International Day of Peace

Posted: September 21, 2017 by Mo Crow in Braille for the Soul, friends, It's Crow Time
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I dream of a world where love is the answer
mending our beautiful broken world stitch by stitch
with deep gratitude to this magic circle of makers
Liz Ackert
Fiona Dempster
Barry Smith
Dee Mallon
Jude Hill
Judy Martin
Hazel Monte
Els Sneider
Dana Webb
Susi Bancroft
Wendy Watson
Bronwyn Berman
Martine Bos
Beth Brennan
Nancy Erisman
Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Grace Forrest-Maestas
Louise Watson
Michelle Slater
Margarita Sampson
Jane Bodnaruk
Susan Hemann
Roz Hawker
India Flint
Yvette Dopheide
Patricia Spangler
Kathy Dorfer
Glenda Jones
Arlee Barr
Ulrike Bogdan
Olga Cironis
Doris Perlhuhn
Saskia van Herwaarden
Carol Cantrell
Jana Cironis
Christina Haggart
Marti Weisbrich
Tina Zaffiro
Kristin McNamara Freeman
Rene Walkin
Margaret Johnson
Donna Hinchcliff
Eliene St. Romain
Cathy & Sarah Wright
Glenda Chamberlain
Jane Stapleford
Judy Lemezis
Jane Milliken
Linda Summers
Penny Vickery
Dotti Dauter
Maggie Brown
Nanette Gilbert
Aileen Jordan
Gabrielle Bates
Shona Wilson
Joy Banks
Sharon Peoples
photographs courtesy of Madeleine Tuckfield-Carrano Artsite Gallery

  1. shemann says:

    Thank you! Peace to you too! Did you make a flag? I was going to but hand surgery kept me from making one on time for today. Sue

  2. coloremartine says:

    Such peacefull beauty. Soon it’ll be to cold to work in the garden and then stitching time comes. Looking very much forward to a World where love is the Answer……

  3. deemallon says:

    your ‘silken ties wrapped ’round the earth’ are glowing. how beautiful you look.

  4. Hazel says:

    May deep love flow back to you, dear beautiful Mo. ox

  5. Marti says:

    Mo, the first photo of your beautiful self brought a tear to my eye and these Spanish words to my heart, for you look like “La Madonna de la Paz” (the Madonna of Peace.) It is not yet International Peace Day here in New Mexico but there is a stirring in the wind, a vibration in the sky, a sensory image of arms stretched across, around, under and above our planet, arms belonging to so many who are open to the possibility of one world, connecting with deep heart, caring, generosity, concern and spirit and you dear Mo and Rod, are held in that moving light.

  6. sarah says:

    Beautiful photos! ❤ And such a wonderful list. Blessings of peace and love to you.

  7. fiberels says:

    Mo, let’s dream together
    Together it must work
    Let LOVE be the answer !

  8. Carol says:

    (((Mo))) You made me cry! Peace and joy to you and Rod on this International Day of Peace. xxx

  9. Most lovely……The International Day is the 21st and It’s still the 20th here but I’m starting to see what Ill stitch for ‘Dreaming of a world where Love is the Answer’ and dyeing next-need indigo. Love and love more to you all.

  10. Judy Martin says:

    beauty and peace – peace and beauty – I am otherwise speechless and sending love to all of our tender, opened hearts around the world xo

  11. Ah dear Mo – these images and the ‘feel’ of it are so beautiful. Thank you
    Love and peace – yes, are the answers

  12. Margaret Johnson says:

    Deep Peace of the Moon and Stars and Earth to us All… ox

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Jude))) love is all we need as the Beatles sang 50 years, the sense of community and belonging you have created with your Spirit Cloth is such an inspiration as are these words from Barry Smith yesterday-
      “this international Peace Day seems just so special – not only because we are trying to push back some of the negativity, intolerance and aggression via some small ripples; but also because I feel I’m part of a small but special movement. Liz you have helped take us all another step along the way by how you have added to each effort. With my Peace Leaves I’m just amazed how different folk have taken up the task of distributing 10 leaves – such thoughtfulness has tended to go into the task. The 210 leaves in the end extended to 250 as I was asked for a few more here and there. But what I love is that those who have given them out have created a small but powerful little movement. And as you say Liz it has the advantage of stretching over two days of International Peace Day. Go well and peace be yours and mine and others. B”
      & this very inspiring article by George Monbriot The Politics of Belonging
      “Through restoring community, renewing civic life and claiming our place in the world, we build a society in which our extraordinary nature – our altruism, empathy and deep connection – is released. A kinder world stimulates and normalises our kinder values. I propose a name for this story: the Politics of Belonging.”

  13. So much happening, so many people in need of peace in their hearts and minds. We need an International Year of Peace when the sole focus of our mediation is just that.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Wendy))) as Marti said so beautifully yesterday over on Liz’s blog “President Barack Obama’s slogan, “Yes, We Can” or as it actually plays in my head in Spanish, “Si Se Puede.” Three little words but such connective words. Each one of us make up WE and whatever it takes, whatever we can do, whatever we hold dear to bring and sustain the light of dignity, concern and equality, we will do and you help lead the way dear Liz and I say thank you.”

  14. fiona says:

    Oh Mo – what a marvelous movement we are part of, and how strongly I feel hope for peace is held and shared. So many small quiet voices coming together in small gentle ways, little by little we connect and support each other to keep going. Peace is the way, our only way…thank you for all that you do.

  15. ravenandsparrow says:

    Thank you for all you do to further the cause of peace around the world Mo. Your thoughts, your work and your loving heart are an inspiration every day.

  16. Without doubt, your pictures touch my heart….so tender, so open in serenity, trust in peacefull future. Yesterday, somebody said, if you turn the camera you could see all the little shops and initiatives to start a peacefull something!!!!!

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