphor for our life and times. And Dee’s pennant proves that there is beauty to be found wherever we seek it, if only we have eyes to see.

  14. fiberels says:

    Ahhhhh … it’s amazing ! Saw already glimpse over there 😉 but it’s gorgeous
    finished and all !!!

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