the first cut is the deepest

Posted: July 2, 2017 by Mo Crow in Braille for the Soul, It's Crow Time
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My friend who donated her mother’s wedding dress tore one of the applique circles out of her skirt to give to the dress & it turned into a heart! then she tied it into the left sleeve with some white silk thread & snipped the tiny frayed heart you can see just below it
the first cut
the skirt all cut up into pennants ready to fly out to be stitched with hopes and dreams for our beautiful broken world
there’s still plenty of pieces left if you want to come aboard
the cloth is weighty, old and full of story
hold it in your hands, listen with your heart & dream
then do whatever feels right – fray or bind the edges, burn if that’s your turn, add bits of cloth or special beads, feathers, stones, bones, paint or dye, stitch or just fill it with good vibes then when it’s done send it back to me by December 2018
“I dream of a world where love is the answer”
for the Braille for the Soul show at Artsite Gallery in March 2019

PS all of the 45 pennants have flown out but if you want to join this circle make a small talisman and post it to me by December 2018

  1. beth says:

    The dress visited my dreams last night and sang of old, new, borrowed, and blue. (Wow, the pieces are so much larger that I imagined!)

  2. Nancy says:

    A phrase, in the way of an altered song fell out of my mouth in the shower last night. We’ll see where that goes!

  3. Marti says:

    Mo, if you have any small pennants left, I would love to share my dream of one planet, one people, one world by stitching some of my naturally dyed cloths to it. I do not do embroidery nor am I very skillful at stitching but I do dye cloth; The idea of connecting the gifts of the land here in New Mexico with one of your pennants in Australia would be a joy and a privilege. A way to say thank you for this opportunity and a moving way to honor our one true Mother, Mother Earth,

  4. It’s a good place for a heart.

    Is that the veil I see there Mo? May have a little of that as well? Twice the size of the fabric? No worries if I can’t as I have some gauze that will do the trick for my message.

  5. fiberels says:

    Mo, so wonderful ! Yes 😉

    (almost urchin-like strips …)

  6. Mo.?
    Afraid to ask but maybe
    Little love leftover ?

  7. coloremartine says:

    Mo it looks so shiny and soft. There’s place for alot of love……………..

  8. bronwyn says:

    A beautiful project Mo, so happy to be a part of it

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Bronwyn))) you have to come over soon & help me work out the logistics of making this dreaming tree & fitting it into the moon boat, those rusted iron twigs may need to be welded together, as there’s a lot of pennants to suspend ! Ran into Margarita Sampson yesterday at Watters Gallery for the last day of the Reg Mombassa show, she’s going to stitch a pennant too, this one is growing BIG!

  9. Margaret Johnson says:

    You must be having a blast Mo!!.. Maybe I should do something with my old wedding dress, made from crepe. Better than having it rot in a plastic bag!! Will be our 48th anniversary this year!! But have been together since 1965. Time just wizzes by, before you know it your’e old fragile, just like old wedding dresses!!…. Smiling….ox

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Margaret))) earlier I was thinking of welding the steel sticks together but I do love binding! Dark blue waxed linen thread holding the electric blue suede with bands of the wedding dress stitched with white silk… dreaming it into being and stitching the spiral of black leather for dark side of the moon on Moon Test 1.

  10. Hazel says:

    You did it! So brave! & they’re huge! Lots of room for dreaming…

    • Mo Crow says:

      Cutting was fun, 15 of the pennants are long, some are short, some are narrow, the cuts were dictated by the creases then I just feel with my hands and heart to connect the right piece for each contributor.

  11. fiona says:

    Such an exciting beginning Mo – all that love and peace whizzing around the world! I hope I can do it justice – just so happy to be involved. Go well!

  12. jude says:

    i remember the first time i cut into mom’s wedding dress.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Jude))) there is so much story in a wedding dress, just finished reading a wonderful book “Far Rockaway” by Charlie Fletcher; ” ‘That’s how stories work”, said Victor calmly. ‘A good story changes how we see the world, using nothing but the right words in the right order, just like a magician uses a spell – which is after all just the right words in the right order – to change things.’ ” (p.394)

  13. CarolWiebe says:

    I sold my wedding dress to my best friend a year after I wore it. I didn’t think I would ever need it again. My husband is still my best friend. Braille for the Soul sounds inspired. And I just love that frayed little black heart.

  14. shiborigirl says:

    i see… thanks jude for the link. regarding the “first cut” i am reminded that kimono are constructed in such a way as to reduce the cutting of the fabric should it need to be reused in the future not to mention to facilitate the dis-assembly of the garment for cleaning. sorry to stray here. ‘first cut” got me started… now i’m thinking of the first dance at your parents wedding…the dance continues!

  15. Tina J says:

    I love this, so sorry I completely missed this one, I cannot wait to see the beauty all pulled together.

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