how to get in the pink

Posted: July 23, 2017 by Mo Crow in Braille for the Soul, It's Crow Time

this crack showed a way into the pink
this week I was gifted a felted pink blanket
and a rusted iron mandala
I really don’t have any affinity to the colour pink and have questioned the use of rust as it never sleeps, it just keeps eating away at whatever it comes into contact with
but there is something comforting about that old wool and the rust is beautiful
perhaps a rust mandala marking the centre of the blanket would get me going…
does anyone have any clues about how old wool will cope with rust?
should I use vinegar on wool?
is it better to wait to try this until summer? (it’s mid winter here in Sydney)
I have never used rust or pink in my work…
but it could make a medicine blanket/shroud for all the extinct species….

PS this didn’t work, the rust hardly made an impression and the colour is too pink for me to deal with, it’s a warm spare blanket for visitors & really doesn’t need to be anything else!

  1. Eliene says:

    Beautiful piece of iron Mo……look forward to seeing what you do with both pieces.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Eliene))) love the delicacy of the rusted iron, just hoping it will make a good contact print on the wool once the weather warms up, don’t think I’ll try to do anything else with it except live it it’s rusting process in my garden

  2. Lovely notion–a shroud for the departed, but why not a medicine blanket for the creatures at the brink–like a prayer. Use the blanket all winter for warmth I say. That sort of wool is very warm and soft. The pink is actually more salmon and a very nice shade at that. Check with Deb Lactivia, Glennis at Shibori Girl, or Jude Hill on how to dye wool when Spring thaw comes round (what mordant to use or not use), and about how the metal might affect wool–try to discover what the base metal is as that will have more influence than the rust.

  3. Margaret Johnson says:

    Love rusty stuff. Your wrought iron is quite pretty. The pink on the wall reminds me of the pink painted cement fireplace surround, in the house I grew up in. ox

  4. I often rust on cotton by just leaving it outside to weather for about three months, depending on the amount of rain we get. To get close contact I tie all together with string, I am not sure how this would work on wool though.

  5. shemann says:

    I would hang the wrought iron piece on a wall. The other thought-the shadows it would make on the wall, what could you do with its shadow. It’s not necessarily the thing itself. As for the lovely wool blanket, It would make a terrific poncho with your terrific needle work. Yes, a medicine blanket of sorts. I have used rust to dye wool, cotton, and paper but as to the long term effects, I just don’t know.

  6. arlee says:

    If that blanket is thick and fuzzy you’ll have to saturate the blanket when you lay in on the mandala, and leave it for a good while for the imprint (cover the whole in plasic)–the fuzziness won’t give you as narrow a design line, and i’m thinking you’re going to need a good encrustation to get any markings, which means you’re going to have heavy areas of rust scale as well. It’s do-able, as long as you are happy with how it ends up 😉

    I’ve envious of that rust piece too!

  7. Nancy says:

    Love the mandala and the idea of a medicine blanket. Is there a way to perhaps tone the pink down a bit? Wash out some of the bold color, cover with stitches of sorts? A tree skirt, bunched around the base of the wedding dress love tree? I still have my green wool baby blanket with a couple of things stitched on from eons ago in some class with Jude 🙂 If you would find green wool useful, you are welcome to it!

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Nancy))) thanks for the offer of yor baby blanket but for this one I want to just use this pink blanket, will have a go at stripping some of the colour and then wick the edges with iron water, may even have a go at some eco dyeing with lemon scented gum leaves, buds and twigs from the tree across the road before the rust treatment and keep it in earth tones, It’s related but separate to the wedding dress/dreaming tree, a lot of the pennants will be hanging from the waist of the dress form like a grass skirt as I’ve reduced the height of the dreaming tree so I can fit it out the door!

  8. deemallon says:

    I wouldn’t use rust for the blanket given how thick it is (not that I have any expertise). You know who’s going like gangbusters with rust these days? Joe in Montana. His is all on cotton, though, I think. Now that I hear about you and pink, I’m reconsidering thread choice for my sigil for the tree — I might use pink! (The rusted ornament reminds me of a sigil, by the way)

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Dee))) I really want to have a go at getting that mandala to make a rust print on the wool, will have a go with a rusted horseshoe nail on a scrap of wool first… and then if it doesn’t work I won’t ruin the whole blanket although that pink is very difficult for me to deal with. This week has been a disaster with making the spiral base for Moon Unit II, have to rethink what I’m doing so I am busy getting the logical side of my brain back in gear doing the tax preparation, have sorted all the receipts for the last financial year, will make the big spreadsheet next, in a strange way I enjoy it!

  9. coloremartine says:

    Mo if you dont like that pink than overdye it, shouldnt be too difficult because its wool. Arlee’s tips for ironprinting are great and i too are envious of that wonderful mandala………………..

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Martine))) the Mandala looks beautiful in the garden will take another photo soon, look forward to trying a few little rust experiments on wool with the weather warming up to 26˚C (78˚F) this weekend. Have worked out how to rescue the black spiral for Moon Unit II by reinforcing the stitching along the stitched lines with chain stitch & finished the tax this morning, it’s been a hard week for the old brain cells but it’s good for them!

  10. Tilly says:

    Hi Mo,
    Great piece of iron👍🏼How wool would cope with the rust? it seems to me that it could be indeed a beautyful aliance. The idea comes now to put the wool in paint, pink paint if you like, till the wool is soaking wet? And yes, the rust could get also some coloir.
    That can be removed or not.
    It’s an plurking option😁

    I suddenly see Ariel P Cat sitting on a cupboard😻.

  11. jude says:

    i’ve warmed up to pink, but not rust. that thing has so much promise though.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Jude))) it’s a warm day here so instead of doing an experiment first I have gone for it, spritzed the rusted mandala with a 1:6 solution of white vinegar to water, then wet the pink blanket with the hose, laid it over the mandala & covered it with a sheet of thin plastic will leave it overnight then rinse with bicarbonate of soda and hang it out to dry, am making some iron water as well with some rusty bits

  12. mo……in a country full of eucalypustrees……the most beautiful red in the world with a touch of black of the nail of the sacred horseshoe
    i put a picture of it on my blog today…….love

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Yvette))) that’s true & I have a Eucalyptus citriodora right across the road that drops lots of branches and bark… maybe have another look in summer but for now it’s a distraction from the Blue Moon!

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