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Posted: May 18, 2017 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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it’s getting chilly here in the Land Down Under, my best slippers disintegrated last winter after 15 years of good wearing, had looked everywhere for a new pair but couldn’t find anything I liked so decided to have a go at making a pair
back in the late 70’s I made crocheted dancing shoes for friends & was amazed that my hands remembered how to crochet to bind the edge in silver Perle cotton. Nearly threw in the towel when the heels were way too short before adding the heel extensions and binding the edge in electric blue leather
if I do this again I would cut the heels and edging at the same time rather than guessing!
the finished pair, as they wear out I will patch each hole with more of the blue leather
happy feet !
felted grey cardigan, electric blue suede, sole leather, 1.5mm round leather lacing, vintage Klippans grey linen thread, DMC silver cotton Perle no 8,  blue Gütermann upholstery thread
PS design inspired by this pair of slippers  after an epic fail at making a pair of moccasins last weekend
see that little cut on the top left hand edge? there were two cuts to form the heel which were supposed to be in line with the opening… what was I thinking? also discovered that stitching leather with a contrasting thread colour is a job for the experts. I need to mark the stitching holes very precisely when working with leather, I know this from bookbinding but didn’t do it… on top of all that the cat scratched leather was too thin for the job and the whole thing went very wonky
a good lesson learned and made me appreciate all the work involved in making a pair of shoes that fit and look good!

  1. bronwyn says:

    They look great Mo!

  2. Eliene says:

    They look pretty……love the blue…..& you need something on your feet to keep warm in those very early hrs of the new day. Great job. I really do love how you put your hands to anything and come up with something practical, beautiful or the something that just needs to BE.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Eliene))) they were quite a trip from concept (oh that will be easy & proved to be not so with the moccasins) to getting there with a few despairing moments in between but they are lovely & will look even better with a bit of wear and a few patches, didn’t want them to be too fancy because I like wearing slippers in the garden!

  3. I’m ‘gogsmacked’ – SO impressed!

  4. Nancy says:

    Well aren’t these great! Yay! My sister and I used to fold a washcloth over a foot, in just the right way, while sharing a childhood bath…then Wa-La…washcloth shoe! This is the furthest I’ve ever gotten, so I’m quite impressed with you figuring this out, especially after the moc attempt. Bravo!

  5. Susan McQuade says:

    Bravo! What a lovely accomplishment!

  6. Julie Banks says:

    Your slippers look great! I have resorted to a pair of fluffy socks but they need a sole so I can wear them in the garden. Might try blanket stitching some leather on to them.

  7. Hazel says:

    Well, aren’t you clever & cozy!

  8. Margaret Johnson says:

    Very dainty indeed….ox

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